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A Glassof Milk.Pps

  1. 1. A small gesture
  2. 2. A Glass of Milk
  3. 3. One day, a poor boywas selling clothing doorto door, to pay for hiseducation realized thathe only had ten centsleft in his pockets. Hewas hungry and sodecided to ask for somefood at the next housethat he came to.
  4. 4. In the meantime he losthis hunger when abeautiful young womanopened the door.Instead of a meal, heasked her for a glass ofwater.
  5. 5. She saw that he was veryhungry so instead brought hima huge glass of milk. He drankit very slowly and then asked-« How much do I owe you? »-« You do not owe meanything at all », she replied:-« My mother taught us neverto accept anything for doingsomeone a kindness».-He replied : « Then I thankyou from the bottom of myheart ».
  6. 6. When Howard Kelly leftthe house, as well asfeeling strongerphysically, he sensed areturn of his faith in thelord which he had nearlyabandoned.
  7. 7. Years later, this sameyoung woman fellgravely ill. The localdoctors were mystified,so they sent her to thebig city where theyknew that thespecialists would beable to diagnose thisrare sickness.
  8. 8. Doctor Howard Kellywas called as aconsultant. When heheard the name ofthe city where shelived, a memoryburned brightly in hiseyes.
  9. 9. He got up and wentto her room. As heentered her room,he immediatelyrecognized her. Hereturned to theconsultation room,determined to do hisbest to save her life.
  10. 10. From that day on,he paidspecial attention to thiscase. After a long battle,the war was finally won
  11. 11. Doctor Kelly leftinstructions thatthe bill should besent to him forauthorization. Helooked it over,wrote something inthe margin, andsent it to her room.
  12. 12. She thought thatwhen she openedthe envelope shewould find aninvoice that wouldtake the rest of herlife to pay in full.But when shefinally opened it.
  13. 13. Something caughther attention in themargin of the invoice.
  14. 14. She read thesewords: Paid in fullwith a glass of milk :Doctor HowardKelly.
  15. 15. Tears of joy filled hereyes and her heart.She prayed :« Thankyou lord, for your lovehas crossed the handsand hearts of man ».
  16. 16. Il y a un dicton qui vaThere is a:Du pain comme suit jeté à leau voussaying that goes revient.like this:Il y a un dicton qui va comme suit :Du painBreadleau vous jeté à thrownover the water revient.returns to you.
  17. 17. An act of goodness that youdo today can come back toyou or someone that you love,when you are not expecting it.If you do not see this act ofgoodness returned, at leastyou will have made adifference in this world. And inthe end, isn’t that what life isall about?
  18. 18. You now have twochoices. You canpass on thismessage or makebelieve that youwere never touchedby it.
  19. 19. The hardest lesson inlife, is to know whichbridges to cross, andwhich to burn...
  20. 20. Many people passthrough our lives butonly real friendsleave their imprint inour hearts.. Have a good day