Las Vegas From Home (TSX.V - LVH) - Corporate Presentation


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Las Vegas From Home (TSX.V - LVH) - Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 TSX.V: July 2011
  2. 2. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 Certain statements contained herein are “forward-­looking” and are based on the opinions and estimates of management, or on opinions and estimates provided to Forward-­looking statements are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from therefore cautioned not to place relianceFORWARD on any forward-­looking statement. Trading in the securities of the Companylooking should be considered speculative.STATEMENTS
  3. 3. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 Las Vegas From Entertainment Inc (LVFH) is Venture Exchange (TSX.V: LVH). LVFH has been a reputable provider of innovative gaming software spanning Poker, Casino games and Asian games. Our 12-­year track record in gaming software development, financial accountability and customer support tools has made us one of the leading software developers in the industry. LVFH has successfully developed and operated the Action Poker Network, which at the time, was home to Head quarter located in more than 500,000 players with 10,000 concurrent players. Vancouver BC. Recently, LVFH has secured an unique opportunity in Mexico, and will continue to develop innovative turnkey solutions for online gaming operators as it has in Asia andCompany the entire global arena. LVFH is committed to bringing an enjoyable experience to players and delivering great results to operators. With aPROFILE highly skilled and culturally diverse product development team, LVFH is poised to pursue global opportunities in legally regulated jurisdictions world-­wide.
  4. 4. TSX.V: LVH July 2011LVFH Gaming Platform offers a truly entertaining onlinegaming experience to players through popular online games,variations, and tournaments tailored to our clients’ specificgaming market. Behind the games we offer an incrediblearray of powerful backend tools that integrate all levels ofcustomer support, cardroom management, riskmanagement, accounting, marketing and more. Poker Games Texas Hold’em Omaha Guts Asian Games Mahjong & Mahjong 1-­on-­1 13 Card (Chinese Poker) Big2 & Super Big2 Fight the Landlord Si Ki Pi (Bao Bao) Casino Games Via our partner: 44 games including Slots, Roulette, Baccarat, etc.PRODUCTS
  5. 5. TSX.V: LVH July 2011Bedo KalpakianChairman, CFO and Director Jake KalpakianMr. Bedo Kalpakian, of Vancouver, British Columbia, has President, CEO and Directorserved as a director of LVFH since September 1987 as well as Mr. Jake Kalpakian, of Vancouver, Britishthe President from August 1987 to January 1991, Chairman Columbia, has served as a director of thesince January 1991 and Chief Financial Officer since May LVFH since January 2, 1991, as well as the2004. He holds a Full Technological Certificate/Textiles from President and director since January 1991the City & Guilds of London Institute. and Chief Executive Officer since May 2004. Gregory MacFarlane Neil Spellman Independent Director Independent Director Mr. Gregory MacFarlane, of Las Mr. Spellman, of Carlsbad, California, Vegas, Nevada, has served as a has served as a director of LVFH since director of LVFH since October July 2002. He obtained his Bachelor of 1992. His principal occupation is a Science in Finance at San Diego State freelance advertising copywriter University in 1979. based in Las Vegas.MANAGEMENT team
  6. 6. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 Online gaming has increasingly Online gaming market become part of the mainstream of consumer entertainment. $30 H2 Gambling Capital – a leading 42% Growth supplier of data and market intelligence on the global gambling industry – puts$21 billion the size of the global online gaming market at about US$21 billion, hittingbillion By 2012 US$30 billion by 2012 (Growth of 42%). Current LVFH has been part of the e-­gaming landscape since 1999 and has been constantly adapting to the ever evolving challenges in the industry.THE GLOBAL ONLINEGAMING PORTRAIT
  7. 7. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 LVFH has entered into an exclusive partnership arrangement with Entreteniento de Mexico, C.V. (EMEX) and Producciones Moviles S.A. (Producciones).NUEVO LEON The group owns over 20 land-­based casinos which also include sportsbetting and operate THE “NEW under the Palmas Group of Casinos brandLAS VEGAS ( MEXICO” The state of Nuevo Leon, that the Palmas Group is based in, is now considered as the ‘new Las Vegas of Mexico’ and has attracted over US$100 million in investments to the gaming sector[1].MEXICO [1] The State of Nuevo Leon alone has attracted over US$100 million investment in the gaming sector and the growth in betting is over 300% in the last 4 years. Convierten a NL en Las Vegas de México EI Economista, January 6th, 2011­nl-­las-­vegas-­mexico
  8. 8. TSX.V: LVH July 2011This partnership facilitates a unique andcomprehensive gaming license issued as aFederal Mexico Gaming Permit[2].The exclusive license covers a variety of gamesincluding bingo, poker, casino and sportsbetting. Poker SportsbookThe operations will be conducted under thecommercial name of Palmasbet( license also allows marketing of the site ( the country on all Mexican media.Through partnership with the Palmas Group, asuperior payment processing capability is alreadyin place, which makes it a lot easier for players todeposit and withdraw. Casino BingoMEXICO [2] A copy of the Federal Mexican Gaming Permit can be viewed at the official website of the Mexican General Office of Gambling and Lotteries, at the following web address:
  9. 9. TSX.V: LVH July 2011Since the spring of 2011, over 6,000 Mexican Projected Cashflowresidents have wagered real-­money bets onthe Palmasbet poker site without any major Every monthlaunch efforts. US$30,000~US$50,000Projected cashflow of US$30,000 to $50,000 amonth with estimated revenue of US$30 milliona year from operations. Poker Sportsbook Casino BingoA national media marketing campaign isexpected to be launched in September 2011 US$7 US$7 US$7 US$10 million million million milliontelevision network, to expose the brand andthe site to a national Mexican audience.The site is anticipating to have 1 millionaccounts over the next 12 months. Revenue a year US$30 millionMEXICO *The numbers depicted in this section are intended to provide an estimated projection and should not be construed as absolute.
  10. 10. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 Internet Users in Mexico (Over 18) 22 20Mexico boasts a very 18internet-­savy population with Users (millions)a 93.6% increase in internet 16use from 2005 to 2010[3].Coupled with this is a robust 14appetite for various forms of 12gambling through Mexico’shistory – over 18.6 billion 10Mexican pesos in 2009[4]. 8 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Users 10,802,484 11,948,783 13,151,155 14,328,080 17,116,684 20,914,472MEXICO [3] The number of internet users over 18 years in Mexico has been in a constant growth;; from 2005 to 2010 the increment represents 93.6%. See below figure. INEGI: [4] Total Revenue of Casinos, Lotteries and Other Gambling in 2009 was 18,676,519,000 MXP. INEGI, Economic Census 2009:
  11. 11. TSX.V: LVH July 2011Currently LVFH has select Asianoperators licensing the company’sown developed proprietary software.With established expertise andcultural understanding in this region, Chinathe exposure will create further ASIAN Operatorsopportunities throughout Asia. Taiwan Thailand Philippines Vietnam MalaysiaASIA
  12. 12. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 Primarily focus on pursuing global opportunities in legally regulated jurisdictions world-­wide Expand client base and create awareness of our brand via social media, trade shows, and direct sales calls Utilize Mexico as the gateway to the Latin America market through nation-­wide marketing campaignsSALES & MARKETINGSTRATEGY LV F H
  13. 13. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 Symbol Issued & outstanding 192,613,545 LVH Warrants 62,098,000 Stock Chart 0.20 Stock options 10,034,000 0.15 0.10 Fully diluted 264,745,545 0.05 common shares 0.00 Management & insiders 12,295,691 held in aggregateJuly October 2011 April 06/20/11 3:54PM EDT © 52 week high $0.18 SHARE 52 week low $0.04 Market cap $18,298,287 STRUCTURE As of June 30, 2011
  14. 14. TSX.V: LVH July 2011 Gaming Software You Can Bank On Las Vegas From Entertainment Inc. Suite 1000, 1177 West Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C, Canada V6E 2K3For general enquiries: For investment enquiries: +1 (604) 681-­0204 +1 (604) 681-­0204 +1 (604) 681-­9428 EXT 6119