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The startups change the paradigm after 30 years of payment with card


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The startups change the paradigm after 30 years of payment with card

  1. 1. The startups change the paradigm after 30 years of payment with card
  2. 2. Cards evolution
  3. 3. 1920 Rechargeable slides of iron arise in the USA (California) in establishments with recurring customers as petrol stations.
  4. 4. 1950 Diners creates a card specialized in restaurants for the people who was travelling for business. By the end of 50’s the credit cards arise as we know them nowadays. It seems those that we have in our wallet… isn’t it? Is your TV the same as 30 years ago?
  5. 5. 1960 Big players appear… They still continue being here nowadays…
  6. 6. 1970-80 Paper systems are replaced, the magnetic strip are introduced on the cards and all the system becomes electronics. A really big change!
  7. 7. Today Payment terminals nowadays… that we use Credit and debit cards have PIN and CHIP. Safety has been added. It’s important! But… the card it’s the same as we used in 50’s!!!
  8. 8. The Payment Industry Market
  9. 9. This is the metaphor of Payment Industry: two giant elephants that walk slowly…
  10. 10. This is what any startup sees when tries to move there…
  11. 11. The startups must not focus the search on the light, where the elephants indicate, because it’s easy. The best opportunities are in the rest of the darkness…
  12. 12. Where is the opportunity?
  13. 13. This is the traditional system. It’s not here the opportunity!
  14. 14. Has someone thought about the consumer? Is the payment mean only a transaction?... ... Or we have vocation and we want to give a service?
  15. 15. Has someone thought about the user experience? Or the advantages that we can offer to the merchants?
  16. 16. Yes, thanks to Payment Industry Startups!
  17. 17. I can transform my Iphone into a payment terminal thanks to a device connected to mobile audio.
  18. 18. It’s the European version. Instead of magnetic strip it uses CHIP and PIN.
  19. 19. You have an e-wallet and through the app you can generate a QR to pay
  20. 20. The brownie with vainilla ice cream is delicious but in many places you find them separately  Then… Why nobody has separated the payment means and the physical elements we have to carry with us to pay?
  21. 21. This is one solution: a biometric systems of identification and fingerprint payment
  22. 22. You have to register once and then you can access or pay using only the fingers, without the need to carry cash or cards
  23. 23. Beyond the payment
  24. 24. This is what we have nowadays… It is full of tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards, etc.
  25. 25. e-Wallet Cards, cupons, online and offline payments… everything has to be in a digital confidence environment that allows you to be identified and authenticated to do all these processes without the need to carry that annoying wallet…
  26. 26. Do you imagine that we can give to the merchant lot of useful information of its costumers that is generated nowadays for the traditional payment systems? The startups are ready to share the information that the big players have and do not share…
  27. 27. Startups can achieve an offline retargeting as well as build a bridge between the user and the merchant offering multitude of services
  28. 28. An optimistic end…
  29. 29. The ants can beat the elephants!