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IoT on Azure


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Internet of Things on Azure in Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 - Chennai. Session covered with Live Demo on Azure IoThub, stream Analytics, storage table and Power BI.

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IoT on Azure

  1. 1. Internet of Things on Azure Global Azure Bootcamp April 2016
  2. 2. Who am I ? Vinoth Rajagopalan Project Lead – Internet of Things e-con systems India Pvt Ltd MVP- Windows Development ( Embedded /IoT)
  3. 3. Agenda • Internet of Things • Azure IoT services • Azure IoT Hub • Demo • Azure IoT Hub Demo Video • Stream Analytics • Demo - (Storage & Power BI) • Azure IoT Starters Kit • Azure Certified for IoT • Azure IoT suite • Azure IoT Scenario – Demo Video
  4. 4. Internet of Things $1.7 trillion Market for IoT by 2020 IDC 25 billion Connected “things” by 2020 Gartner Pervasive
  5. 5. IoT is the Next Revolution Connectivity is Pervasive Development is Easy Hardware is Cheap New Innovative Scenarios
  6. 6. Why Cloud for IoT? Easy to provision, use and manage Pay as you go, scale as you need Global reach, hyper scale End to end security & privacy Azure IoT
  7. 7. Azure Services for IoT
  8. 8. Azure IoT Hub Features • Connect up to 10 million devices • Secure bi-directional communication Command and control • Per-device authentication • Single device-cloud connection for all Cloud to Device and Device to Cloud communications • Multiple protocol support such as AMQP, HTTP and MQTT
  9. 9. Field Gateway CoAP, AllJoyn, OPC, … Custom Cloud Gateway (Cloud Service, VM) VPN/ExpressRoute OPC, HTTP, CoAP,… Field Gateway CoAP, AllJoyn, OPC,… IoT Hub Custom Cloud Gateway (Cloud Service, VM) AMQP, MQTT, HTTPS Custom Protocols Your code Azure IoT open source code Device Device IoT Hub device Client SDK Device IoT Hub device Client SDK Device Device Device AMQP, MQTT, HTTPS Management app Device registry Monitoring Send commands IoT Hub service Client SDK Management app - Device registry - Monitoring - Send commands IoT Hub service Client SDK Cloud protocol gateway sample Cloud protocol gateway sample Applications: - Companion apps - Dashboards - Controllers - … Azure
  10. 10. Azure IoT Hub SDKs (Open Source) • Supported Platforms • Windows ( Including Embedded/IoT versions) • Linux (Various distributions) • mBed (ARM) , RTOS • Supported Languages • C, Node.Js, Java, Python and C# Know More …..
  11. 11. Demo: Remote Thermo Controller Raspberry Pi 2 connected with TI’s Bluetooth LE Sensor and a Stepper motor (Simulate like a cooler) is controlled by a remote PC application through Azure IoT Hub.
  12. 12. Video Demo: Remote Camera Controller Dragonboard 410c and a e-con systems IoT gateway reference design (ANKAA) connected with USB Camera is controlled by a remote Windows Phone 8.1 application through Azure IoT Hub. • Dragon board 410c – Running Windows 10 IoT Core • Ankaa ( Azure IoT Certified device) – Running Ubuntu • Using AMQPNetlite based UWP SDK for accessing IoTHub service endpoints to send and receive messages from WP 8.1
  13. 13. Video Demo: Remote Camera Controller
  14. 14. Azure Stream Analytics • Real-time analytics on continuous stream of data • Processing Millions of Events / second • Simple SQL-like language to define your stream processing logic • No hardware to deploy (As a PaaS on Cloud) • Correlate with reference data
  15. 15. Demo Continue with Stream Analytics Stream Analytics Job is created to perform real time analytics on sensor data • Azure IoT hub sensor data is given as input • Power BI for dashboard and Storage table for storing the sensor data as Output
  16. 16. Azure IoT Starter Kits
  17. 17. Azure Certified for IoT Operating systems & devices Azure IoT Device SDK supports more than Azure Certified for IoT and is easy to adapt to new devices and operating systems
  18. 18. Azure IoT Suite • Preconfigured solution templates for common IoT Scenarios
  19. 19. Azure IoT Suite Modify existing rules and alerts Fine-tuned to specific assets and processes Integrate with back-end systems Highly visual for your real-time operational data Get started in minutes Add your devices and begin tailor to your needs
  20. 20. Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring Demo •
  21. 21. New Offering Announcements
  22. 22. Raspberry Pi 2 Photon (ARM Cortex M3 uC & WiFi) e-con systems Ankaa (IoT Gateway reference design) Soil Moisture Sensor Weather Meters Servo Motor Azure IoTHub HTTP/AMQP Stream Analytics Database Web Apps reports Live Sensor Data Configurations eAgri: A Smart Agriculture Demo
  23. 23. Video Demo: Smart Agriculture
  24. 24. Useful References • Azure IoT Hub : • Azure IoT Suite : • Azure IoT Dev center : • Azure IoT SDKs : • Azure Certified IoT : • Getting Started : • IoT Partners list : Blogs • Microsoft Official IoT blog: • An IoT Expert blog:
  25. 25. Q & A
  26. 26. Contacts: email: twitter: @VinothRajagopal Blog ( IoT & Embedded): Thank you