NioGold Mining Corporation - Metals News Interview with Yan Ducharme


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With positive returns on their initial drill program at the Malartic project, NioGold Mining Corporation (NioGold; TSX-V: NOX) is now working on expanding their gold resource in the historic areas of the Val d’Or region of the Abitibi Gold Belt.

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NioGold Mining Corporation - Metals News Interview with Yan Ducharme

  1. 1. NioGold Mining Corporation (TSX-V: NOX) Expands GoldResources in Historic Val d’Or Region of Abitibi Gold Belt inCanadaBy Dr. Allen AlperJanuary 2013With positive returns on their initial drill program at the Malartic project,NioGold Mining Corporation (NioGold; TSX-V: NOX) is now working onexpanding their gold resource in the historic areas of the Val d’Or region of theAbitibi Gold Belt.Recently, Metals News had the opportunity to learn about the progress thatNioGold is making on the Marban and Malartic Block gold project located in thehistoric Val d’Or gold region of Canada. Yan Ducharme, Vice President ofExploration, took the time to talk about his own experience and to provide anupdate on the projects that NioGold (TSX-V: NOX) is currently focused on.
  2. 2. Ducharme has an extensive mining background that he brought to assist withdevelopment of the company since his start with NioGold Mining in 2007. Witha Master’s Degree in Earth Sciences from Université du Québec à Montréal,Ducharme has been working on helping to guide NioGold in developing theirholdings in the Val d’Or region. Said Ducharme, “I’ve been with NioGold for fiveand a half years.” Ducharme’s experience includes working with other largemining companies on multiple continents. He said, “I was with IAMGOLD beforeNioGold and have worked in Surinam and in Quebec. I was also in Africa.” Hejoined NioGold as a senior geologist on the Marban Block project, part of thelarger Malartic project in the Abitibi Gold Belt.The company is currently moving the Marban Block project forward anddetermining the exact extent of the resource. He said, “Our focus now is towork the Marban Block project, to bring it to the next level.” The initial push onMarban Block has included working toward increasing the size of the resourcesthey have defined. As NioGold has worked on the project, it has gottenattention from other companies. To that end, NioGold has secured a strategicpartner in Aurizon Mines to assist with the work, providing a portion of theproject in return for an investment in development as they move it forwardtoward production. Said Ducharme, “We have a partner, Aurizon , who can buyin when they spend $20 million dollars on the project and buy half the ouncesof the resource estimate after the $20 million is spent .” Said Ducharme, “Rightnow, according to the latest resource estimate steered by Aurizon we have
  3. 3. increased the resource to two million ounces. We are trying to increase thatamount and get to the feasibility stage.”Work plans are currently in progress to continue to forward the project in 2013toward additional resource development and data collection. Given the specificconfiguration of the property, NioGold will be working through the winter todevelop the resource. Ducharme said, “We want to investigate the Norlartic andKierens deposits trend.” Part of this investigation involves also looking atpotential drilling options as NioGold moves closer to production. The companywill be looking at the option of open pit processes.Said Ducharme, “We want to test the open pit potential.” With the presence ofthe Keriens creek nearby, winter work will be required. Ducharme said, “Forthat we need to drill near the surface and we need to do that during the winterbecause we need to build ice bridges.” Though working in the winter can be achallenge, the staff of NioGold is committed to understanding more about thepotential for the deposit in order to move it to feasibility and production.Ducharme said, “We want to increase the inferred resource to a higher categoryand extends the deposits.” The drilling plans include working on a new sectionas NioGold begins their work plans for the year. Said Ducharme, “We are rightnow working on the North zone which is about 200 meters north-east of theNorlartic deposit. It was mined before and there is some historical resource onit.”
  4. 4. Ultimately, NioGold is focused on moving the Marban Block project forward toproduction as soon as they have a better understanding about the resource.Said Ducharme, “We want to make a 43-101 resource estimate that will includeall the zones and evaluate their open pit potential.” Increasing the resource ispart of that plan too. Potential investors who are interested in the results oftheir most recent drilling program will have access to new information soon.Said Ducharme, “We are updating the resource estimate by including our 2012drilling. We are working on that right now and should have an update in thenext few months.”For investors who are looking for a new way to invest in gold, NioGold mayoffer an option worth additional evaluation. Ducharme believes that NioGoldoffers specific reasons why investors should take a second look. On why
  5. 5. investors should investigate NioGold Mining, Ducharme said, “One reason isthat we are in the mining friendly jurisdiction of Val d’Or.”Additional reasons include deposit size and location. Remarked Ducharme,“You won’t find many deposits with resources above the million ounces mark atfive minutes from the Abitibi highway like we have. There are only three.IAMGOLD’s Westwood project, Aurizon’s Joanna and ours. We are fifteenminutes from Val d’Or. We are also surrounded by mills among which a few arenot running at full capacity. It is a very nice place to have a project.”With an extensive resource and a focus on expanding the project, NioGold isworking toward creating investor value. Located in the historic area of Val d’Orin the Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Canada, the Marban Block project offers agood deal of potential, excellent location and a mining friendly communitysurrounding the area. For investors who are interested in a gold play inCanada, NioGold should be an excellent option worth further investigation.Disclosure
  6. 6. The Alper family has stock in NioGold Mining. Mining CorporationInvestor RelationsDale Paruk, Vice President Corporate DevelopmentT: +1.604.662.4505TF: +1.877.642.6200E: dparuk@niogold.comW: