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one project report for south parts of tamil nadu in their needy

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  1. 1. Schools of MISRA’S laboratory Intervention on sustainable livelihood (experimental view) This was an important strategy which was developed to rise up the marginal community on their economic capital in the component of livelihood. The need of this strategy at present situation is the impact of globalization and privatization playing am major role in tamilnadu. These peoples who has their beliefs on land as their assets and livelihood are going to completely washout and cultivate products and low level finance now which are been capture by privatization company. If it’s happen there will be war in context of poverty. There is good example going in front splitting dams for their state. Money inflaction inside tamilnadu in milk ….ect. While comparing this peoples in past few years they can’t able to sustained because they are facing the flushers ‘component like cast partication, political backwardness, most dependents up on land to protect these people from further disaster as a development worker in the community we are bringing out this model intervention on sustainable livelihood. it’s a long term process which bring very slow reactive change. It’s a step by step process. But it can be sustainable. social political economical Micro and macro levels valuable of project isl: 1. Stack holder can get daily wages and monthly wages. 2. Community enterprises can arise. 3. Formation of new module for community. Stereotype molesters molest blogathon Vinoth misra Page 1