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  1. IMF 27 December 1945 International Monetary Fund
  2. What is the IMF?
  3. IMF headquarters is in Washington D.C , U.S.A
  4. Why was it created? The IMF was conceived in July 1944, when representatives of 45 governments meeting in the town of Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in the northeastern United States, agreed on a framework for international economic cooperation.
  5. On October 1, 2019, Kristalina Georgievawas named Managing Director of the IMF
  7. FUNCTIONS • Helping in international trade, that is business between countries • Looking after exchange rates • Looking after balance of payments • Helping member countries in economic development • It also provides a machinery for international consultations.
  8. Lending - IMF lending enables countries to rebuild their international reserves; stabilize their currencies; continue paying for imports; and restore conditions for strong economic growth. - IMF does not lend for specific projects. - It eases the adjustment policies and reforms that a country must make to correct its balance of payments problem and restore conditions for strong economic growth.
  9. Technical assistance • It supports the development of the productive resources of member countries by helping them to effectively manage their economic policy and financial affairs. • About 90 percent of IMF technical assistance goes to low and lower-middle income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.