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National symbols

  1. 1. United Kingdom, England, Northen Ireland, Scotland and WalesVyara PanchevaGroup 2,FN: 25401
  2. 2. 1) United kingdom: The Flag National Personification The Royal Coat of Arms Motto and Anthem2) England 4) Scotland The Flag The Flag Patron Saint National Flower National Flower Royal Coat of arms Royal Coat of Arms Motto and Anthem Motto and Anthem 5) Wales3) Northern Ireland The Flag The Flag National Flower Patron Saint Royal Coat of Arms National Flower Motto and Anthem Royal Coat of Arms Motto and Anthem
  3. 3. The Union Flag is the flag of the United Kingdom  Also known as the Union Jack  After its creator James I of England, James VI of Scots  It retains an official or semi-official status in some Commonwealth Realms  It is also used as an official flag in some of the smaller British overseas territories  The Union Jack is a combination of the threeThe national flag is formed overlaying the English cross of St George on the Scottish cross of St Andrew
  4. 4. Britannia is an ancient term for Great Britain  A female personification of the island  a goddess, armed with a trident and shield and wearing a centurions helmet  Comes from Latin  Established as province in 43AD  By the Romans and called Britannia  The native Celtic inhabitants of the province are known as the Britons
  5. 5. The Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom  The official coat of arms of the British monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II  These arms are used by the Queen in her official capacity as monarch of the United Kingdom  Officially known as her Arms of Dominion
  6. 6. Motto:  “Dieu et mon droit” (French)  "God and my right“ (English)Anthem  "God Save the King"  "King" is replaced with "Queen" in the lyrics whenever the monarch is female
  7. 7. The flag of England is also known as St. Georges Cross  National flag since the 13th centuryThe red cross acted as a symbol for many Crusaders in the 12th and 13th centuriesSince 1606 the St Georges Cross has formed part of the design of the Union Flag
  8. 8. The patron of England is Saint GeorgeHe is immortalized in the tale of Saint George and the DragonHis memorial is celebrated on 23 April  He is one of the most prominent military saints
  9. 9. The Tudor Rose is the traditional floral heraldic emblem of England  Sometimes called the Union Rose  Takes its name and origins from the Tudor dynasty  Adopted by Henry Tudor  Conjoined from the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster
  10. 10. The Royal Arms of England symbolizes England and its monarchs  It consists of three identical gold lions on a red background  Designed in the High Middle AgesIt is variously known as the Royal Banner of England or the Banner of the Royal Arms
  11. 11. Motto: The same as United Kingdom’s “Dieu et mon droit” (in French) "God and my right“ (in English)
  12. 12. Northern Ireland has no official National flag  The use of various flags in Northern Ireland is contentious  The former flag was abolished in 1973
  13. 13. Saint Patrick was a Romano- Briton and Christian missionary  The most generally recognized patron saint of Ireland  Also known as the Apostle of IrelandSaint Patricks Day is observed on March 17, the date of Patricks death  It can be a celebration of Ireland
  14. 14. The symbol of Ireland is the shamrock A three-leafed old white cloverThe name shamrock is derived from Irish seamróg The Irish version of the word for clover The plant was used by Saint Patrick to illustrate the Christian doctrine of the TrinityIn the 19th Century the shamrock became a symbol of rebellion against the English
  15. 15. Currently there is noneFormer Coat of Arms Northern Ireland’s coat of Arms was granted to the government of Northern Ireland in 1924  After the Irish Free State had separated from the United KingdomWhen the government of Northern Ireland was prorogued in 1972 the arms went out of official useThe current Northern Ireland Executive does not use a coat of arms
  16. 16. Motto: NoneAnthem: “Londonderry Air” An air that originated from County Londonderry in Ireland It is popular among the Irish diaspora and is very well known throughout the world The tune is played as the victory anthem of Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games
  17. 17. The national flag of Scotland is known as Saint Andrews Cross or The Saltire  Used by all individuals and corporate bodies to demonstrate their loyalty and Scottish nationality
  18. 18. The national flower of Scotland is the Thistle Adopted as the Emblem of Scotland during the rein of Alexander III
  19. 19. The royal coat of arms of Scotland was the official coat of arms of the monarchs of Scotland Used as the official coat of arms of the Kingdom of Scotland until the Acts of Union of 1707
  20. 20. Motto: “In My Defens God Me Defend” (Scots)Anthem: “Flower of Scotland”
  21. 21. The national flag consists of a red dragon passant on a green and white field Incorporates the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr and the Tudor colors of green and white The red dragon was included in the Tudor royal arms to signify their Welsh descentIt is officially recognized as the Welsh national flag in 1959
  22. 22. Leek or daffodil The leek is one of the national emblems of Wales Worn along with the daffodil In Welsh, the daffodil is known as "Peters Leek”The most visible use of the leek is as the cap badge of the Welsh Guards A regiment within the Household Division of the British Army
  23. 23. The Badge of Wales is approved in May 2008 It is based on the arms borne by Llywelyn the GreatIt is a combination of The St. Edwards Crown, a wreath with the plant emblems of the four countries of the United Kingdom, surrounding a shield
  24. 24. Motto ”Cymru am byth” (in Welsh) "Wales forever“ (in English)Anthem: “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” (in Welsh) "Land of my Fathers“ (in English)