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PR agency viral seeding case study


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A quick case study detailing how the Viral Ad Network was used to help a PR agency seed a viral video clip across 100's of blogs, resulting in 1000's of views!

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PR agency viral seeding case study

  1. 1. How VAN Helped a PR Agency <ul><li>get 1000’s of views of their online video content... </li></ul>
  2. 2. The challenge Hill & Knowlton enlisted VAN to help them gain exposure, buzz, conversation and views for their viral videos as a part of the multi-platform ‘Save Tango’ campaign... The PR agency The campaign The distributor
  3. 3. VAN magic We distributed the viral videos across our multi-channel publisher network using YouTube embeds and links where possible to ensure that sharing, commenting, rating and discovery was amplified on the nets’s largest video consumption platform....
  4. 4. The Results VAN’s promotion of the video assets ensured a large amount of views and genuine engagement with our audience. All of which were accumulated and displayed into our insightful tracking dashboard tool. Views
  5. 5. The Results Our publisher placement activity helped this campaign to benefit from the viral effect, causing natural sharing and extra coverage. H&K received over 50,000 free views as a result of this. Coverage
  6. 6. The Results Viewers commented, wrote about and rated the content, giving H&K insight into the views of their audience. That’s the beauty of social media and a successful viral campaign! Conversation
  7. 7. [email_address] .net We can do the same for YOU! Talk to us ; - ) 0845 680 1220