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How UX has helped us to do a better job


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An overview of how we have included UX tools in our work flow and how useful it has been for improving the marketing site of my company.

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How UX has helped us to do a better job

  1. 1. UX Camp Brighton 2014
  2. 2. Who am I? Bachelor’s Degree, Advertising and Public Relations! 8 years working on web design! Clients such as Biotherm, Iberdrola, Danone, Carlsberg ! Web designer and front-end developer at vzaar! UX beginner! !
  3. 3. Where do I work? Video Hosting for Business! Founded in 2007! Small team (but growing very fast)!
  4. 4. How UX has helped us to do a better job
  5. 5. I hope that… It can give you some ideas from my experience! Get your feedback and find better solutions! You have patient with my English! and first of all… you enjoy it! ! be
  6. 6. Redesign of the homepage                                                
  7. 7. Redesign of the homepage                                            
  8. 8. Redesign of the homepage                                
  9. 9. Redesign of the homepage
  10. 10. We needed a plan!!
  11. 11. Human Centered Design Process! Define   Ideate   Prototype   Test  
  12. 12. Define Empathize and define the problem  
  13. 13. þ Customer feedback! þ Case studies! þ Google Analytics! What were we doing already?
  14. 14. þ Competitors analysis! þ Deep customer feedback analysis! þ Card sorting! þ Ask lots of questions! þ Interviews to sales and support! þ Questionnaire to our managers! þ Questionnaire to the whole team! What did we do new?
  15. 15. Google Forms:! ! Don't forget to explain the objective of the questionnaire and say thanks J þ Goals! þ Short and specific! þ Questions direct and neutrals! þ Logical order! þ Choose the tool you'll use for the delivery! þ Test your questionnaire! Tips Tool Questionnaire!
  16. 16. In-Page Analytics !
  17. 17. ¤ For features section! ¤ Objective: organise the features of our service (61), the number of groups and names! Card Sorting! Open Card Sorting ¤ For main navigation of the site! ¤ Objective: hierarchy and cleanup of the content ! Closed Card Sorting
  18. 18. Open Card Sorting! 1.  Write each feature in a card 2.  Explain the task and the goal of the exercise 3.  10 users (one session for each participant) 4.  Record of comments and thoughts 5.  Record of the number of groups and their names
  19. 19. Quantitative Analysis! Correlation Study Spreadsheet template:
  20. 20. Ideate Generating and developing new ideas / solutions  
  21. 21. Navigation tree!
  22. 22. Brainstorming – sketching ideas!
  23. 23. Prototype Time to experiment  
  24. 24. Low quality prototype The most agile way to get ideas out and start the discussion
  25. 25. High quality prototype Axure:! ! Include what the copy will say! (as close to the final version, the better)! Tip Tool
  26. 26. Final design
  27. 27. Why has UX helped us? We can justify the design decisions! Learn during the process! We save lot of hours! The team was implicated in the design from the beginning! 23% increase in number of conversions from the features page since the redesign (compared with last year) !
  28. 28. And what about the test? Thank you for listening! @Virllin