How Vir2 Can Help Charity Mobile Strategy


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A brief introduction into how Vir2 can help charities to develop their mobile fundraising and communication strategy.

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How Vir2 Can Help Charity Mobile Strategy

  1. 1. Mobile FundraisingSTRATEGY
  2. 2. We are Vir2 We provide mobile phone fundraising services for charities. • Since 2005. • Only charities.• 20 years of mobile payments & 7 years in charity = experience. • Grown by word of mouth.
  3. 3. Being part of the conversation• Average UK person sends 200 texts a month• 92% of UK population have a mobile phone (Source: Ofcom) – 33% of under 25’s live in a home with no landline – Only 76% of households have broadband• More people in the UK use text every day for communication than use ANY other medium – True even of over 65’s
  4. 4. Usage 58% % of UK Pop Using Daily for Social Communication 47% Source: Ofcom 32% 12% 8% 1%Text Email Facebook Twitter Website Letter
  5. 5. Usage (Older people)58% 47% % of UK Pop Using Daily for Social Communication Source: Ofcom 32% All UK Over 65s 15% 12% 10% 8% 4% 1% 2% 1% 2%Text Email Facebook Twitter Website Letter
  6. 6. Usage (Young people) 90% % of UK Pop Using Daily 73% for Social Communication58% Source: Ofcom All UK 47% 43% Under 25 32% 27% 27% 12% 8% 1% 2%Text Email Facebook Twitter Website Letter
  7. 7. Is text messaging replacing conversation? 58% of people use text to talk to family & friends vs. Meeting face 2 face 49%
  8. 8. Social events are organised using mobiles Does your charity organise its events in the same way your supporters organise their own?
  9. 9. Payments are converging on mobile• Banks and mobile networks are introducing NFC & app payment products• 8 UK Banks have announced they WILL be introducing TEXT messages for person to person payments in 2014
  10. 10. Text donation• 40% of donations to charities by are anonymous cash donations under £10• Text donation is a gateway product that allows you to follow up the donor – By text message. – By phone call. – By text + other methods like email.
  11. 11. Fit With Traditional Theory 80% Planned giving & Legacies of income Major donors20% of Regular donorsincome First time donors Universe of potential donors Widen the donor base
  12. 12. Fit with traditional theory Widen (Gateway) Deepen• Gather mobile numbers @ • Regular text donation. every point of contact.• Add text donation onto existing • Call back. fundraising channels. – Face-to-face/event • 2 way text communication fundraising. & text marketing. – Above the line. – Below the line. • Corporate fundraising. – Digital. • Apps.• Text for info brochures etc. – Text reply. – Email reply. – Mobile website. – Call back.• Competitions & lottery products.
  13. 13. Our approach We use text responses to help you to efficiently target and segment your supporter base© Vir2 Ltd, please acknowledge source when distributing Regular Large Campaign Target Major Donors Value of Support Responders Small Irregular Time donors wasters Remote Personal Relationship Level
  14. 14. Helping you to grow • Fast answers. • High response rates. • Controlled – marketing is to the individual, not broadcast. • Low investment of time and money. • High return on investment.
  15. 15. Call back• Key for larger charities.• What can be warmer than a list of recent text donors?• Improves retention and re-activation of direct debit givers. – Adding a single text thank you message to recently signed up donors can cut attrition by up to 30%• Campaign wrap up – “This is good news  much higher than the click-through when we send the link to online content so looks like “reply to this text” will be the best way of getting the info to the highest number of people moving forwards – so pleased that you made us test this, thank you!” (Client)
  16. 16. Your next 08450 947 958