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Gps Handbag Prototype


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A prototype for women's safety. the concept can be extended to GPS enabled backpacks for children. A concept developed by Vinita Silaparasetty when she was 19 years old. It is currently being developed.


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Gps Handbag Prototype

  1. 1. 21-05-2018 Product Development GPS� HANDBAG
  2. 2. Market Research Acceptable Price Range Factors Affecting Purchase 37% would rather buy one quality item than several at lower quality. 20% feel the brand of clothes, shoes or accessories they buy is very important. 37% usually buy mainly sale price or discount fashion items. 26% often pay more to get better quality. 24% feel that price is not important if they really like something. 39% tend to buy on impulse. 35% always compare shops for prices. 61% buy clothing and accessories they like, regardless of the current fashion. 35% always buy at least one item that is in fashion each season. 24% are more concerned about the appropriateness than fashionability. research-women-handbags-mintel-v-q-research/ Reference:
  3. 3. Conclusions from Market Research Teenagers prefer to buy quality items. Therefore materials must be durable, yet appropriate for various occasions. Stitches must be secure. Colour options and value for money are the next top priorities for teenagers. Therefore, a reversible bag will give them the option to switch between two colours at the price of one bag. The size of the bag needs to be such that it can contain all the items that a teenager would need, while not being too bulky or getting in the way. Thus a small sized bag is ideal. Teenagers are very conscious about dressing appropriately for an occasion. Therefore designs should be available for a variety of occasions.
  4. 4. Women's Safety Target Market Teenage Girls Product Features Style: Sling bag Concealed GPS Tracker Reversible (2 fabrics in 1) GPS tracking app for parents. Easily accessible batteries. Trackable in case of theft or misplacement. Solution Handbag with GPS Tracker Problem Electronic Components FLORA board FLORA Ultimate GPS module Android App External antenna Batteries (coin cell) Conductive thread Battery case Chain strap D-rings Tag Spikes (Iron-on) Beads Chains Ribbon decals Stones Accessories Trims Fleece padding Snap buttons Reversible zipper Textiles Denim Chiffon Twill Cotton Velvet Sizes Medium Small Occasions Casual Formal Semi-formalUsage: Cross Body Region: India
  5. 5. Handbag Pattern Maximum Capacity :� 1/2 kg Width:� 20 cm Height:� 16.5 cm
  6. 6. �Circuit Connections Flora Board Flora Ultimate GPS Module Coin Cell Battery
  7. 7. Data Log: $GPGSV 3.2.345.568790 $GPGSV 4.2.586.985478 $GPGSV 7.34.5945.8948 $GPGSV 6.37.43587438 Map TRACKER Tracking�App Supported Device: Android Features: Data Log for Latitudes and Longitudes. Integrated Google Map for directions to location.