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Terex al4 heavy duty portable light tower,6k w generator powered 4000 watts of light


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Terex al4 heavy duty portable light tower,6k w generator powered 4000 watts of light

  1. 1. Terex AL4 Heavy-Duty Portable Light Tower,6kWGenerator Powered 4000 Watts of Light Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating out of 5 Product Feature q 30 (9.14 m) light height for illuminating up to 7 1/2 acres q 359-degree non-continuous tower rotation for precision light positioning q Ergonomically designed winch handle for lowering and raising tower q 6 kW generator for periods of extended use q Four metal halide lamps for high intensity light q Read moreProduct DescriptionThe Terex AL 4 is a 6 kW generator powered metal halide light tower with four individually adjustable lights, a30 lift height, and 359-degree non-continuous tower rotation for precision light positioning. The AL 4 has (4)1,000 watt, adjustable metal halide lamps, each with a lifespan of 5,000 to 10,000 hours, for providing highintensity light at job sites.Powerful OperationThe AL 4 operates on a brushless 60 Hz 6.0 kW generator, with a Kubotadiesel 13.6 hp engine and a 30 gallon (114 L) tank which can provide upto 60 hours of continuous use. The engine has an operational Ergonomically designed winchtemperature range of -40 to 105 degrees F, and it is protected with handle for lowering and raisingstandard high water temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns. tower 6 kW generator provides up to 60Safe, Weatherproof Design hours of continuous use Four metal halide lamps for highThe AL 4 has a 30 (9.14 m) fully galvanized mast with a single intensity lightself-braking winch design, and an ergonomically placed handle forraising and lowering the tower. The hand-operated winch and controlpanel are mounted inside the cabinet for protection from the elements.The retractable power cord, also protected by a rotatable mast sleeve,
  2. 2. automatically recoils when raising or lowering the tower. The AL 4 hasindividual quick-connect plug-in ballasts installed in galvanized steelboxes for simple service and repair (one GFI duplex 20 A / 120 Vreceptacle and one T/L 30 A / 240 V receptacle). All light fixtures pluginto a waterproof box with UL and CSA approved connectors, and can besecured on the mast for safe travel.Easy to Load and TransportThe AL 4 has a single point lifting eye, fork lift pockets for placement at difficult to reach job sites, andgalvanized outriggers with pre-set position stops to ensure proper spacing. The light tower has a 2" (50.8 mm)ball coupler for towing, is set on (2) 15" wheels, weighs 1,950 lbs (885 kg) with no fuel, and has an axle ratingof 3,500 lbs (1558 kg) for travel on rough roads. Department of Transportation (DoT) approved tail lights areaffixed to the back of the tower for safe transportation.About Light TowersLight tower units are used for illuminating event and work sites to maximize nighttime productivity and consistof a tower with a durable base and mast, with a set of lights at the top of the mast that can be rotated andpositioned as necessary. Light towers are used for many different applications, including construction, mining,and sporting events. For industrial use only.About Terex CorporationTerex Corporation manufactures heavy equipment for material handling, mining, road building, andconstruction. The company, headquartered in Westport, CT, makes equipment under the Terex, Powerscreen,and Genie brands. Genie products include personnel and material lifts, booms, light towers, and telehandlers.From construction sites to sporting events,View detailed PDF.this tower is built to deliver consistent,reliable light.Read more