Conditionally speaking


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Conditionally speaking

  1. 1. Further Ahead 2011 CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING All you need to know about Conditionals…For students of Advanced levels. By: Virginia Velásquez
  2. 2. What IF….?
  3. 3. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING Situation CONDITION CircumstanceIf a particular condition is true, then a particular result happens. If x = 3 then 2x = 6
  4. 4. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING IF CONDITION RESULT If it rains , we will get wet RESULT IF CONDITIONWe will get wet if it rains
  6. 6. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING Zero Conditional Certainty• “If you heat water to 100 degrees celsius, it boils” •Things that are always true •Universal facts •Personal facts “If I don´t drink coffee, I get a headache” If + Present Simple , + Present Simple
  7. 7. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKINGWhat happens IF…. It boils You freeze water, It turns into ice She gets an allergy Your sister eats shrimps She goes crazy She really means “YES” A woman says “NO” She actually means “NO” And if she says “YES”….
  8. 8. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKINGTime to practice!
  9. 9. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING First Conditional A real possibility in the future “If it rains today, Ill stay at home.” •Future actions dependent on the result of another future action or eventIf I stay at home, I´ll be boredIf + Present Simple, + Will/Other Modals + Base form
  10. 10. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING If she gets good grades,She will go to college She may go to college She might/could go to college She can go to college She should go to college OPINION DEFINITELY POSSIBLE NOT SURE POSSIBLE BUT NOT LIKELY
  11. 11. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKINGTime to practice!
  12. 12. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKINGSecond ConditionalImaginary Present or Unlikely Future “If I had the time, I would learn Italian” •Imaginary situations in the Present •Imaginary situations in the Future If you were older, I´d ask you to marry me If + Past Simple,+ Would/Other Modals + Base
  13. 13. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING If you won the lottery, You would travel to Japan I´d become your best friend! Your name could be Superman!If you could fly, I´d ask you to take me everywhere If you had X-ray Vision, You might go crazy! People would hide from you
  14. 14. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKINGTime to practice!
  15. 15. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING Third Conditional Imaginary Past“If I had known that you were in trouble, I would´ve helped you” I didn´t know, so I didn´t help •Imagining something different from what actually happenedIf + Past perfect,+ Would/Other Modals + Have + Past Participle
  16. 16. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKINGIf you had saved your money, you could have bought a computer What happened???? You didnt save your money, so now you cant afford a computer. If it had snowed, we could have gone skiing What happened???? It didnt snow, so we couldnt go skiing.
  17. 17. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKINGTime to practice!
  18. 18. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING Mixed Conditional If you had taken dancing You would´ve been a famous 3rd classes, dancer Hypothethical PastIf you took dancing classes, You would be a famous 2nd dancer Hypothetical You didn´t take the classes, so these are the Future consequences, you´re not famous now
  19. 19. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING Mixed Conditional 2nd If I were smarter, I would be able to answer Hypothetical Present If I had been smarter, I would´ve been able to 3rdI wasn´t smart when I took the test and answer smart now either, so I I am not Hypothethical couldn´t answer it. Past
  20. 20. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKING 3rd 2ndIf I had taken an aspirin, I wouldnt have a headache now I didn´t take any aspirin, so I have a headache now 2nd 3rdIf her husband had enough money, she would´ve gone on a trip to HawaiiHe didn´t have money then and doesn´t have money now either, so she couldn´t go to any trip
  21. 21. CONDITIONALLY SPEAKINGTime to practice!
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