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The Storage Hypervisor: The missing link for the Software Defined Datacenter


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The concept of the software-defined datacenter (SDD) is gaining recognition, as IT moves away from infrastructure traditionally defined by hardware toward a more flexible infrastructure built around software and dynamic allocation of resources. In the SDD, all virtualized storage, server, networking and security resources required by an application can be defined by software and provisioned automatically. Virsto’s VM-centric storage hypervisor is purpose built to deliver software-defined storage: the missing link for storage agility, performance and efficiency to realize more agile IT.

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The Storage Hypervisor: The missing link for the Software Defined Datacenter

  1. 1. The Storage Hypervisor: The missing link for the Software Defined Datacenter Gregg Holzrichter,Aug 2012 VP Marketing
  2. 2. VMware’s Software Defined Datacenter VisionThe foundation for cloud computing.Intelligent software that abstracts out hardware resources,pools it into aggregate capacity, enabling automation to efficiently dole it outas needed by applications. VMware Acquisition of Nicira For $1.26 adds Network Virtualization To Server Virtualization 3
  3. 3. Storage is the remaining impediment to the Software Defined DatacenterCompute & Network Current Storage Architecture:now Pooled, Agile not virtualization ready Native Hypervisor Storage Options: VM not scalable, vastly inefficient VM Traditional storage solutions manage LUNS, not VMs VM VM To deliver storage agility, utilization, automation for SDDC, need a new approach 3
  4. 4. Alternative Approaches to Solve Storage Challenge Storage SSD H.W Storage Server PCIe Flash Hypervisor Appliance Arrays Kaminario Pure Storage Dell Violin EMC Whiptail Randomized I/O HDS Hypervisor Fusion IO Virsto VF Cache STEC HP Hybrid OCZ H.W. IBM Appliance NetApp Tintri Nutanix Nimble Most Efficient Approach: Address I/O bottleneck at Hypervisor 4
  5. 5. The Virsto Storage Hypervisor WHAT IT IS WHAT IT DOESPurpose built storage software for VMs that aggregates capacity, enabling automation to efficiently dole it out as needed by applicationsStorage Performance & Capacity OptimizationIncreases Agility & Workflow Optimization 6
  6. 6. Virsto for vSphere 1.5 Release Transparent Integration into familiar VM workflows  No additional GUI / Management Console to learn  Virsto vDisk software storage object reduces spindle count/storage costs  Cuts VM provisioning times by 75% Seamless integration with leading VDI solutions  Rapid Deployment Wizards support VMware View 5, XenDesktop 5 6
  7. 7. Other Virsto for vSphere 1.5 Features Support for up to 10,000+ vDisks per vCenter Server  Delivers “linked clone” scalability not available in View Composer  Greater than 8 VMware cluster nodes VDI Deployment Enhancements  Guaranteed delivery of requested # of desktops without manual recovery Zero Down Time Migration to Virsto  Storage vMotion running VMs into Virsto “format” without downtime  Source storage becomes “thin” during import process to save space 7
  8. 8. Seamless Integration with VMware View  Virsto Deploy Wizard supports View  On VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1 or ESXi 5.0  Transparently embedded into standard desktop creation workflows  Effectively replaces View Composer  Supports the standard deployment, re- deployment and refresh workflows  Native integration - Virsto View Connector hands Virsto-provisioned desktops over to View Manager without a separate control interface. 8
  9. 9. Virsto for vSphere 2.0 Features Integrates with VAAI/VADP to enable Virsto storage provisioning thru native VMware wizards  Can now transparently handle all major workflows (VM creation/deletion, storage provisioning, snapshot backups, etc.) using native vSphere wizards Scalability enhancements  Unlimited single image management across up to 32 hosts/cluster for improved efficiency, easier administration Administrative enhancements  Leverage native security framework (RBAC), improved instrumentation (health, IOPS, etc.), support for non-disruptive upgrades Availability: calendar Q412August 2012 © Virsto Confidential 9
  10. 10. Storage Hypervisor Ideal Use Cases Delivering on the Test & Development original promise of VDI Database Workloads Software Defined Datacenter Cloud Computing 10
  11. 11. Virsto Storage Hypervisor Customer Value Customer Workload Storage Performance Storage Provisioning Use Cases Increase Reduction Time SQL EMC 56x 93% 5,000 clones in Database VNX5500 5 sec. Win Server Compellent 42x 93% 20 VMs in 5 sec. Oracle VNX,DMX 30x 60% 10 VMs in 37 VDI Compellent, sec. Equallogic VDI Compellent 10x 74% NA VDI HP EVA 70x 80% 10 VDI in 2 Min. Win/Linux Equallogic 22x 58% NASymantec Logo Server and VDI 11
  12. 12. TCO Analysis: Virsto Impact on Storage + IOPSRandom I/O prevents the full performance benefit of disk drives means not enough Performance and Over Provisioned storage. 12
  13. 13. Virsto’s Multi Host Architecture Server Host I Server Host II Server Host (N)Virsto VM2 VM(n) Virsto VM2 VM(n) Virsto VM2 VM(n) VSA VSA VSA Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk ESX/ESXi ESX/ESXi ESX/ESXi I/O Path I/O Path I/O Path Virsto vLog Virsto vLog Virsto vLog Virsto vSpace Block Storage Capacity (RAID) Block Storage Capacity (RAID) Primary Storage – Dell, EMC, etc. Other Storage – HDS, HP, IBM, etc. 13
  14. 14. Virsto High Performance Snapshot Technology V V V M M M ( 1 2 n ) V V V M M M D D Virsto supports 10,000+ D K K K ESX/ESXi snapshots/clones Write  Instantly available, thin provisioned Writes acknowledgement Log ensures consistent performance Virsto vLog no matter how many clones Asynchronous  Same as original target device de-staging  10x faster than conventional clones Space-efficient clones leverage shared blocksVirsto Virsto Virsto  Space savings w/o dedup overheadvDisk vSnap vClone Reads never require more than twoRead references Read Readwrite only write  Conventional clones require N+1 references  Ensures highest performance 14
  15. 15. Virsto Architecture & SSD Server Host VM1 VM2 VM(n) 100% Reads / Writes on SSDVirsto Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Hypervisor (ESX/Hyper-V/ESXi) Use 90% less SSD capacity Virsto vLog 200 Gb SSD = 20 vLogs! 100% sequential writes Virsto vSpace Tier 0 SSD in vSpace Fast shared Reads for Block Storage Capacity (RAID) GoldenMaster Primary Storage 15
  16. 16. Virsto Storage Hypervisor Delivering a VM centric storage software solutionthat completes the Software Defined Datacenter Vision Virsto Value Proposition End User BenefitBoost Performance up to 10x Reduced CostUp to 10x Better Utilization Improved EfficiencyIntegrated, Agile VM Storage Increased Agility Management & Provisioning 16
  17. 17. Storage Hypervisor Topology Purpose Built for VMs Designed for Purpose Built for VM Virtualized Data Requirements Center Hybrid Virsto Appliance Proprietary 100% Hardware Software IBM SVC Datacore Repurposed / Adapted LUN-basedRebranded Storage Storage Virtualization Virtualization Appliance Array-Centric 18
  18. 18. Virsto vDisks: A Better VMDK Server HostVirsto VM1 VM2 VM(n)  Replaces native VMDKs with VSA Virsto vDisk VMDK Virsto vDisk VMDK Virsto vDisk VMDK Virsto “virtual” VMDKs  Looks exactly like a thick VMDK to ESX/ESXi Hypervisor (e.g. ESX/ESXi)  High performance, space- efficient, thin provisioned  Outperforms linked clones by 10x  No compromises  Can be provisioned instantly Virsto vSpace  75% faster VM provisioning  Cluster-aware to support Block Storage Capacity (RAID) vMotion, failover, DRS  High availability Primary Storage 19
  19. 19. Virsto Architecture – Handling Writes Server Host Virsto VM1 VM2 VM(n)  Virsto uses a log per host to VSA Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk sequentialize the I/O pattern  vLog device (10GB/host) Hypervisor (e.g. ESX/ESXi)  Existing storage performs 10x fasterSequential I/O  Log delivers extremely high write performance for all VMs Virsto vLog all the time  Predictable performance Virsto vSpace  Log is continuously de-staging Block Storage Capacity (RAID) to vSpace asynchronously Primary Storage 20
  20. 20. Virsto Architecture – Handling Reads Server HostVirsto VM1 VM2 VM(n)  Virsto vSpace presents to VSA Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk Virsto vDisk ESX/ESXi as an NFS datastore  Data placed in vSpace to Hypervisor (e.g. ESX/ESXi) maximize sequential read performance  Avoids fragmentation High Performance Reads  Splits reads/writes to different physical spindles  vSpace can be tiered to Virsto vSpace provide higher performance Block Storage Capacity (RAID)  Up to 4 tiers (SSD, spinning disk)  Golden masters, specific VMs Primary Storage 21
  21. 21. Seamless Integration with XenDesktop  Virsto Deploy Wizard supports XenDesktop 5.5  On VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1 or ESXi 5.0  Transparently leverages Virsto for storage provisioning while using standard desktop creation workflows  Effectively replaces PVS, MCS  Supports the standard deployment, re- deployment and refresh workflows  Virsto XenDesktop Connector hands Virsto-provisioned desktops over to Desktop Studio/Desktop Director 22