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Marketing presentation 2

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Marketing presentation 2

  1. 1. A new product launch with all the process and features. Group members are: Surabhi Vinod Vijay Sunitha Praneeth Satish Sharu
  2. 2. About us Z booster is to address the needs of clients with cellular reception problems. We mainly provide all kinds of indoor signal products including mobile signal boosters, jammers, online amplifiers, extenders, repeaters Power Divider and coupler for GSM, CDMA, & 3G. Thousands of people across INDIA struggle with poor cell reception every day. Signal boosters / repeaters are devices that have long been available for use by large telecommunication companies to improve their wireless communication systems.
  3. 3.  This technology has advanced to the point that it has become available for commercial and consumer use. It is a premier & largest provider of mobile signal booster / cellular repeater systems. We are offering quality products and focusing on customer satisfaction.
  4. 4. Improving Mobile Phone Signal in Your Home or Office Rather than juggle the cost and hassle of multiple phone bills, most of us are dumping our Old Landline in favour of pocket-friendly mobile phones. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a challenge to use these devices in our homes and offices because of a weak signal from distant or hidden cell towers.
  5. 5.  Lucky for us, then, there’s are things called “cell phone signal boosters.” This device, which looks like a Wi-fi base station, acts like a miniature cell phone tower that you can plug in at your house or office to boost your local cell phone signal.
  6. 6. Challenges of Z booster The first is geographical. If there’s very little or no cell signal outside of your home or business, a cell phone signal booster won’t have any effect on delivering signal inside. The second challenge is all about walls and ceilings. Cell signals have difficulty penetrating stuff, especially when it’s dense, and especially if the signal has already travelled a fair distance.
  7. 7.  This is where the zBoost becomes very effective. This thing is really good at making an existing cell phone signal stronger. And it can carry that improved signal into a house or office so you get better call quality and higher data rates.
  8. 8. Features of Z booster The zBoost clearly resolves the poor signal reception problem. As long as you have signal outside, you can bring it inside with a zBoost, and make it stronger. The zBoost can support multiple devices simultaneously. And because it boosts signal, it extends your mobile device’s battery life. If you live or work in a place where an external antennae is impractical, there’s a zBoost unit called the Metro which just needs to be placed in a window.
  9. 9.  The devices can also act like an internal phone system, routing data or calls inside a building. This provides speedier performance and puts less strain on the wider cell-phone network. "Its as easy to install and manage as a Wi-Fi network is today The z booster is a mini cell tower with a range of approximately 5,000 square feet. When users are within range, their phones pick up the stronger signal rather than a weaker signal from an external cell tower.
  10. 10. Advantages Help the User Z booster let people make and receive calls inside buildings where cellular reception may be poor. Help the Carrier They also help the carrier, because calls that traverse the z booster and Internet provide relief to their over- the-air networks in congested metropolitan areas
  11. 11. Positioning Z booster can be positioned inside a building and hooked up to an Internet connection. The technology could displace wired phone systems, support mobile business devices like tablets, and enable "smart" offices that can recognize when someone shows up to work in the morning.
  12. 12. Targeting We are mainly targeting to the educational institutes and huge buldings
  13. 13. In building solution Z booster can optimize wireless coverage indoors for commercial buildings, public venues, hotels, airports, exhibition halls. With facilities designed to meet the highest safety and energy efficiency standards, the materials that make your workplace safe and energy efficient can impair the wireless signal you depend on to communicate, leaving you with dead spots, without your cell phone,
  14. 14.  We provide solutions so you, your employees and clients have consistent coverage regardless of their physical location within your facility. We provide solutions so you can have reliable communications in the workplace. All of our solutions are scalable and competitively priced.
  15. 15. Set up of z booster you install one antenna in an area outside where you get the best reception. You can test this by simply walking around your property with your mobile phone, where you get most signal is the place you should install the first antenna. Youll then need to connect this antenna to another antenna inside the property. This will not amplify the signal but simply transfer it.
  16. 16. Antenna Performance The antennas come with a free desk standin case you dont want to wall mount it. The antenna is flat and relatively discrete,complete and comes with all cables,connections and fittings you need. This antenna is the complete 3G antennasolution. No additional purchases needed.
  17. 17. We provides the following products for the GSM, CDMAWireless systems : Low to medium power repeaters and boosters for indoor coverage : 10mw to 1watt Output Power, Full band or selective band, Compact and light weight. High power repeaters and boosters for outdoor and indoor coverage : 1 watt to 20 watts Output Power, High Gain, Band selective or full band, Weather proof. Antennas for indoor coverage : Wall & Ceiling dome mounted types, broadband for all networks, easy to install. Antennas for outdoor coverage Splitters, Combiners & Couplers, for coverage and Distribution Antenna Coverage system installation accessories : Coaxial Cables low loss, Attenuators, Terminators, Connectors, Adapters.
  18. 18. Different cost of z booster There are basically three forms of power booster:- High power repeater costing rs 1300 Medium power repeaters costing rs 900 Low power repeaters is costing rs 350
  19. 19. Promotion strategy of z booster We are promoting the z booster though advertising ie. Through television. We also print ads in newspaper so that each and every type of consumer can get the information about the product. We make or create awareness to the consumer who are well educated and aware about mobile devices.
  20. 20. Customer service Below are links to customer service information regarding our company. Be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, as it contains answers to the most common customer service inquiries we receive. Frequently asked questions. Installation Guide Technical Specifications Guaranty & warranty information. Payment Option Feedback Testimonials Contact Us