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Stockr Investor Deck


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Stockr Investor Deck

  1. 1. A Social Medium for the Stock Market
  2. 2. Investors’ use of online & social resources:90M people seek stock information and guidance online monthly170M personal online brokerage accounts worldwide21.5M retail trades made online every day370% of retail investors get trading ideas from their personal network1 1. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, "2007 Survey of Consumer Finances“ 2. Tower Group, Morgan Stanley, 3. Sanford Bernstein
  3. 3. People everywhere have tradable information “Lots of rain + sunshine this year, wheat crops looking as good as 2003.” “Reading NEJM – Pfizer’s cancer drug will be too toxic for FDA approval” “Can’t keep Lululemon products in stock – sold out everywhere!” “Dell 10Q: inventories are 4% higher than last quarter. Buying July puts.” “Toyotas coming into my auto shop with brake pad problems again.” But there’s nowhere to credibly share it with fellow investors
  4. 4. The Problem: Investing is a socialactivity without a good social platform
  5. 5. Why? Investing sites’ social tools and Social sites are not used – by people communities are primitive or by companies – to discuss stocks No site provides market data and modern social tools
  6. 6. Meet Stockr Stockr unlocks this unique information by providing a modern social platform specifically for investors
  7. 7. Experts emerge and share their thoughts. Members benefit.Craig Coblenz Francisco Diaz-MitomaFormer Sales Director of Facebook Founder of Titan Gaming on $ZNGAon $FB
  8. 8. Stockr: “A Bloomberg for the masses” 5 1 3 4 21. Newsfeed – real-time updates from people, publications & companies you follow2. Follow Recommendations – discover relevant investors and companies3. Watchlist – 5-minute delayed quotes on companies from your curated list4. Customized Market News – from 900+ sources, tagged by public company5. Chart and Company Fundamentals – the standard data points investors look for
  9. 9. In the words of others… “One of 4 financial technologies reinventing finance from LA, not NY” Tim Lloyd “Stockr is entering the market at the right time – a time in which more options are needed. The financial social media space may still be in its infancy, but it’s heading in the right direction.” Tom Johansmeyer “Whereas Yahoo! Finance gives a quick, static snap shot with little way to directly communicate with other (often anonymous) users and message boards are relics from the 1990s, the Stockr platform is an in-depth, real-time, more sophisticated deep dive.” Lori Kozlowski “Stockr lets users create a watchlist of their favorite stocks, get feeds of news about the companies that they’re interested in, and follow the comments of users that they’ve chosen to follow. But the big differentiator is its use of social commenting, which ties their contributions to their identity.” Ryan Lawler
  10. 10. How We Monetize
  11. 11. “Data is the new oil.” -Andrea Weigend (Chief Scientist at Amazon)
  12. 12. Our Goal: Building the Investor Graph Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Mardo Iknadiossian Founder at Titan Gaming, Inc. President of UCSB Investment Club• Follows 7 Consumer stocks • Follows 5 Consumer stocks• Follows 8 Technology stocks • Follows 2 Utilities stocks• Follows 4 Gaming stocks • Follows 1 Gaming stocks• Follows 3 Small-Caps • Follows 2 Small-Caps• Follows 3 Mid-Caps • Follows 4 Mid-Caps• Follows 6 Big-Caps • Follows 6 Big-CapsFacebook & Google make $B collecting consumer/behavioral dataStockr is uniquely positioned to collect investor/behavioral data
  13. 13. Revenue Model 1: Targeted Ads Invests in IndustrialsRisk Profile Invests in Telecommunications Invests in Consumer Services Invests in Consumer Goods Portfolio Diversity Invests in Large Cap Companies Active Traders Only Owns Companies: PerformanceAdvertisers target Stockr users per their investing interests Long Only Traders Invests in Small Cap Companies Invests in Utilities Invests in TechnologyInvests in Financials Portfolio Concentration Invests in Consumer Services Invests in Funds Buy And Hold TradersInvests in Mid Cap Companies Invests in Micro Cap Companies Invests in Health Care
  14. 14. Revenue Model 2: Pay-to-FollowThe “unused capacity” model applied to information –disrupting a $25 billion industry• Professionals worldwide have insights into companies and industries• Investors pay top dollar for differentiated, high-value information• Investment newsletters of dubious quality generate > $1 billion• Everyone likes making more moneyStockr will take a 30% cut of all payments
  15. 15. Revenue Model 3: Investor RelationsOver $6 billion spent annually on IR, nearly all 2towards institutional investorsIR groups can take over their Stockr page to:  Engage current/future shareholders  See what the market is saying and thinking about the company’s stock 1  Target users whose interests dovetail with the company’s profile 1. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, "2007 Survey of Consumer Finances“ 2. National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) Annual Report, 2011
  16. 16. Team Vinny Jindal Brendon Crawford - Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer - Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer - Former buy- and sell-side Analyst - 60+ Launched Internet Products Tim Symington Tim Arbuckle - Co-Founder, Stockr and Virurl - Senior Engineer - Product Manager - Search, Tagging, Content Aggregation Brad Whitcomb Eugene Kashpureff - Senior Front-End Engineer - Infrastructure & Database Operations - Django, CSS/HTML, JavaScript - System Administration Amber Henson Andrew Pevsner - Community Manager - Business Development and Marketing - QA/Testing Specialist - Former LHP for LA Dodgers
  17. 17. Advisors M. Scott Havens Eric Frank - President of The Atlantic Media Group - Fmr President of Investment and - Fmr Head of BD at Yahoo! Finance Advisory Division, Thomson Reuters Adam Townsend Craig Coblenz - EVP & Head of IR at CBS - Fmr Sales Director at Facebook - Fmr Head of IR at E*Trade - Fmr VP of Sales at Cendant Todd Mackay Mike Jones - EVP of Corporate Dev’t at Alphabird - VP of Publisher Solutions at Yieldbot - Fmr Treasurer & Head of BD, E*Trade - Fmr Director of Audience & BD at WSJ
  18. 18. Some open beta stats…60% of members have returned after signing up50% have re-visited at least 3 times40% have re-visited at least 6 times40,000 pieces of content posted every day20 Million data points processed every trading day
  19. 19. StatusRaised Angel Round of $1.5MInvestors Include:• Personal Capital, led by CEO Bill Harris• Adam Townsend, EVP & Head of IR at CBS, former Head of IR at E*Trade• M. Scott Havens, President of The Atlantic Media GroupUser Acquisition Underway• Academic Investment Clubs – 10 on-boarded, more in pipeline• Investors Business Daily Readers & Meetup Members -- ongoing• Outreach to Long Tail• Content SyndicationSeeking $2-4M for growth• Product Development• Team Growth
  20. 20. Use of ProceedsProduct Development 2013 2014 2015 Company data Yodlee/Intuit Integration Peer-to-Peer Stock Exchange Logged-out view In-Stream Trading The “Stockr 100” Mutual Fund Trending/Recent Targeted Adv Platform Crowdfunding Marketplace LinkedIn Connect Stockr App Store Enterprise Product Pay-to-follow Proprietary Pay-to-Follow Myriad Uses of Aggregated Data Outbound content APITeam Growth Product Engineers Business Product Manager Python/Django Devs Publishers Relationship Mgr. Mobile Designer Front-End Dev E-Brokerage Relationship Mgr. Web App Designer Data Scientist Investor Relations Outreach Mobile Engineer Chief Financial Officer Support Staff
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