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IBM Customer Analytics for Banking


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What it takes to earn and keep your customer's business: Show me you know me.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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IBM Customer Analytics for Banking

  1. 1. Manybanksanalyzejustafractionofthe dataavailableabouttheircustomers.This methodlimitstheirabilitytomarkettotheir customersasindividuals—givingthemwhat theywant(andavoidingwhattheydon’t want).Predictinglifeeventsandfinancial eventscangrowloyaltyandtargetoffersto Tom'sTom'srealneeds. Thechallenge Now Tom getsrelevantpromotionsfrom hisbanktohismobile phone.Tom’sexperienceimproves,andherealizesgreatervaluein whatthebankhastooffer. Tomgetscreditcardoffersandother promotionseverymonthfromhisbankthat he'snotinterestedin.Tomhatesjunkmail. MeetTom Whathisbankneedstodo. TheResults