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Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. USA marlboro Varieties. Marlboro Gold best selling marlboro brand

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Marlboro gold

  1. 1. Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. It is made by Philip Morris USA withinthe US, and by Philip Morris International outside the US. It is famous for its billboard advertisements,magazine ads of the Marlboro Man and its long associated history in the sponsorship of motorsport.Richmond, Virginia is the location of the largest Marlboro cigarette manufacturing plantMarlboro is the only tobacco brand in this year’s Global 500 with a brand value of US$5,5 billion,ranking 181st. Originally designed as a cigarette for women, the brand was repositioned in the 1950sto target the growing proportion of male smokers who wanted the perceived health benefit of filteredcigarettes. The initial advertising featured the now iconic imagery of an American cowboy, providingreassurance to male smokers that their masculinity was not undermined by using filters.
  2. 2. Marlboro and other cigarette companies are now facing an attack on three fronts from legislators.Firstly, an increasing number of jurisdictions are banning smoking in public places, with a handful ofcities in the US state of California taking the most restrictive policy in prohibiting smoking on beachesand in public parks. And where the liberal, healthconscious West Coast goes, many follow.Secondly, many national policy-makers banned conventional cigarette advertising and overt sponsorship activitysome time ago.However, this legislation is now sometimes going further; in Ireland, the government recently bannedthe display of any tobacco items in retailers, thereby further reducing awareness levels.Thirdly, and perhaps most critically in terms of brand value, legislators are now considering implementinglaws that drastically reduce the amount of on-pack branding that cigarette companies can employ.This immediately prevents companies from differentiating their products. Some reports suggestthat companies will only be allowed to use the title of their product, written in a generic black font on aplain white background.
  3. 3. You will find here the famous types of cigarettes, such as: Marlboro, Camel, Dunhill,Parliament, Winston and much more.VarietiesUSA cigarette varietiesMarlboro Red (Full flavor)Marlboro Red Eighty Threes (Full flavor)Marlboro Red Seventy Twos (Full flavor)Marlboro Red Special Blend (Medium)Marlboro Red Label (Medium)Marlboro Gold Pack (Light)Marlboro Gold Pack Seventy Twos (Light)Marlboro Gold Pack Special Blend (Light)
  4. 4. Marlboro Silver Pack (Ultra light)Marlboro Silver Pack Seventy Twos (Ultra light)Marlboro Southern Cut (January 13, 2013)Marlboro No. 27 (Medium)Marlboro Virginia BlendMarlboro Menthol (Full flavor)Marlboro Menthol Seventy Twos (Full flavor)Marlboro Menthol Gold (Light)Marlboro Menthol Silver (Ultra light)Marlboro Menthol Blue (Light)Marlboro Menthol Blue Seventy Twos (Light)Marlboro Skyline (Light)Marlboro No. 54 (Full flavor)Marlboro Smooth (Full flavor)Marlboro Black (Full flavor)Marlboro Black Menthol (Full flavor)Marlboro NXT (Full flavor)International cigarette varieties Marlboro Gold touch Marlboro core FlavorUSA snus varietiesMarlboro Snus Original (Discontinued in California, New York, Texas, Utah, Nevada,Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico and Kentucky Marlboro Snus Mint