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Workload Migration (WLM) across Clouds using Docker


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Published in: Technology
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Workload Migration (WLM) across Clouds using Docker

  1. 1. Use case : WLM across Clouds using Docker TROV IT Consulting & services Pvt Ltd Twitter: @vinothiniraju
  2. 2. Why migrate/replicate workloads ?    Manage Capacity utilization => Cloud bursting Disaster recovery on to a secondary site (Cloud) Move across vendors due to other SLA requirements, cost etc
  3. 3. Types of workload migrations  Individual Application level  Manual App  configuration + data has to be migrated Image level  Different image formats, sometimes not easy to convert in to OVF, RAW formats  Customization on firewall/network/storage
  4. 4. How ? Create & register base images  Network configuration     Maintain network configs from source to destination  Private IP can be maintained with the help of “bridge”s  Static IP assign is still an open issue in Docker Port re-direction binds host port to container port Migrate Data/volumes   Migrate data using rsyn, dd etc from one environment to another if the data cannot be made accessible to the destination host OS Additional volumes associated with the containers can be shared as volumes from the host OS or from another container
  5. 5. Benefits  Continue to use the benefits of Cloud    Instant resource provisioning in cloud Scale for High Availability Automate Docker configuration through puppet/chef
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