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Euroats mobile

  1. 1. MobileExpertise
  2. 2. Expertise • Location-based services • Social Networking (Mobile 2.0) • Proximity Marketing (bluetooth and wi-fi) • Multimedia systems (catalogues, interactive Nokia S60 SDK videos, mobile TV) • Augmented Reality (including full 3D virtual try-on)Android SDK • Personal Mobile Security Blackberry JDE (location tracking and alarm management) • Mobile device management • Paper to Mobile (QR and bar codes recognition)
  3. 3. Implementation MethodologyThe process several As required we can utilizeprinciples of different approaches, fromAgile methodologies (Scrum, Waterfall to AgileKanban) in more traditionalenvironment A methodology point particularly germane to ourEarly Prototyping enables us projects is the idea ofto proof the customer‟s prioritized features based onconcept early in the existing tools/componentsbeginning of the project
  4. 4. Case Study:Poltrona Frau Interactive Catalogue • Exclusive Third-party development for Ideolo Srl, Milan, Italy • iPhone and iPad Interactive Catalogues for a leading manufacturer of luxury Italian furniture Poltrona Frau Group (brands: Poltrona Frau, Cassina and Cappellini) • Location- based services: integration with Google Maps and usage of GPS enable the user to find the nearest store and directions • Full 3D and 2D Augmented reality feature enables the users to View the selected product on a pre-defined or custom interior • Enhanced media content including interactive virtual tour, media streams integration, news/events, etc • Go to to view promotional video • Download applications from Appstore: frau/id428033552?mt=8 ipad/id430227401?mt=8
  5. 5. What sets Poltrona Frau apart • Interactive design with visual effects conveys Poltrona Frau Group‟s style and trends • State-of-the-art 3D rendering and manipulation engine enables complicated 3D models of furniture to be rendered and viewed on mobile devices • Special content downloading and caching engine enables smart download of „heavy‟ content through the internet and further caching to optimize performance • Interactive video function drive virtual tours and other media content items.
  6. 6. Case Study:IKEA Italia MobAPP • Exclusive third-party development for Ideolo Srl. • IKEA catalogue and value added services system for most popular smartphone platforms to cover over 80% of smartphone users: iPhone, Nokia (Symbian), Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry • Includes interactive IKEA catalogue with enhanced navigation and search facilities, news and special offers, wishlist, social networking functions etc. • Location- based services: integration with google maps and usage of GPS enable the user to find the nearest store and directions • Check availability function for selected stores, assembly instructions for selected products
  7. 7. What sets IKEA MobAPP apart • User experience is a cornerstone: animations, “bells and whistles” and interactivity are addressed from initial stage • Conveys IKEA corporate image: “pen and sheet” style • Integration connectors to enable to easily „bolt on‟ value added service • Multi-cultural support: all graphics and texts are be stored as a „country set‟ file that can be easily changed/replaced. Versions for different countries are built using special configuration instrumentation (see below) • Special instrumentation that allows to quickly assemble country-specific versions and configure value-added services. This will be used by our team during
  8. 8. Case Study:Sicuritalia Salvo Persona • A set of tools and process components to generate and process security and medical alarms from end users • Runs on Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 6.x, Blackberry OS 4.x, as well as iOS and Android (limited functions) • Covers service front-end (end users mobile terminals), Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation (Point of Sales), Billing and Accounting, Platform-wide content management and management reporting/controlling • Includes IP communication centre- a custom solution that unifies 3 communication channels into one data stream (Voice/GSM, SMS and Mobile
  9. 9. What setsSicuritalia Salvo Persona apart • End-to-end platform to automate 911 business, from alarm generation to invoicing and payment control • Ability to generate alarm in hidden mode and retrieve location information even in closed zones, using special triangulation technique • Bi-directional communication between users‟ mobile terminals and service centres in silent mode (via SMS, DMTF signals, IP) • Built-in data-level failover support and load balancing to support 100s of thousands of users • All communications are secured by advanced data encryption
  10. 10. Case Study:SmartPlan Sketching tool • iPad application for field sales in house repair and renovation industry. Includes floor plan sketching and roof plan (typically used for disaster area canvassing) • Supports complicated graphics manipulation, calculation of footage of complex objects, 3D mesh calculation • Roofs are presented as 3D mesh to be able to calculate slopes and pitches • Take off facilities enable users to get materials/labour estimation of sketches • Supports both imperial and metric systems • Value adds: set background image (for scanned copies of available plans), rooms definition, multiple plans for the same
  11. 11. Case Study:Accident Reporting System • Proof of Concept, working prototype of an Accident Reporting System • Platforms: iOS and Symbian S60 • After the accident mobile terminal (iPhone or Nokia) captures acceleration data from built-into-the-car bluetooth accelerometer • The application collects supplimentary data, including damaged areas, position, car inclination and direction, car and car owner details (from on-line DB) and generates reports • Number plate recognition module is used to identify cars involved in the accident • State-of-the-art PDF reporting module enables the creation of complicated assident reports,inluding acce;eration cart (built using data from built-in accelerometer)
  12. 12. Case Study:Roger and Gallet iPhone app • Exclusive Third-party development for Ideolo Srl. • iPhone and iPad application for Roger and Gallet fragrances by L‟Oreal • Includes interactive product catalogue, fragrance selection assistant (multi- choice questionnaire), complicated wishlist and ordering facility, as well as supplementary information • Location- based services: integration with google maps and usage of GPS enable the user to find the nearest store and directions • Download application from appstore: gallet/id421132138?mt=8
  13. 13. Case Study: ShopApp
  14. 14. Case Study: Uniteam Init Proximity Marketing Client• Java ME application for all MIDP 2.0 phones• Handles content transfer from Bluetooth hotspot using JSR52 protocol with OBEX emulation• Enables the user to receive, maintain and view different content types (pictures, audio, video, texts)• Data received in silent mode, i.e. no dialog boxes are displayed• Antispam feature blocks junk content, allowing to receive content only from trusted sources• Update via Bluetooth feature enables the system to get update patches without user intervention• Content is brand-dependent so the user won‟t get any content by the brands, they are not signed for.
  15. 15. Other selected projects• ShopApp- working prototype/proof of concept of customer fidelity system, iPhone/Android- Ideolo Srl, Italy• Trade fair marketing questionnaire- 3C, USA• Piazza Sempione mobile catalogue for iOS- Ideolo Srl, Italy• Mobile Tracking System for Symbian- Altabel Group, Lithuania
  16. 16. WRAP UP• There is an experienced Management and Advisory Team• There is a Development Team of exceptional caliber• There is a unique “know-how” to do business in Belarus• There is a Western European Business Model, including contractual, accounting and legal practices