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Sensor to Cloud using Azure IotHub - Azure Vidyapeeth webinar series


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This webinar will cover details about Azure IoThub and its benefits, A live demo on how to create and access the IoTHub service from the various devices. An introduction on Azure IoT certified devices and a video demo with one of a certified device.

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Sensor to Cloud using Azure IotHub - Azure Vidyapeeth webinar series

  1. 1. Sensors to Cloud Using IoTHub Azure Vidyapeeth webinars Jan 2016
  2. 2. Who am I ? Vinoth Rajagopalan Project Lead – Internet of Things e-con systems India Pvt Ltd MVP- Windows Development ( Embedded /IoT)
  3. 3. Agenda • Internet of Things • Azure IoT services • Azure IoT Hub • Azure IoT Hub - Live Demo • Azure IoT Certification • Azure IoT suite • Azure IoT Hub - Video Demo
  4. 4. Internet of Things $1.7 trillion Market for IoT by 2020 IDC 25 billion Connected “things” by 2020 Gartner
  5. 5. Azure IoT services Azure IoT SuiteAzure services (IoT and others)
  6. 6. Azure IoT Hub Features • Connect up to 10 million devices • Secure bi-directional communication Command and control • Per-device authentication • Single device-cloud connection for all Cloud to Device and Device to Cloud communications • Multiple protocol support such as AMQP, HTTP (Inbuilt support) and MQTT (Using Protocol Gateway) • Given as a input for stream Analytics job to perform data analytics
  7. 7. Azure IoT Hub : The IoT Cloud Gateway
  8. 8. Azure IoT Hub - SDKs • Supported Platforms • Windows ( Including Embedded/IoT versions) • Linux (Various distributions) • mBed (ARM) , TI RTOS • Supported Languages • C, Node.Js, Java, and Csharp Know More …..
  9. 9. Live Demo: Remote Thermo Controller Raspberry Pi 2 connected with TI’s Bluetooth LE Sensor and a Stepper motor (Simulate like a cooler) is controlled by a remote PC application through Azure IoT Hub.
  10. 10. Azure IoT Hub: Pricing Details • Offered in 3 Editions ( Free, S1 and S2) • Price below reflects a preview discount of 50% • No upfront cost, No termination fees, Pay only for what you can use.
  11. 11. IoT Hub: Device Certification & Partnership
  12. 12. Azure IoT Suite • Preconfigured solution templates for common IoT Scenarios
  13. 13. Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring Demo •
  14. 14. Video Demo: Remote Camera Controller Dragonboard 410c and a e-con systems IoT gateway reference design (ANKAA) connected with USB Camera is controlled by a remote Windows Phone 8.1 application through Azure IoT Hub. • Dragon board 410c – Running Windows 10 IoT Core • Ankaa ( Azure IoT Certified device) – Running Ubuntu • Using AMQPNetlite based UWP SDK for accessing IoTHub service endpoints to send and receive messages from WP 8.1
  15. 15. Video Demo: Remote Camera Controller
  16. 16. Useful References • Azure IoT Hub : • Azure IoT Suite : • Azure IoT Dev center : • Azure IoT SDKs : • Azure Certified IoT : • Getting Started : • IoT Protocol Gateway (MQTT) : • IoT Partners list : Blogs • Microsoft Official IoT blog: • An IoT Expert blog:
  17. 17. Q & A
  18. 18. Contacts: email: twitter: @VinothRajagopal Blog ( IoT & Embedded): Thank you