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Specimem list 1

  1. 1. COMPAQ 8088 Osborne I Portable Computer IBM PC 5150 IBM PC, PC / XT, PC / AT CGA Video Card CLIPPER SUPER LIBRARY OVER 19,000 FILES NEW Apple Mac Macintosh SE 1 Mbyte Ram 800K Drive GEM 3Com Audrey Meadow + USB Ethernet
  2. 2. 3Com Audrey Meadow Tecmar Graphics Master Video Board TRS-80 Model II Computer & Disk Systm NR OSBORNE luggable portable computer IBM 5155 PC PORTABLE COMPUTER PC Paintbrush 5+ ZSoft for DOS LAN version Boca IDE Controller APPLE IIe 128K
  3. 3. DUAL IOMEGA 230 SCSI BERNOULLI DRIVE Commodore Pet 2001 WordStar v. 6.0 for DOS RARE Commodore SX-64 Portable Computer CA-SuperCalc v5 and QEMM 7.5 NEW SEALED Microsoft Multiplan for CP/M-80 CPM Microsoft Chart ver 3.0 for DOS Microsoft Multiplan ver 3.0 for DOS Apple II Controlr II,II+,IIe,II GS
  4. 4. intel PRO 180 with sink and fan Digital Research - CP/M Plus Ver 3 OS Dos Commander for the IBM Quattro Pro for DOS Hewlett Packard Laserjet II Lotus 123 for Mac, Full Retail Box, Unopened IBM Personal Computer XT Model 286 - 5162 RADIO SHACK TRS-80 MODEL 4 + PRINTER & BOOKS Kaypro 4 "Portable" Computer w/CPM OS Osborne Executive with manuals 10 BASE/T ISA NIC CARDS
  5. 5. 1982 IBM BASIC Compiler Manual Commodore SX-64 - Portable Comp Compaq Portable IBM PS/2 Model 25 System APPLE IIC PLUS II IBM Tech Ref PC-XT April 1984 Microsoft Quick C Compiler 1.0 Financial Navigator Professional v3.0 for DOS IBM OS/2 Ver2.1
  6. 6. Kaypro II In Original Box Radio Shack TRS 80 Model III IBM CGA Personal Computer Color Monitor TIMEX/SINCLAIR 1000 ZX81 Tandy 1000 TL RGB COLOR MONITOR Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.4 for DOS IBM PS/2 Keyboard 1987 SUN PC computer w/5.25" &hard dr Microsoft ACCESS 1.0 relational database HP LaserJet II IMSAI Computer w AI Cybernetics Speech NICE
  7. 7. IBM PS/2 model 55 Mac SE 4MB RAM /20MB HD/800K Borland Quatro Pro 1.0 Texas Instruments Home Computer TI-99 Commodore 128/64/cpm Heathkit Computer H-100 Centronics HPC80-3B Dot Matrix Printer EPSON MX80 DOT MATRIX PRINTER Windows Version 1.0 - Complete Original Box
  8. 8. QUARTERDECK INTERNETSUITE VER 1.0 FOR WINDOWS Apple LaserWriter II M6000 Epson HI-80 4(four) color plotter SUPERCALC 3 IBM ASYNCHRONOUS COMMUNICATIONS 2.00 Microsoft Windows/286 Presentation Manager Osborne 1 with cp/m bootable disk
  9. 9. Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.4 for DOS Microsoft Windows 3.0 for DOS Microsoft Visual Basic ver 1.0 for Windows Microsoft Power Point ver 2.0 Shrink Wrapped Excel ver 2.1 for Windows 2.0 Microsoft Spell for Word ver 1.0 for DOS Microsoft Windows 386 still Shrink Wrapped
  10. 10. Microsoft Windows version 286 Microrim R-Base System V STACKER 3.0 - For Windows & DOS 2 Commodore Pet Books, Basic, Games PC/XT PC Tools Package Ashton-Tate dBase III Plus Microsoft Windows & MS DOS 6 Apple IIC Computer Microsoft WORKS & PUBLISHER NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR VERSION 1.1
  11. 11. LOTUS 123 VER 1A APPLE IIe Computer W/2 FLOPPY disk Macintosh 512k (Orginal Mac) Microsoft FoxPro 2.0 TRS-80 Model III IBM OS/2 Version 2.1 on 3.5" disks Apple IIe, 1 1/2 height drive, Color monitor Orchid Fahrenheit VA Accelerator Video Card IBM PC Printer Adapter for 80 CPS Matrix Pr. Commodore 64 C IN Box RARE TEST PILOT SET 64C
  12. 12. MicroPro Wordstar V.3.31 for DOS&CP/M Windows 3.0 TRS 80 Model 4 Computer (64KB RAM) MICROSOFT WINDOWS FOR WORKGROUPS Ver 3.11 MICROSOFT WINDOWS / 286 MacIntosh 512K with Printer Macintosh Mac SE, 4 MB ram, 40 MB HD Macintosh Mac Classic, 4 megs ram, 40 meg HD COMMODORE 128 IN BOX CA-SuperCalc v5 and QEMM 7.5 WORD PERFECT 6.0 DOS Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS Release 2.4 Commodore SX 64 Portable
  13. 13. Commodore PET 2001 1984 Apple Lisa Macintosh XL Apple IIe Platinum Edition IBM MS DOS 2.10 & Guide to Operations Apple IIe Platinum Apple IIe Platinum Apple IIe, Atari 600 XL Computer PS/AT Standard 104-IBM Keyboard IBM EDUQUEST COMPUTER w/MONITOR & KB AST SIX-PAK PREMIUM Multifunction board TRS-80 Model IV (4) w/ Corvus Network Card
  15. 15. Aldus Page Maker for Macintosh! Radio Shack TRS 80 COBOL Development System Wordperfect Office 3.0 For Dos in retail box Microsoft QuickBASIC Compiler Radio Shack TRS 80 Sales Analysis System HERCULES GRAPHICS CARD PLUS Jazz, by Lotus for 512k Commodore PET 2001 8 Series IBM AT COMPUTER Adobe Page Mill 2.0 Microsoft Windows 1.03 Lear Siegler ADM 31 Manuals IBM PC XT AT 5151 Monochrome monitor WORDSTAR PROFESSIONAL 1987
  16. 16. Heathkit H8 & H17 Computer Hercules video card - early 1984 IBM 5153 CRT & 5170 CPU AT Bernoulli 44 Megabyte Disk 3 Pack by Iomega Deltapoint QuickSite Developer's Edition 2.0 TRS-80 MODEL 4 IV 300 baud GE modem Microsoft Fortran Compiler version 1.0 IBM PC IBM 5150 PC with keyboard Microsoft Project for Windows 3.0 Norton Utilities Standard Ed. 4.5 1988
  17. 17. Compaq portable Direct Access 1.0 for Windows Z80 CPM Mother Board Microsoft Windows 3.1 on floppy disks OS/2 for Windows 3.5" disks Microsoft WINDOWS 3.0 Microsoft Multiplan V1.07 Intel ASM86 and iAPX Manuals Kim-1 Single Board 6502 Computer PONG - APF TV FUN 1976 SYSTEM
  18. 18. Commodore Computer Comodore 64 MICROSOFT WINDOWS 286 PEACHTREE COMPLETE Rockwell 8-inch floppy disks Compaq EGA Enhanced Graphics Card, 1986 Kaypro 2X computer Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 3.1 IBM Fixed Disk Organizer 1986 Apple IIgs
  19. 19. Compaq DESKPRO 286 Operations Guide Rockwell R6500 Hardware Manual (1978) IBM PC jr 640KB, Genuine Intel Above Board PS/AT PC Lotus 123 Windows 3.0 MICROSOFT MAIL & SCHEDULE MICROSOFT GW-BASIC INTERPRETER Microsoft Quick C 1988 HP 9000 9826 Compaq Portable 286
  20. 20. 1986 Using PC DOS Microsoft Project 3.0 NOVELL NetWare for Macintosh 1988 Banyan DTS 200 SERVER Bernoulli 20 Megabyte Floppy Disks Windows/286 - in the box Ashton - Tate FullWrite COMPAQ DOS 3.3 Byte Magazine, Santas Workshop, Dec 1976, Digital Optical Mouse circa 1985 IBM PC Printer Interface card MICROSOFT WINDOWS 286
  21. 21. IBM PORTABLE PERSONAL COMPUTER # 5155 Compaq Portable 1 - 1982 IBM PORTABLE PERSONAL COMPUTER MODEL 5155 IBM 5155 portable computer ACT Sirius 1 Apple IIe COMMORORE SX 64 EXECUTIVE Microsoft Basic Interpreter for Macintosh SS LOTUS 123 RELEASE 1A IBM DOS 3.30 Operating System IBM PC NETWORK BASEBAND ADAPTOR Commodore CBM software
  22. 22. Compaq Portable II Compaq Transportable Byte January 1982 very good condition /IBM PC IBM catalog 1988 EVEREX Input/Output Adapter IBM PORTABLE PERSONAL COMPUTER # 5155 Aldus Page Maker 1.0 Windows 3.1 HeathKit Microcomputer Microprocessor Trainer LOTUS 123 for IBM PC jr APPLE III VISICALC APPLE III 3 SOFTWARE COLLECTION
  23. 23. TRS-80 MODEL III Computer 48K TRS 80 Model III Kaypro 1 Windows 3.1 TRS-80 III/4 Operation & Basic Manuals VISICALC Hardcard 40 Plus dBase III + for the IBM PC Commodore CBM 8050 dual disk drive Commodore CBM 4040 dual disk drive Commodore CBM 2031 single disk drive Commodore PET 4032 Commodore CBM 8032 Commodore CBM 8032 IBM 5150 PC with keyboard
  24. 24. Original IBM VisiCalc Original IBM Multiplan IBM Basic Manual Version 1.10 May 1982 Aldus PageMaker Central Point Anti-Virus For Windows Ver 1.0 IBM Guide to Operations AT with disks Computing magazines 79,80,81 IBM PC Jr 640KB with diskette drive Televideo 803 CP/M Computer System w Disks Lotus Jazz Samna Word IV Ver1.1
  25. 25. Radio Shack TRS-80 Line Printer VI Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 4 trs 80 phone modem radio shack DC 2212 AC Plus HardCard II XL50 Compaq 8086 VTech IQ Unlimited 3COM Etherlink II Ethernet Card Compaq Portable GEM/3 Desktop with 3 Additional Applications COMMODORE PET 2001 S/N 0010022 - 1977
  26. 26. OSBORNE 1 Portable Computer IBM 5150 with keyboard MOS Technology MCS6500 Instruction Set Summry Panasonic SR Partner Transportable IBM PC AT Commodore PET 2001 Osborne 1 Portable Computer dBase II CP/M Database System TRS-80 model 4 64K TRS-80 Model III 3 Hayes External Smart-modem 1200 Compaq MS-DOS 3.31
  27. 27. IBM DOS 1.00 2.00 FORTRAN MACRO COMMODORE PLUS/4 OS/2 WARP-VER. 3-IBM-DOS & WIN SGI O2 - 180MHZ R5000 64MB 2G + Audio TRS-80 MODEL 4 IV 128K RAM 2 floppies CBM 8050 Disk Drives IBM CGA Color monitor Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III Computer MICROPRO WORDSTAR V.3.31 FOR DOS&CP/M 1984 Original IBM PC AT Model 5170 WORDSTAR RELEASE 3.30 * FROM MICROPRO, 1979 Osborne 1 Compaq Portable 286 Maintenance & Svc Guide
  28. 28. Apple II Printer+Box Apple IIe Drives IBM PC XT Clone APPLE II PLUS DisplayWrite 4 IBM PC CONVERTIBLE w/ Printer and case ORIGINAL LISA / MAC XL Compaq Portable Computer Irma Software: Multi-Host Compaq Deskpro w/kbd,manuals PLATINUM 128k APPLE II IIe
  29. 29. BERNOULLI 230/IOMEGA PARALLEL TAPE DRIVE Plus HardCard II XL IBM PC 5150 extras Epson LX80 Dot Matrix w/Ribbon & Manual TRS-80 Model 4 computer KayPro II CP/M portable computer 1982 KAYPRO II COMPUTER Apple IIe Computer + Printer Apple Monitor III IBM 5150 in original box IBM personal computer model # 5150
  30. 30. Leading Edge System Commodore 128 with 1571 drive Apple IIc A2S4000 Texas Instruments 99/4A Compaq Computer Timex Sinclair 1500 TRS-80 COCO PROLOGICA CP400 Lotus Symphony 5 1/4 inch Floppy Disks + Case GEM Collection - Pre-Windows GUI Timex/Sinclair ZX81 COMMODORE VIC 20
  31. 31. Apple IIe APPLE IIe COMPUTER IBM 8503 Monochrome VGA monitor TI-99 4/A and Accessories APPLE II IBM PS/2 Personal System 2 Computer 486 Microsoft Windows 286 Complete Version 2.1 IBM PC jr w Color Monitor, KB,Printer Exp,DOS BERNOULLI DUAL REM HARD DRIVE PET 2001 AST-FOUR PORT / XN FOR IBM PC IBM Convertible Computer EPSON FX-86e DOT MATRIX PRINTER
  32. 32. Commodore DATASETTE MODEL C2N/1530/1531 Ashton Tate dBASE III Plus 1.1 RADIO SHACK TRS-80 Microcomputer Catalog 82 Compaq Portable Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III Compaq Portable 286 IBM Personal Computer AT with Monitor TRS-80 MODEL 1 W/ MONITOR COMMODORE pet 2001 Commodore PET 4008
  33. 33. APPLE III PLUS WITH PROFILE Bernouli External Harddrive Model 230 IBM DOS 2.10 PFS: Report KAYPRO PC XT PARTS MB, PROCESSOR, VID, PORTS Microsoft Windows 286 in box MS 2.10 IBM PCjr system, sidecar, kbd IBM VISICALC 1.10 Hayes V-series Smartmodem 9600B Mouse Systems Optical 3-Button Mouse IBM Displaywrite 3 Osborne 1 Portable
  34. 34. OSBORNE I IBM PC XT Computer Model 5160 Corel Draw 2.0 Classic Microsoft Windows Lotus 1-2-3/123 version 1.1 ASHTON-TATE DBASEIII FOR 16 BIT COMPUTER MICROSOFT WINDOWS 386 Compaq portable PC Silverado Database for Lotus 1-2-3 AIM65 computer case MICRO PROFESSOR Z-80 Computer MPF-IB Kaypro RGB Monitor Commodore PET 2001
  35. 35. Eprom Writer for IBM-PC/XT,AT APPLE III Apple III computer 256K PC JR IBM DOS Basic Manual IBM DOS 2.02 Manual for XT and Basic TELEVIDEO TS800A smart terminal & keyboard 1975 Commodore MOS KIM-1with Schematic Microsoft Windows 3.0 IBM Guide to Operations PC XT Disk Model 286 5150 IBM XT - 5151 Monitor, Kb & Sw COREL DRAW Microsoft Windows 386
  36. 36. OSBORNE 1 Portable Computer Ashton-Tate Dbase III+ v 1.1 manuals + disks Apple Lisa Graph Release 1.0 & 2.0 Apple Lisa Project Release 1.0 Apple Lisa 2 Owner's Guide #2 Xtree 1.0 For Windows XtreeGold 2.5 For DOS Radio Shack TRS-80 TRS80 MODEL III RBASE R:BASE RPT WRITR RBASE R:BASE 5000 1.01 MS Windows 3.0 3.1 Resource Kit
  37. 37. Quadram Memory Card for IBM PC or XT Windows 3.0 Original Microsoft Mouse Heathkit H89 Alpha Four Version 1.1 Microsoft Word version 1.10 MICROSOFT WINDOWS 3.0 TI99/4A PERIPHERAL EXPANSION BOX W/CABLE HP 150 Touch Screen Personal Computer
  38. 38. 1985-ASHTON-TATE FRAMEWORK II 5.25 disks Toshiba T1100PLUS Vintage IBM 5155 Portable PC Computer Televideo model 910 Apple 3 III computer complete Ashton-Tate dBASE III Dbase III Plus ver 1.1 Ashton-Tate dBase IV Apple Lisa - LisaDraw Software Package TRS-80 MODEL 4 COMPUTER IN BOX Radio Shack TRS-80 Model II Scripsit Utilitys Radio Shack TRS-80 Mod II Editor/Assembler
  39. 39. KAYPRO II MS Windows 3.0 for 286 Systems R:Base Compiler for DOS COMPLETE IBM AT SYSTEM w/ Monitor HARVARD GRAPHICS Manual WordPerfect LOTUS SYMPHONY Compaq Plus Portable Computer Corel Draw 4.0 MICROSOFT WINDOWS 1.04 SUN MICROSYSTEMS WORKSTATION WordStar Legacy DOS Edition
  40. 40. Lotus 1-2-3 Manual Hardware Maintenance & Service - IBM PC PERSONAL COBOL 2.0 FOR DOS BY MICRO FOCUS AST 5251/11 Complete Package Peachtree Accounting 3.0 Network Rdy BANYAN ETHERNET NETWORK PRINT SERVER MS-DOS 3.3 GW-Basic Software/Manuals MultiMate Advantage II ver 1.0 - Ashton Tate Microsoft Access Version 1.0 MICROSOFT MS-DOS 4.01
  41. 41. Epson RX-80 Dot Matrix Printer IBM 5155 Portable PC with Hard Drive Vintage Bernoulli Box CDS-PC/20 LOTUS SYMPHONY Novell Personal Netware MICROSOFT WINDOWS 386 Osborne I computer Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Program Harvard Graphics version 2.1 IBM Music Feature Card and Software CP/M 86 1.1 IBM PC AT Computer IBM XT 5160 COMPUTER
  42. 42. IBM PC 5150 Dual Floppy & CGA Monitor Kaypro II IBM PC DOS 2.0 Lotus 1-2-3 Release 1A for IBM PC IBM 5150 PC plus 5161 Expansion Unit Lisa Owner's Manual WordStar, ReportStar, CalcStar Microsoft Windows Ver. 2.0 Kaypro II computer Microsoft Windows Version 1.0 Microsoft Windows Ver1.0 for PC
  43. 43. Texas Instruments Home Computer TI-99/4A IBM PC 5150, monitor, floppy, 40 MB PFS: for Apple III Microsoft Mouse Bus Version IBM PC Paintbrush Wordperfect 5.1 DOS Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 4 Microsoft Fortran Compiler CP/M 2.2 Windows 3.0 on 5.25 LOTUS 123 Release 2.2 WORDSTAR For Windows
  44. 44. HEATHKIT H8 COMPUTER, H17 SINGLE FLOPPY IBM PC XT COMPUTER 5160 SYSTEM The Norton Utilities 3.01 Radio Shack TRS-80 I IBM PC 5150 with 5151 Monitor Apple IIe Manufactured 1982 Harvard Graphics 2.0 ACT Sirius Dual Floppy System 3Com Server 3C1311A AUTOCAD 2.5 on 5 1/4 AND MANUALS Lotus Approach, Datebase for Windows 2.1
  45. 45. Lotus Jazz 1977 DIGITAL COMPUTER KIT MicroComputer TRAINER HeathKit 3400 6802 CPU+ 1988 Microsoft Excel Apple IIe Computer System with Software Apple IIe System Apple Iie Apple IIe Microsoft Windows 3.0 on 5.25" Ansa Paradox 2.0 Microsoft Works 1.0 ALDUS * Persuasion * Version 2.12 Wordstar For Windows ~V. 1.5
  46. 46. IMSAI 8080 COMPLETE S-100 COMPUTER IBM 5250 EMULATION FOR WINDOWS VER 1.1 OHIO SCIENTIFIC C3-OEM COMPUTER Windows Windows 3.1 Operating System R:base 3.1 (DOS based) Crystal Report for R:base AlphaFour, Version 4.0 MS Access v. 2.0 for Windows NOVELL NETWARE FOR MACINTOSH V1.1 IBM computer PC with DOS 2.1