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Launching of Tetra pack Coconut Water in International Market


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Launching of Tetra pack Coconut Water in International Market

  1. 1. Group members • Vivek Bajaj 03 • Parambodh Chordia 07 • Megh Mehta 26 • Viraj Shah 44 • Ankit Vaishnav 55 • Aayushi Yadav 59
  2. 2. Overview • Tender Fresh manufactures and exports Tender Coconut water and other coconut products • Manufacturing plant in Kerala • We export to places like China, Europe, USA & UAE
  3. 3. Manufacturing & Exports • We intend to follow the Amul`s strategy for procuring raw materials • Purchasing Coconuts from different places in South India • Process Coconut water in Kerala and pack it in Tetra- packs, Tins & Plastic Bottles • Recycling the waste and make subsidiary products such as coconut rope
  4. 4. Coconut Industry Strengths of the Indian Coconut Sector • One of the largest producers of coconut in the world – Sufficient raw material surplus. • Quality of Indian coconut product enjoys good reputation. • Access to good technologies • Dominant ethnic population in the Gulf, UK and US • Being a natural and eco friendly product, coconut industry has a future and potential .
  5. 5. Coconut industry
  6. 6. Health Benefits • Increasing rehydration • Boosting the immune system • Decreasing heat stroke • Increasing blood circulation in diabetics and anti-aging treatments. • Coconut water nutrition comes from the fact that it’s a rich source of vitamins and minerals
  7. 7. Products • Main product: Pure Coconut water • Coconut water in different flavors • Coconut oil • Coconut coir • Desiccated coconut • Copra • Coconut shell charcoal
  8. 8. Challenges Weakness • Lack of exposure to the international market and its specific requirements • Lack of market penetration • Competing countries of South East Asia have already an established presence in important international markets and have cost advantages • Supply side is highly disorganized and fragmented .
  9. 9. Distribution • Tie–ups with MNC`s such as Wall Mart and other local retail store outlets. • Partnership with GNC (General Nutrition Centers) , gymnasium ,health centers etc. • Appointing agents for sales of our product in retail stores • Building contact with local distributors and suppliers
  10. 10. Marketing • Participation in trade, fairs and exhibition • Marketing based on health benefits of coconut water • Distributing free samples of packaged coconut water in retail stores • Using Social media (Facebook)
  11. 11. Three- faced- Competition Domestic competition: Angel pearl, tender coconuts, pure tropic Major exporting countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines competition from host countries market : Vita coco, one, zico
  12. 12. Packaging • Attractive containers & plastic bottles which will appeal in foreign market • It will help in easy transportation & handling • It will preserve the quality & will not be effected by adverse whether conditions
  13. 13. Pricing • Penetrative pricing policy • Reasons: – To compete in international market – To achieve competitive advantage – To increase market share – To sustain in the market for long time
  14. 14. Schemes & Incentives • Packaged coconut water has been included in the Focus Product Scheme and made eligible for 2% incentive • Coconut shell worked & copra, has also been included for special benefit under Focus Product Scheme • Coconut products such as coconuts (fresh, dry), coconut oil, desiccated coconut, coconut shell un-worked, have been already brought under VKGUY (5%) • Coconut products are also eligible for 1% to 6.3 % DDB • Coconut oil is entitled to 1.5 per cent under Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme