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A Powerpoit with pictures from Roamnia.

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  1. 2. The Danube Delta, a buffering interface between the Danube river and the Western Black Sea is a unique place not only in Europe, but also among other deltaic ecosystems due to its high biodiversity, to its renewable natural resources and to its beautiful scenery doubled by its cultural sites remnants and worth.
  2. 3. There are a lot of monasteries in Romania, and especially in the north of Moldavia region. Each region has his own architecture style. Most of them were built by our ancient rulers, in XIV – XVI century. Every time they won an important battle, the kings used to build a monastery to thank God for the victory. All our wars were defending wars, not fights for other territories.
  3. 4. Colonia Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa - the capital of the Roman Dacia - raised at the bottom of Retezat Mountains, in the South-Western part of the Hateg region. An inscription discovered at the beginning of the 14th century, in the village Gradiste - Sarmizegetusa says: "On the command of the emperor Cesar Nerva Traianus Augustus, son of the divine Nerva, was settled the Dacian Colony by Decimus Terentius Scaurianus, its governor". The name of the governor shows that the settlement of the new town was done in the first years of the conquering of Dacia Castle in Hateg region
  4. 5. This strange “building” is a haycock. Strange! It looks like a man, so, the photographer took a picture of it. It usually doesn’t look this way. They are round, something like that: They are made from hay on an wood carcass. People at the country are feeding their animals during the winter with this hay.
  5. 6. This rock’s name is “Sfinxul” The Sphinx . As you can see, it looks like a man’s head, who is watching over the Bucegi mountains
  6. 7.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. 8. “ The Old Ladies” – rocks in Bucegi Mountains The legend says that two old ladies used to gossip a lot. One day, they met, and start to gossip. The winter came and frost them so much, that they became those two rocks
  8. 9. As you see, there are many castles in Romania. Carei is a city in Satu Mare County of Romania. The first mention of the settlement is from 1335 as a borough of the Károlyi Family. The town was in Satu-Mare County of the Kingdom of Hungary. 1605-1606, 1621-1629 and 1645-1648 the settlement was part of the Principality of Transylvania. Karoly castle, in Carei
  9. 10. Sighisoara is situated in the center of Romania. Long before you reach this enchanting place, you can see Sighisoara's towers and spires from a distance. Towering above the modern town is a medieval citadel that must be among the loveliest and least spoiled in Europe.
  10. 11. The Apuseni Mountains are the ideal region for winter eco tourism. Lovely authentic villages are linked by hundreds of kilometer of forestry roads. These  tracks are used since ancient times and they are leading you over the main ridges of the mountains.
  11. 12. One of the largest buildings in the world, the 'People's Palace' was designed by Ceaucescu as a sign of his importance.
  12. 13. Hope you enjoyed the show