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Seminar 1c vinehoo (vinitaly)


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Seminar 1c vinehoo (vinitaly)

  2. 2. #vinitaly2013 @vinitalytour@steviekim222
  3. 3.  Janet Wang, Head of International Business Development, Tmall (Alibaba Group) Naran Andreyev, CEO, M1nt Cellars Jared Liu, Founder/CEO of YesMyWine Alvin Huang, Founder of Vinehoo
  4. 4. VinehooTop Wine Social Media+Flash Sales Platform Alvin Huang Founder and CEO 2013-04-08 Verona
  5. 5. Vinehoo 葡萄酒社区Who I am 黄 少 鹤 Huang Shaohe (Alvin) Drink Less ! Founder and CEO vinehoo.com5 Vinehoo 葡萄酒新媒体 © 2008 Sina 公司版权所有 5
  6. 6. Vinehoo 葡萄酒社区 Who we are Tasting Note Management Personal e-cellar management Wine Guild in China Member Management Developing Special Column Social Flash Sale Wine-SearcherConnect the Wine Region and text Global Wine Regionconsumers and Wine Buying Guild Winery info. Informationmaker/sales platform 2000+ Regions and Social Network Service(SNS) Wineries Wine Video Wine Forum News Wine EVENT Tasting Event Management text Training Learning Platform (Developing) Business Platform Top wine forum in China Certified Business Partner Program 6 Vinehoo 葡萄酒新媒体 © 2008 Sina 公司版权所有 6
  7. 7. Vinehoo 葡萄酒社区 China Based World Class Wine Media HeadquarterMajor Event PublicationEN PRIMEUR Burgundy 2013 V50 RecommendationEN PRIMEUR Bordeaux 2013 USA Wine GuildVinitaly 2013 Australia Wine GuildProwein 2013Australia Wine Forum 2013 Partnership DataCalifornia Harvest 2013China Wine Blind Tasting Competition Michel_Bettane UV 10,000/day Liv-ex Decanter Tasted Magazine © 2008 Sina 公司版权所有
  8. 8. Vinehoo 葡萄酒社区Wine E-Commerce in China Platform Vertical B2C Innovative Approach8 Vinehoo 葡萄酒新媒体 © 2008 Sina 公司版权所有 8
  9. 9. Vinehoo 葡萄酒社区Different Approach to sell high quality wine 1. Group Blind Tasting 2. Selection Key Point: C2B9 Vinehoo 葡萄酒新媒体 © 2008 Sina 公司版权所有 9
  10. 10. Vinehoo 葡萄酒社区Flash Sale Data 2010 2012 2013 2014 Forecast forecast Income 0.3M 2M 5M 10M Monthly Repeat inventory cycle Per customer Total Members purchase rate transaction 65% + 3 days 35 Euro+ 5000+ Marketing Employee Refund Rate Average Expense Breakage rate Discount 0 6 <0.1% 30% off + Low Gross profit rate High Reputation High Growth and healthy Low Cost High efficiency business model Low Profile High Visibility © 2008 Sina 公司版权所有
  11. 11. Vinehoo 葡萄酒社区Value to both consumers and business Partner11 Vinehoo 葡萄酒新媒体 © 2008 Sina 公司版权所有 11
  12. 12. Vinehoo 葡萄酒社区Successful Story12 Vinehoo 葡萄酒新媒体 © 2008 Sina 公司版权所有
  13. 13. Vinehoo