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AI Personal Stylist Pitch Deck


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A Personal stylist app, that harnesses the power of AI to help women look and feel their best. A concept by Vinita Silaparasetty at age 18.


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AI Personal Stylist Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Vin's Lookbook AI powered fashion application
  2. 2. “Vin's Lookbook the Madonna of Fashion Tech.” Madonna constantly re-invents herself to maintain her popularity. Vin's Lookbook AI adapts itself to provide a personalized user experience.
  3. 3. The Problem Female Consumers tend to buy clothing/beauty products that look good on a model. They are then disappointed when they do not get the same results. This harms brand loyalty & brand recognition which are two key elements in the success of a retail brand. "What women want is not necessarily what they need."
  4. 4. Dissatisfaction
  5. 5. The Solution Create a win - win situation, where both the retail brands and the consumer benefit. Satisfied Ideally speaking, if every woman had a personal stylist, the stylist would pick clothing and beauty products that will suit her. However, not every woman can afford a personal stylist. They can afford a free app though.
  6. 6. Why AI? It accepts, analyses & stores data of the user just as a personal stylist would It identifies which category the user belongs to and makes clothing and makeup suggestions based on this . It continues to learn about the user's taste and preferences and adapts itself to suit the user's needs. It adds a personal touch to the app, so that it is more like a friend than an app.
  7. 7. Features of the App Online Shopping is very targeted. Only the clothing that will suit the user in terms of size, style, color etc will be displayed automatically. The user does not have to manually filter clothing. In the case of beauty products, only products that suit the user's skintone and skintype will be displayed. An outfit generator is provided which will provide outfit suggestions using clothing that exists in a user's closet and based on the weather for that day in their region.
  8. 8. Sources of Revenue Advertisements. Sponsored content and product placements. Monthly subscription to be a featured stylist. ( For stylists.) Monthly subscription to be a featured brand. ( For clothing/makeup brands.) Commissions from sales made through the app. Monthly membership for users to get access to exclusive content.
  9. 9. 8 months Develop app and curate content for website. Contact clothing/beau ty brands to create database for online shopping. Expand user base through social media. Road Map
  10. 10. Why Funding is Needed? To obtain the data required to train the AI. To market the app by creating awareness and building a community. To distribute the app through channels with a wide reach.
  11. 11. Founder Vinita Mohan is a 24 year old with a passion for entrepreneurship. She has completed her graduation in Bachelor of Computer Applications. She started Vin's Lookbook as a humble blog that quickly became popular in America, Saudi Arabia and China. Now she is working on an app that can act as a personal stylist and provide a personalised user experience.
  12. 12. Contact Details Website: Facebook:@vinslookbook Twitter: @VLBofficial