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TNR Gold Investor Presentation


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TNR Gold Corp. (TSX-V: TNR) is a mineral exploration company actively pursuing a portfolio of gold, copper, and Rare Earth Element (REE) containing properties worldwide. Our primary focus is in exploration and development of our key ventures which are the Shotgun gold project in Alaska, TNR iron ore and REE projects in Soules Bay, Canada and our ongoing project generator in Argentina. The Argentine Los Azules project is held under the wholly-owned subsidiary Solitario Argentina S. A. ("Solitario"), we are currently moving forward with the litigation over some of the claims on the property while we continue to explore and identifying new quality prospective ventures globally.

TNR's strategy is to strengthen its assets through partnerships with mid-tier and major companies, and establish long-term cash flow through royalty interests and project development.

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TNR Gold Investor Presentation

  1. 1. Investor PresentationOctober 2012
  2. 2. Company Summary• TNR Gold is an Exploration Company of Precious, Base, and Rare Earth Metals with a strategic Holding (25.5%) of a Lithium-Rare Metals company (International Lithium)• Proven Business Model: “Lead Project Generator” Early Identification and Acquisition of Opportunities• Hybrid Joint Venture Business Plan: Selectively Advance Projects Internally + Employ JV Partnerships to Diversify Costs and Risk• 65% Percentage Owned by Insiders and Experienced Management Team
  3. 3. TNR - Lead Project Generator Iron Ore Soules Bay Rare Earth Elements Gold, Copper & Lithium Argentina . Gold in Alaska 980,000 oz Gold (Historical, Pre-NI43-101) Global Lithium (Argentina) International Lithium (ILC:TSXV) spinoff
  4. 4. Company Share StructureTrading Symbol: TNR : TSXIssued: 146 MillionFully Diluted: 161.2 MillionListing Symbol: TSX-VManagement & Insiders: 65%Institutional Holdings: 14% (9 Institutions including: Barrick Gold, Pinetree Capital, Tocqueville Fund, Solitario, NovaGold, & Canada Zinc Metals)Transfer Agent: ComputerShare
  5. 5. Corporate Structure Minera Solitario Generating Unlocking Argentina Projects Cu-Au Quality Value International Lithium Asset Base Corp. (ILC:TSX.V) Li + Rare Metals TNR GOLD CORP. TNR.TSXV (28% Equity owner) ILC Spinoff Successfully Listed Amerigold Corp. May 24, 2011 Alaskan Projects Au TNR shareholders Multi-Commodity received 1 unit for Multi-Jurisdiction TNR Rare Earth every 4 shares of Exposure Canada TNR held REE TNR Iron Ore Canada Soules Bay Iron Project Fe
  6. 6. Management• Gary Schellenberg, B.Sc. (Geol.), President, CEO• Jerry Bella, CGA, CFO• Roberto Lara, Managing Director (South America)• John Harrop, P.Geo, VP Exploration• Dr. Frederick Breaks P.Geo, Special Adviser to BoardDirectors• Gary Schellenberg, B.Sc. (Geol.) – Executive Chairman of Board• Kirill Klip, MBA – Non-Executive Chairman of Board• Greg Johnson B.Sc.– Director• Paul Chung, B.Sc. (Geol.), MBA
  7. 7. Project Location9 Gold-Copper Projects WorldwideGeographical andCommodity Diverse Actively Sourcing Additional Opportunities
  8. 8. Projects - Current Stage of Exploration Early Stage Resource Exploration Delineation Stage TNR Gold Projects Initial Drilling Phase 1 Phase 2 Feasibility Shotgun Au Seabrook Fe Soules Bay REEBig Beaver House REE
  9. 9. Ameri Gold Corp Wholly Owned Subsidiary of TNR 2 Alaskan Gold Projects Shotgun and Iliamna• Shotgun is potentially a world-class sized gold deposit similar to Donlin Gold Deposit, which has a resource of 25 million ounces gold.
  10. 10. Shotgun Project, Alaska• 6,194m drilling 1998-2006• Recently consolidated 100%Shotgun Ridge Zone• Pre-NI43-101 Inferred Resource 980,000 oz Au grading 0.93 g/t gold at a 0.5 g/t cut-off• In 2006 DDH 06-43 returned 210m of 1.29g/t Au Feeder zone identified; open at depth New structural and mineralizing model Extensive Mineralizing System
  11. 11. Shotgun Ridge –2012 Drilling on 3D IP• Location of 2012 drill holes relative to DDH 06-43• Drill holes plotted in sliced section through semitransparent 3D IP voxel 50m 40m 100m 12-56 06-43 12-57 12-58 OPEN • 2012 drilling designed to test and confirm structural model of mineralization along strike and at depth – mineralization remains open at depth • Resistivity and chargeability jointly correlate with gold mineralization
  12. 12. Shotgun Ridge – 2012 Drilling Program NE-Zone Mid-Zone SW-Zone 22m of 2.86 g/t Au 27.4m of 2.3 g/t Au• DDH 12-56 drilled 50m northwest of 06-43• 12-56 returns 242m of 1.25g/t Au, including 22.1m of 2.86 g/t Au• Grade continuity is confirmed between two previous fences
  13. 13. Shotgun Ridge – 2012 Drilling Program NE-Zone Mid-Zone SW-Zone 22m of 2.86 g/t Au 27.4m of 2.3 g/t Au 18.4m of 2.03 g/t Au• DDH 12-57 and 12-58 drilled 40m south-southwest of 06-43• 12-57 returns 209m of 1.02g/t Au over all three zones (SW+Mid+NE)• 12-58 returns 46.55m of 1.14 g/t Au over the SW zone
  14. 14. Iliamna Project, Alaska – Ameri Gold Corp• <50 miles away from Pebble Deposit one of largest Cu-porphyry systems in the world containing 18.8 billion lbs Copper 31.3 million ounce Gold 265 million lbs Molybdenum Iliamna• 8 historic drill holes• Recent geochemical analysis and interpretation reveals: - Unprecedented similarity to Pebble - Identified targets not previously tested• Drill Ready
  15. 15. REE Carbonatite Projects, Ontario Big Beaver House• One of the largest carbonatites in Ont. 5 x 5 kms• OGS (Sage 1982) reported up to 3,200 ppm La+Ce+Nd Seabrook Lake• Most Southerly carbonatite s in Ont.• High Grade Nb+Ce+La grab samples Significant and Untested Mag Contours REE Potential Big Beaver House
  16. 16. 16Soules Bay– Aeromag Map TNR Claims Cover 12km Strike Length 94.5 metres grading 24.9% soluble iron
  17. 17. Argentina Au – Cu ProjectsPrimary Focus Los Azules Strategic AdvantageEstablished Presence in San Juan for over 18 Years
  18. 18. Los Azules - Project Highlights8,100 ha located in El Indio gold beltContested ownership of Northern portionof project + 100% ownership of Escorpio IV(court documents and info available Contested Northern Portion
  19. 19. Los Azules – Mineralization Plan + Resources A Minera Andes 43-101 Technical Report dated Contested Dec. 16, 2010 states: Northern Portion Indicated Resources 137 M tonnes of 0.73% Cu Inferred Resource 900 M tonnes of 0.53% Cu Equates to a combined 12.5 Billion lbs Cu Canaccord Genuity states in an Aug. 12, 2011 report: $539 Million Valuation* A’ *0.20x NPV and 6% risk discount 19
  20. 20. International Lithium Corp. (ILC:TSX.V)TNR Gold holds 28% Equity Stake Lithium &Rare Metals Spin-out ListedMay 24,2011 TNR Identified and Acquired International Portfolio of Lithium Brines and Rare Metal Pegmatites
  21. 21. International Lithium Corp. (ILC:TSX.V)TNR Gold holds 28% Equity Stake Mariana Lithium-Potash Brine , Argentina One of the Most Prominent Salars In a 160 km2 World Class Region Mavis Lake Rare Metals, Ont. 78 metre Pegmatite Intersection 1.86% Li2O over 26.25m, 1.22% Li2O over 28.45m and 1,924 ppm Rb2O% over 78m Blackstairs Rare Metals, Ire. High Grade Boulder Field Discovery: 4.59%, 3.45% and 3.27% Li2O grab samples Indicating buried pegmatite Boulder Distribution Page 21
  22. 22. Contact Us Today JV Financing Project Partnership Submission Interested in Send us your our projects? Investment in TNR projects! We welcome your inquiries Investor Relations hub Info @ Caroline KlukowskiAddress P.O. Box 11604, 620 - 650 West Georgia St. Phone: 604-687-7551 Fax: 604-687-4670 Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 4N9, Canada
  23. 23. DisclaimerThe TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not acceptresponsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this presentation.Statements in this presentation other than purely historicalinformation, historical estimates should not be relied upon, includingstatements relating to the Company’s future plans and objectives orexpected results, are forward-looking statements. This presentationcontains certain "Forward-Looking Statements" within the meaning ofSection 21E of the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, asamended. Forward-looking statements are based on numerousassumptions and are subject to all of the risks and uncertaintiesinherent in the Company’s business, including risks inherent inresource exploration and development. As a result, actual resultsmight vary materially from those described in this presentation.Readers should verify any & all claims and do their due diligencebefore investing in any securities mentioned. Investing in securities isspeculative and carries a high degree of risk.
  24. 24. Appendix - Argentina Project Breakdown Argentina: Ownership Retained Target Type Status Project Status / Drill Interest TestLos Azules (Xstrata NA 25% back- Au-Cu Minera Andesoption) in right; Porphyry Indicated Resource 1% NSR*Currently under 12+ billion lbs Copperdispute McEwan Mining Pre-Feasibility/Xstrata underwayEscorpio IV NA 100% Cu Porphyry Adjacent to Los Azules*Currently under Ownership in disputedispute with McEwan with XstrataMining/XstrataLas Carachas 100% 100% Epithermal Au Surface Target (Drilled) Au-Cu Definition PorphyryLa Ortiga (La 25% 25% Epithermal Au La Mancha completedMancha) (Drilled) Au-Cu 4,000m program and Porphyry continuing exploration
  25. 25. Appendix - Argentina Project Breakdown Cont’d Argentina: Ownershi Retained Target Type Status Project p Status Interest & Drill TestedNorthern Project 25% 25% / 2% Epithermal Au Exploration by:(4 properties) NSR Au-Cu Porphyry NGEX Resources Inc. (NGQ:TSX)(NGEX Resources) Target DefinitionBatidero (NGEX 25% 25% / 2% Au-Cu Porphyry NGEX ResourcesResources) (Drilled) NSR Inc. (NGQ:TSX) exploration operatorLa Carolina (Latin 50% 2% Epithermal Au Latin AmericanAmerican Minerals (Drilled) NSR Mineralsoption) exploration operatorRanchillios & La Brea 100% 25% / 2% Epithermal Au Exploration Stage NSR Au-Cu Porphyry