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Baroc beaded bead


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With this little tutorial you learn how to make a simple yet elegant beaded bead. You can use them stand alone in earrings or pendants or make several and incorporate them into a necklace.

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Baroc beaded bead

  1. 1. ~*~ Baroc Beaded Bead ~*~ ~*~ Copyright 2005 by VioletMoon aka Carina Veling ~*~
  2. 2. ~*~ The things you need ~*~ ~ Fishing line or other thread ~ 4 - 8 mm beads with large enough holes to put the fishingline through 4 times ~ 10 - 6 mm christals ~ 4 - 4 mm acent beads of choice ~ 2.6 mm seedbeads ~ 1 headpin ~ bent chainnose pliers ~ roundnose pliers
  3. 3. Cut of a piece of the fishing line, 75 cm should be enough. You start by stringing the beads in RAW, this means you string 1 crystal, 1 bead, 1 one crystal and you cross the wire in 1 bead you now string 1 crystal on each wire and cross again in 1 bead. repeat this until you have strung 4 beads
  4. 4. Now you string 1 crystal on each wire but you cross the wires in the first bead ( as shown in the picture on the left) Pull the wires tight as shown on the picture on the right
  5. 5. String "3" seedbeads on each wire, (picture to the left) cross in the accent bead of your choice (picture below) Now string "3" seedbeads on each wire again and cross the wires in the next 8 mm bead "3" you can also use 4 seedbeads this depends on the shape and size of the other beads
  6. 6. Repeat stringing the seed beads and the accent beads in this order until you went completely round. Then cross the wires in the first 8 mm bead you started with. When you're done you should have one wire at each side of the bead.
  7. 7. You now go through 1 crystal, string 1 seedbead and go through the next crystal. You do this until you have a seedbead between every crystal at each side.
  8. 8. Then string one wire through a bead to the other side so the two wires can be knotted together. When you are done pas the wire through a crystal on each side in the same direction.
  9. 9. Put a little dot of glue on the knot. When the glue is dry snip of the wire ends.
  10. 10. Now you string 1 seedbead and 1 crystal to a headpin. Sometimes the gap between the 4 crystals is a bit big so I string an extra bead on the headpin, don't worry you want see it, it goes inside the beaded bead
  11. 11. Next you string on the beaded bead, the headpin goes through the middle of the 4 crystals give it a gentle push so the extra bead goes inside the beaded bead. Now you string on 1 crystal and 1 seedbead. Take you bent nose pliers and bent the headpin in a 90 degree angle
  12. 12. Now your beaded baroc bead is done. With your roundnose pliers make a single loop or a wrapped loop. ~*~ Copyright 2005 by VioletMoon aka Carina Veling ~*~