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Lecture 8: Rocket Science


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Lecture 8 of the course Our Moon: From Imagination to Exploration. In this lecture, I go into some of the details of rocket science as it pertains to the Moon. Please see presenter notes for what I said about each slide in class.

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Lecture 8: Rocket Science

  1. 1. Our Moon Lecture 8 Rocket Science
  2. 2. X-15 and Flying to Space Image: U.S. Air Force Current world record for fastest human airplane flight Mach 6.7 (7,274 km/hr or 4,520 mi/hr) William Knight (1967) Two traveled to “space” Definition of “space” being 100 km or 62 mi Flights 90 and 91 passed the Kármán line Both by Joseph Walker
  3. 3. Rockets Images: Pbroks13 Liquid-FueledSolid-Fueled
  4. 4. Rockets Image: Pbroks13 Liquid-Fueled Pressurized Systems Turbopump Systems
  5. 5. Pressure-Fed Cycle Engines Image: NASA Image: Duk Apollo Spacecraft
  6. 6. Rockets Image: Pbroks13 Liquid-Fueled Pressurized Systems Turbopump Systems Turbine-Pump Systems
  7. 7. Gas-Generator Cycle Engines Image: DukImage: National Air and Space Museum F-1 Engine of Saturn V
  8. 8. F-1 Engine Ignition Image: NASA
  9. 9. Apollo 11 Image: NASA
  10. 10. Image: NASA
  11. 11. Image: NASA (1) Liftoff (2) Cutoff S-IC central engine (3) Cutoff S-IC 4 outer engines (4) Ignition of S-II (5) Cutoff S-II central engine (6) Change fuel/oxidizer ratio (7) Cutoff S-II 4 outer engines (8) Ignition of S-IVB (9) Cutoff S-IVB
  12. 12. Image: NASAImage: ndrwfgg Pogo Sticks & Rockets
  13. 13. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Washington 1940 Bridge was 4 months old Video: Barney Elliott
  14. 14. Pogo Oscillations on Rocket Images: NASA Apollo 6 Apollo 13Gemini-Titan II