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Bayshore Petroleum Corp - Corporate Presentation


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Bayshore develops conventional and unconventional oil/gas prospects in North America and International via Exploration and Development, Joint venture with local energy companies and Potential Merger & Acquisitions.

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Bayshore Petroleum Corp - Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Profile December, 2012
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER This document has been prepared by Bayshore Petroleum Corp.(the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) for the sole purpose of introducing the Company, and copying and delivery to others are strictly prohibited. Since the dissemination of this document within the jurisdiction of various countries might be subject to local laws, any individuals who will receive this document shall have a clear understanding of and comply with such laws and regulations. There are no explicit or implied representations or warranties as regards the fairness, accuracy, integrity or correctness of the information contained in the document. This document is not intended to provide a complete or comprehensive analysis of the financial or trading position of the Company or its prospects. Therefore, any individuals who will receive this document shall be aware they shall not rely on the contents of this document. This document does not form part of any offering document of the Company or constitute any offer or solicitation by or on behalf of the Company relating to any securities of the Company. This document is not intended to provide the basis of any creditor of the revaluation or form the basis of any investment decision in any securities of the Company. The information and opinions provided in this document are up to the date of this document and might be subject to changes in the future in respect of which no further notice will be issued. The Company and its affiliated companies, advisors or representatives disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from using this document or its contents or from other aspects of this document (whether this is caused by negligence or other reasons).
  3. 3. Table of Contents Company Information Introduction of Management Projects Funding Requirement Conclusions
  4. 4. Company Information• Bayshore is a Canadian Public Company with its stock trading in Toronto Venture Exchange (Symbol: BSH)• Total issued shares – 15.9 million shares (December 1, 2012)• 52 weeks Price range - $0.08- $0.36• The company develops conventional and unconventional oil/gas prospects in North America and International via: - Exploration and Development - Joint venture with local energy companies - Potential Merger & Acquisition• Based in Calgary, Bayshore has Liaison Offices located in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  5. 5. Company Information• Currently, Bayshore has one operated oil well in Saskatchewan and two non operating gas properties located in Alberta, Canada• Bayshore has raised 1.5 million Canadian dollars in 2011 to fund its oil/gas activities and G&A in North America and International.• New projects have been developed by Bayshore internally and is pursuing funding to implement the proejcts.
  6. 6. Introduction of Management TeamManagement TeamPeter Ho (Canada): CEO/PresidentDr. Janusz Grabowski (Canada): Senior Consultant ScientistCF Cheng (Hong Kong/China): China Executive PresidentAdvisory TeamStuart Chow (Canada): Technical AdvisorKen Sinclair (Canada): Senior Technology Partner
  7. 7. Management TeamPeter Ho – President and CEO of Bayshore Petroleum Corp. A Consultant with over 30 years of oil/gas industry experience in North America, China, Middle East, Asia. Mr. Ho is a registered professional Engineer and has worked in Multi-national companies such as BP, Texaco, Kerr McGee, TransCanada Pipeline. Mr. Ho has been involved in setting up a public company in Hong Kong, Canada and has strong relationship with PetroChina, China United Coalbed Methane Corp. and many other international oil/gas companies. Mr. Ho also has involved in numerous Heavy Oil, Oil sand, CBM projects in Canada and China for the past 20 years.
  8. 8. Management TeamC.F. Cheng Mr. C. F. Cheng. Mr. Cheng is a member of the Law Society of Hong Kong. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce in Canada. His expertise in laws covers the common laws and Chinese laws. He is knowledgeable in real estate and energy resources development and application. He is experienced in corporate structure planning and in merger and amalgamation matters.” Dr. Janusz Grabowski – Currently a research scientist in Alberta Innovates Technology Future in Canada and President of Fusigen Corp. A technical specialist in Enhanced Oil Recovery scheme and reservoir simulation, Dr. Grabowski has published many papers related to oil and gas technology in North America.
  9. 9. Technical TeamKen Sinclair: 30 years Ken is a unconventional geologist with executive management experience in start ups. He established the coalbed methane industry in Canada and was the founder and Vice President of Canadian Spirit Resources Inc. which raised $40 million and completed a JV with a major multi-national company.Stuart Chow 30 years Mr. Chow is a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in Western Canada, the majority with a major multi-national company. He has setup private and public oil and gas companies in Canada and is knowledgeable with all aspects of conventional and unconventional oil & gas engineering, including enhanced oil recovery, reservoir simulation, reservoir evaluations, operations and business development.
  10. 10. Advanced Technology  Bayshore is working closely with different research institutes in Canada and China for advanced technology transfer. The research topics include Unconventional Oil/Gas Development, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Heavy Oil upgrading, Underground coal gasification and many other advanced technologies.
  11. 11. Oilsand/Heavy Oil Upgrading
  12. 12. Project #1Saskatchewan Light Oil Prospect Total 5.21 Sq. Km. 100% right from surface to the bottom for any oil and gas discovered Drilled and cased the first exploratory well Production is expected over 80 barrels oil per day Potential Oil resources 35 million barrels in place Identified Multi zone potentials (Oungre/Midale/Alida, Bakken). Planning 4 more wells to be drilled before the end of the year.
  13. 13. Project #1Radville Well Location
  14. 14. Project #1Potential New Oungre Oil Pool Radville 8-5 Well Analogy Well
  15. 15. Project #1Saskatchewan Light Oil Prospect The new zone in 8-5 was perforated, acidized and produced small amount of oil and recover only the load fluid (Water & Acid). The zone needs more extensive stimulation technology to make it as a producer. Proper stimulation (fracturing) is being planned and will commence once the design is finished and funding is in place. The success of this stimulation will open a new hydrocarbon zone in the area
  16. 16. Project #1Saskatchewan Light Oil Prospect Bayshore is planning to drill additional 4 wells in the area in the next 6 months if the exploratory well completion is successful. Each well will have potential productivity of 75-80 Barrels oil per day A more aggressive development plan will be implemented which will include acquiring more acreage, 3-D seismic, horizontal wells drilling, multi-staged fracture stimulation into the new zone. Target production is between 600-800 barrels oil per day. A total capital requirement of 20-25 million US will be required
  17. 17. Project #2Sask. Medium Oil Acquisition Bayshore has identified a producing oil field (17 API) currently making 270 bopd in Manitou Lake Area, Saskatchewan. The private company owns 3 ½ sections (2,240 acres) 100% Land and is an unitized pool Total 16 producing oil wells, 4 water injectors, 1 water disposal well and a central battery OOIP ~15 Million barrels, current recovery 8% Potential includes (1) infill drilling (2) Enhanced Oil Recovery and (3) Onsite oil upgrading
  18. 18. Project #2Sask. Medium Oil Producing Field Submitted a proposal to acquire 80% of the pool at 15 million cash and an option to acquire the remaining 20% at 5 million within 2 years Intend to fund this acquisition via half debt and half equity issuing Closing date as early as December 31, 2012. A good operated property providing instant cash flow and demonstrate upgrading Lloydminster type crude to light oil in the area Med Crude -$60/bbl, Light crude - $97-103/bbl
  19. 19. Project #3Alberta Oil Sand Acquisition Alberta has the largest Oil Sand resources in the world Currently, Recoverable Reserves estimated to be more than 170 Billion barrels Alberta is producing more than 1.8 million barrels oilsands per day In 2018, projected production is over 3 million Bopd
  20. 20. Project #3Alberta Oil Sand Acquisition Bayshore, through its strategic partner in Canada, is planning to acquire and operate potential oil sand properties Bayshore propose to bring in Large State Owned Enterprise or Private Enterprise from China to do the acquisition together. Bayshore intends to own at least 10 percent of the property via its own funding and work in-kind This will provide substantial cash flow and potentials for future oil sand development ad upgrading in Canada for Bayshore and its partners.
  21. 21. Project #3Alberta Oil Sand Acquisition A successful acquisition, subject to proper due diligence would mean immediate significant oil sands resources for Bayshore and its related parties. The parties will work together to gain actual oil sands operating and marketing expertise. The parties can progress to other prospects in the oil sands. Established operating and marketing infrastructure in place Future development phases provides upside to production potentials Future technology application (e.g. solvent co-injection) may provide further upside
  22. 22. Project #4Potential Heavy Oil / Oil Sand UpgradingTechnology Bayshore has secured a technology that is revolutionary in the energy industry The technology utilizes a proprietary catalyst to convert oil sand/ heavy oil into light Diesel fuel oil at normal pressure and low temperature Bayshore is obtaining a license to use exclusively in potential Canada and US oil sand / tar sand and heavy oil properties. Market size of this business is well over billion dollars range
  23. 23. Project #4Potential Heavy Oil/ Oilsand UpgradingTechnology Light Oil (>32 API Diesel Grade) ONE SINGLE STEP !!! Synthetic Gas
  24. 24. Project #4Potential Heavy Oil/ Oilsand UpgradingTechnology$65/Bbl
  25. 25. Formal China Oilsand / heavy Oil laboratory test reports prepared for Bayshore Petroleum.China official is very keen to apply this Canada/China joint venture technology to Canadian Heavy Oil/ Oil Sand and other areas.
  26. 26.  Project Description:  Potential for Bayshore to construct a 350 bopd heavy oil upgrading facility in Saskatchewan  Bayshore will design and build on site the upgrading facility that can process 350 bopd heavy oil into 300 Bopd diesel, synthetic gas and high carbon content tar.  Bayshore will use the proprietary catalyst and upgrading process to do the upgrading  Total investment including facility construction cost, license fee is between 9.5-10 million US.
  27. 27. Project #4HEAVY OIL UPGRADING
  28. 28. Project #4Heavy Oil Upgrading Bayshore has signed a MOU with a private Saskatchewan heavy oil producer that will  Acquire the heavy oil directly from the producer at prevailing market price plus a small premium and process the heavy oil into diesel fuel quality product oil.  Bayshore will construct and build the facility right at the well site  The upgrader can be expanded in the future to 1,000 bopd in conjunction with the operator’s development plan in the area.
  29. 29.  The field is located at Meota, Saskatchewan, and is owned by a private resource company operating in Saskatchewan. Current heavy oil production (10 API) is around 350 bopd and have potential to increase to 1,000 bopd Schedule on production date May 1, 2013 subject to regulatory approval. It will be the first type of on site field heavy oil upgrading facility in Saskatchewan and will be used as a demo pilot facility.
  30. 30. Project #4Heavy Oil Upgrading In addition, Bayshore will have options to  Participate in future development and exploratory drilling of heavy oil in the area owned by the private company  Buy out existing reserves and land from the private oil company before the facility is constructed at a pre-arranged price. (Potential 7 million barrels proven producing/ undeveloped reserves)  Process third party heavy oil if the contract processing capacity is not met by the private oil company.
  31. 31. Project #4Heavy Oil Upgrading Immediate Funding Requirement for Project #4: -10 million to initiate the processing facility -50 million to acquire existing reserves and land from Producer and participate in more drilling, expansion of the facility It is anticipated with the above investment, Bayshore will become an oil producer with at least 1,000 bopd light oil (converted) production with synthetic gas and high value activated coal.
  32. 32. Overall Bayshore Funding Requirement(2013-2014) for all the Projects Capital Investment  Upgrading Facility - $50 Million  Heavy Oil/Oil Sand Acquisitions - $80 Million Drilling/Completion/Production - $50 million G&A - $5 Million CashFlow (2013) – ($15 Million) (2014) – $35 Million (2015) - $70 Million GOAL: 400 Million resources in Heavy oil/Bitumen, 1,200 Barrels daily converted Light oil production
  33. 33. Other Potential Cooperation Working closely with the financing groups in Hong Kong/China for dual listing or new IPO in Hong Kong stock market via Chapter 18 exemption Establish strong presence in North America and Asian capital market and concentrate on energy resources sector including conventional and unconventional petroleum projects Emphasize on technical excellence and established strong technical and management team.
  34. 34. Conclusions Company has over 100 years of international experience and the principal/advisors are instrumental in starting Canada’s unconventional gas industry in the late 80’s Ground floor investment opportunity in China/Canadian resources investment and high tech upgrading opportunity Will be the pioneer in unconventional oil and gas resources producer and Mid stream producers in the coming future
  35. 35. Contact For further information please contact:  Mr. Peter Ho (Canada)  1-403-630-4355 (Canada)  86-13691534356 (China)  852-9160-4450 (Hong Kong)  Email:  Suite 303, 602- 11 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2R 1J8  Telephone: 403-265-8820, Fax 403-290-6565