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Sangeeta Chouhan , Fashion Design Student NSQF Level -6


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student of Dezyne E'cole College ,fashion design department , this is a portfolio of final year work of her in fashion Design

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Sangeeta Chouhan , Fashion Design Student NSQF Level -6

  1. 1. 2 Year Diploma In Fashion Design Confirming to NSQF Level 6 OF NSDC Dezyne E’cole College. PORTFOLIO FASHION DESIGN
  2. 2. Project Report On Development of collection Women's wear At Dezyne E’cole College Submitted Towards The Partial Fulfillment Of The 2 Year Diploma In Fashion Design Confirming to NSQF Level 6 Of NSDC By Sangeeta Chouhan Dezyne E’cole College 106/10 Civil Lines , Ajmer Tel-0145-2624679 www. dezyneecole .Com 2016-17
  3. 3. This Project Report Of Ms. Sangeeta Chouhan , Student Of 2nd Year Diploma In Fashion Design, Confirming To NSQF Level 6 Of NSDC Has Been Checked And Graded As____________________________________________________ Thanking you Principal [seal and signature] Dezyne E’cole College 106/10 Civil Lines Ajmer-305001[raj] www. dezyneecole .Com
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGMENT I Am Thankful To All Those Whose Guidance Helped To Me To Complete My Project. I Am Thankful To My Mentors Of Dezyne E’cole College Who Gave Me This Opportunity Where I Can Show My Working Abilities Through This Project. Sangeeta Chouhan
  5. 5. FASHION DESIGNER  9829024839 PROFILE I AM A FASHION DESIGNER from DEZYNE E” COLE COLLEGE. I appreciate hand skills and the arts of manipulating fabrics. I have always enjoyed doing intricate work and have a keen eyes for details finishing. For me asthenic is equally important as the functionality of a product . A good design is completed only with use of elements and principles of design . A design process is followed in an organized and design manner Is the key of a successful end product. SKILLS  Pattern Engineering  Corel Draw  Photoshop  Orbito  Garment technology  Indian Traditional Textile  Draping INTEREST  PINETERST  Music   Reading LANGUAGES  Hindi  English EDUCATION B.SC 1ST YEAR DIPLOMA IN FASHION TECHNOLOGY B.SC 2ND YEAR DIPLOMA IN FASHION TECHNOLOGY 12TH RBSC BOARD AJMER 10TH RBSC BOARD AJMER DEZYNE E’COLE COLLEGE 2015-16 SAVITRI GIRLS SC. SEC. SCHOOL 2014-15 VEER PUBLIC SC.SEC. SCHOOL2012-13 EXPERIENCE The kaleidoscope (Doodle dress) Collection (strings of life) Identity exhibition (paper dresses ). SANGEETA CHOUHAN  Fabric manipulation  Foundation of Design  Presentation Skills  print DEZYNE E’COLE COLLEGE 2015-16
  7. 7. Heartily Present My Gratitude DEZYNE E’COLE COLLEGE For Give Me Direction To My Career Through 2 Year Advanced Diploma In Fashion Technology With My Bachelors Degree As Well, During This I Learnt Construction Knowledge Of ( Women’s Wear And Men's Wear ) Pattern Engineering, Computer Aided Designing, Grading, Illustration, Draping , Print Making, Fashion History And Industry, fiber To Fabric, Surface Design Techniques, Traditional Indian Textile , Print And Printing Technology And So On…. Not Only Learnt But Also Showcase In The Events Like… Annual Exhibition – Identity Fashion Show At Annual Event – The Kaleidoscope In The Subsequent Pages Of My Work Portfolio I Present My 2 Years Working And My Projects Also . During Diploma And Degree Programme. SYNOPSIS
  8. 8. CONTANT • • • • • • • • Fabric Manipulation • Embroidery • Tie And Dye • Print • • • • • • •
  9. 9. THE FASHION INDUSTRY Fashion Today Is The Key Driving Force In Running Not Just A Country ‘ S Economy But In Linking The Country With Its Partners Different Sides Of The Networked Globe. The Need Of The Growing Fashion Conscious Consumer And The Ongoing Process Of Globalization Has Paved The Way For New Job Avenues And Opportunities In The Arena Of Fashion .Fashion Is A Dynamic Force Which Influence Lifestyle Choice Made By Consumers . Glamour Not With Standing , Fashion Is A Serious Are Indicative Of India Being Center – Stage On The Global Fashion Map Fashion Studies Offers Insight Into The Components And Processes Of Design Manufacturing Market In Apparel And Textiles . It Encompasses The Process From Fiber To Fabric From Concept To Creation Of Garment. Fashion Is A Dynamic Force Which Influences Lifestyle Choice Made By Consumer . Fashion Theory And Practices Are Built On A Academic Foundation Where History Anthropology , Sociology , Psychology And Economic Intermingle To Shed Light On Clothing As One Of The Three Most Essential Needs Of A Country. It Drives International Trends In A Multitude Of Areas From Apparel. .
  10. 10. WOMENS’S FASHION WEAR “Fashion Is Not Something That Exists In Dress Only . Fashion Is In The Street, Fashion Has To With Ideas , The Way We Live, What Is Happening’ . By Coco Channel Women's Wear Has Always Enjoyed The Center Stage In Fashion Clothing Is Past Wear Custom Made I.E. Stitched For An Individual Using Her Body Measurements By A Tailor Or A Dressmaker . During Earlier The Majority Of Women, However Wore Clothes Made At Home The Women Of The House. With Changing Times , The Role Of The Women Have Become Multi Dimensional ; From Handling Office To Home ; To Kinds And Simultaneously Balancing Their Social And Personal Responsibilities Working For Home Or For Office , With A Hectic Schedule Has Led To The Requirement Of An Easy To Wear , Maintain And Comfortable Dressing Which Has Become A Necessity For Today Life Style . There Is A Huge Market Various Segments Of Women With Explicitly Needs . Many Brands Like Levies Curves Allen Solly , Marks And Spencer Address These Requirements With Their Apparel Lines Based On Specific Market Requirement's Of Size , Ethnicity And Occasions . Introduction Of Garments For Plus Size Women And Occasions . Introduction Of Garments For Plus Size Women And Maternity Wear Also Acquired Considerable Share . Influence Of Trends On Women Wear Women Ready – To – Wear Garments Follow Specific Trend Prediction For The Season To Enable The Designer , Fabric Manufacture , Garments Manufacture And Retailor To Plan The Design And Production Of Garments At Least 18 Months In Advance Of The Actual Season Of Sale Couture And Pert A Porter Shows Held In Paris , London , New York Are The Main Source Of Fashion Trends For Women's Wear . At The Time Of Shows All The Partners In The Fashion Value Chain I.E. The Fabric Manufactures Garments Manufacturers Buyers , Retails And Fashion Editors , Flock To These Cities To Review The New Style.
  11. 11. Design Is The Creation Of A Plan Or Convention For The Construction Of An Object, System Or Measurable Human Interaction (As In Architectural Blue Prints, engineering Drawings, Business Processes, Circuit Diagrams , And Sewing Patterns. Design Has Different Connotations In Different Fields. In Some Cases, The Direct Construction Of An Object (As In Pottery, Engineering, Management, Coding, and Graphic Design) Is Also Considered To Be Design. The Person Designing Is Called A Designer, Which Is Also A Term Used For People Who Work Professionally In One Of The Various Design Areas, Usually Also Specifying Which Area Is Being Dealt With (Such As A Fashion Designer, Concept Designer Or Web Designer) . A Designer’s Sequence Of Activities Is Called A Design Process. The Scientific Study Of Design Is Called Design Science. WHAT IS DESIGN ?
  12. 12. FOUNDATION DESIGN Today Color Are Very Important In Fashion Design . Color Influence In Dress Our Eyes Right To Left And Up To Down . Color Describe A Dress Emotions , It Generate Our Mood To Wear The Dress . Color Person Look Like Toller And Thinner . In Color Wheel We Will See Primary Colors Poster Red , Chrome Yellow , Cobalt Blue . Its Also Called Parents Colors . Some Of The Other Factors Influencing The Choice . Effect Of Light Texture Age Of The Person Size Of Person Personality Completion Occasion Concept of color white I B G O R Y V COLOR WHEEL PRIMARY SECONDARY COO L WAR M
  13. 13. • Line • Shape • Value • Color • Texture LINE - A Line Is A Series Of Connecting Point. It Is The Simple Design Elements . All Lines Have Direction Length Width . Horizontal Vertical Diagonal ELEMENTS OF DESIGN SHAPE Two – dimensional flat forms , having only length and width , are usually described as shape . Shaped are of different kind like; Geometric shape Origami shape Shape are used in following ways in any garment : Hemline Sleeves Embroidery Prints VALUE
  14. 14. RHYTHM It is a timed beat which needs to be sened by our eyes in any visual composition . Rhythm is not anything to be heard by ears , in any visual composition . It may contain following things : Repetition Gradation Radiation GRADATION REPETATION RADIATION UNITY Unity means that arrangement exists among the elements in a design, they look as though they belong to one family . It contain following things: Simplicity repetition Grouping RADIATION It means radiating so many lines from a common print. It creates movements from that print to all that area where those radiations are going . It is used in many ways in our garment like: Gathers Knotting etc.
  15. 15. GRADATION Gradation in art is a visual technique to create movement from one color to another , from and shape to another , one texture to another. Space, distance, volume and curved or rounded from are some of the visual effect created with gradation . Balance is the distribution of visual weight of design elements with in a composition BALANCE PROPORTION Proportion refers to relative size measured against other elements. MEDIUM TALL SHORT
  16. 16. CONTRAST Contrast means difference in elements . It is obtained by each and a very element as shown below . FROM From may be described as any three dimensional object . From can be measured from to to bottom (height) side to side (width) and from back to front (depth)from is also defined by light and dark . It can be defined by the presence of shadows on surface or faces of an object . There are two types of from geometric (man-made ) and natural (organic from ). In garment it is used as a silhouette . It is outer edge of the garment commonly used silhouette are rectangularHourglass TriangleWedge
  17. 17. FASHION HISTORY The Fashion History Where I-came Across The Various Time Periods And How Fashion Evolved Through The Time To This Age Of Dressing A Project On The Timeline Of Fashion History And Major Inspiration Of Famous Designer Studied Was Done By Me. I Showcases Here In The Following Pages .
  19. 19. MARKET STUDY I Learn About Fashion Market . How Designer Launch They Collection Before Launching Their Collection They Take Knowledge About Market .Fashion Marketing Is Different Emphasis To Marketing Activities . Furtermore , He Role Of Design In Both Leading And Reflecting Consumer Demand Results In A Variety Of Approaches To Fashion Marketing Which Are Explored Below .
  20. 20. Haute couture Designer wear Street fashion or mass market Trickle downTrickle up Trickle across LEVELS OF FASHION
  22. 22. Fabric Plays A Very Important Role For Making A Garment. It Is Available In Various Types. But Can Be Produced In Desired Varieties Through Surface Design Techniques. Surface Design Technique Is The Art Of Manipulating Fabric. For Any Fashion Designer Fabric First Need To Be Prepared With Textures And Then Used For Style And Design Development. Style Requires Plain Texture And Sometimes Textured Fabrics To Create Better Styles. Textures Can Be Developed Through Printing, Painting, Weaving, Embroidery, Dyeing, Fabric Manipulation, Etc. Surface Design Technique Describes The Identity Of The Fabric Through The Particular Technique Used Onto It. It Can Be Structural And Decorative. Structural Techniques Applied During Or After The Production Of The Fabric, Where Decorative Techniques Applied On Top Of The Fabric Or Garment. These Techniques Can Be Applied On Any Type Of Garment. Surface Design Techniques Increases The Value Of The Garment Because Textures And Colors Plays An Important Role To Attract The Eye Towards The Design As Compared To A Plain Design With Out Patterns And Textures.In Ancient Times Also, Surface Design Techniques Were Used Such As Dyes Found In Ancient Egypt, Rome, Etc. Later In Victorian Era, Black Work, Embroidery, Brocades, Damask Were Came Into Being. The Variety Of Effects Gives Variety Of Effects On The Garment Such As Elegance, Luxury, Grace, Etc.Surface Design Technique Is The Best Ingredient To A Garment. My Concept Can Be Attained Through It. SURFACE DESIGN TECHNIQUE
  23. 23. SURFACE DESIGN TECHNIQUE Surface Design Technique Is A Method Of Decorating Fabric .Surface Design Technique Is A Way To Give New Look To Any Garment . In Structural We Design The Surface Before The Final Fabric Or Garment Had Been Made. Neckline Sleeves Body Trousers In Decorative Design Technique We Decorate The Surface After The Fabric Or Garment Had Been Made. Tie and dye Embroidery Fabric manipulation Printing etc. Decorative DesignStructural Design There Are Two Method Of Surface Design Techniques .
  24. 24. 2 STRUCTURE GARMENT Bodice Neckline Sleeves
  25. 25. DRESS
  26. 26. NECKLINE
  27. 27. SLEEVS
  28. 28. DECORATIVE DESIGN • Tie and dye • Embroidery • Fabric manipulation • Printing etc.
  29. 29. TIE AND DYE Tie And Dye Or Tie – Dyeing Is A Resist – Dyeing Process. It Consists Of Knotting , Binding, Folding Or Sewing Certain Parts Of The Cloth In Such A Way That When It Is Dyed The Dye Cannot Penetrate Into These Areas. Which Are Resisted. Techniques Of Tying Fabric: • Marbling • Twisting And Coiling • Knotting • Binding
  30. 30. EMBROIDARY Embroidery Is A Needle Work . It Is A Surface Design Technique . Earlier It Is Done By Hand . It Is Also Handcraft Of Decorating Or Other Material With Needle Colorful Yarn. It Is Most Often Used On Caps Coats , Blanket , Dress , Skirt Etc. The Basic Technique Of Embroidery Chain Stitches , Holbein , Stain Applique . Various Types Of Embroidery Like ; Phulkari Of Punjab ,Kasuti Of Karnataka , Kantha Of Bengal Etc.
  32. 32. FABRIC MANIUPLATION FABRIC MANIPULATION – Fabric Manipulation Both Of Structural And Decorative . Fabric Manipulation Use Apply On Main Fabric .It Is A Surface Design Technique .
  33. 33. Box pleats tucks
  34. 34. PRINT Aside from the direct application of pigment on to the surface of prepared cotton yardage , the techniques of fixing color to woven cloth to create patterns and compositions again involves either the use of resists , mordant resist or combinations of the two , applied with a pen , brush , metal or wooden block or stencil
  36. 36. GARMENT CONSTRUCTION Garment Construction Pattern Making Is The Process Of Transforming A Design Into Its Constituent Flat Pattern Pieces And Then Drafting Them Out Pattern For A Garment Is The Blue Print On Which The Fabric Is Cut And The Same Is Achieved By 2 Method • Flat Pattern Methods • Draping Methods
  37. 37. FLAT PATTERN METHOD Flat Pattern Method – Is A Method Where In Body Or Dress Form Measurement's Are Taken For Developing A Pattern In Other Words This System Depends On Accurate Measurements To Compete The Paper Pattern . Flat Pattern Making Should Be Done In Conjunction With A Dress Form So That As The Design Evolves , Proportion And Balance In The Garment Can Be Checked Side By Side . It Is Important To Transfer The Pattern On To A Muslin To Test The Fit , On Dress Form Or A Human Figure . Flat Pattern Cutting Is Now Widely Used Because Of Its Accuracy Of Sizing . It Is A System Of Creating Patterns By Manipulating A Basic Block . • The Basic Block Includes Ease Allowance Which Allows The Body The Body To Perform A Variety Of Normal Body Functions Requiring Movement Of Various Body Parts . • The Method Is Logical And Easy To Understand . • It Is Also The Fastest And Most Efficient Pattern Design Method Even For Complicated Designs .
  38. 38. BLOCK / SLOPER Sloper Is A Term Given To A Very Basic Set Of Pattern Pieces Used To Make Additional Pattern Of Any Style . It Refers To Paper Cutting Of Basic Bodice, Skirt , Sleeve Or Any Such Basic Pattern From Which All The Other Designs Developed .The Block Normally Represents The Dimension Of A Specific Form Or Figure . It Is Important That The Correct Block Is Chosen For The Design ; This Not Only Saves Time During Adaptation But Can Affect The Final Shape. One dart bodice front size 34 Basic bodice back size 34 Basic bodice back size 34 PATTERN MAKING Each Pattern Piece Will Have A Series Of Lines . Dots And Other Symbols Printed On It .These Symbols Are To Help You Alter The Pattern And Join The Pattern Pieces Together . The Symbols Are Universal Across All Major Paper Patterns. Cutting Line Multi Size Grain Line Seam Allowance Button Hole Button Position Dart Pleat Tuck Bust Point
  39. 39. FIGURE SHAPES THE wedge – upper body (bust and shoulders) is larger Chan lower body (hips). The triangle – lower body (hips)is larger than upper body (bust and shoulders) The rectangle – upper and lower body are of similar proportions. The hourglass – upper and lower body similar in proportion with a small , near waist . CHILD BASIC BLOCK A Bodice , Is An Article Of Clothing For Women , Covering The Body From The Neck To The Waist . A Bodice Indicates The Upper Part Of A Dress . This Construction Was Standard For Fashionable Garments From 18th Century Until The Late 19th Century . SCALE = ½ ‘’
  40. 40. WOMEN'S BODICE BLOCK A Bodice Is An Article Of Clothing For Women , Covering The Body From The Neck To The Waist . A Bodice Indicates The Upper Part Of A Dress . This Construction Was Standard For Fashionable Garments From 18th Century Until The Late 19th Century . SCALE = ½ ‘’ KAMEEZ Kurta Is A Upper Garment A Long Shirt Or Tunic Falling Above Or Somewhere Below The Knee. The Side Seam (Known As The Chaak ) Are Often Open Below The Waist Line . They Were Traditional Wear With Loose Salwar Or Pajama . Kurta Are Worn Both As Casual Everyday Wear . Variations Of Kurta Kalidar , Princess Panel Kurta ,A Line Kurta , Flared Kurta , Floor Length Kurta , Angrakha Kurta , Tulip Kurta , Flared Kurta , Floor Length Kurta , Kaftan Kurta , C-cut Kurta , Overlapping Kurta , Dogri Kurta Etc. SCALE = 1/4 ‘’
  41. 41. BASIC SKIRT BLOCK A Skirt Is A Tube Or Cone Shaped Draped Garment That Hangs From The Waist Or Hip ,And Fuller Below , With The Fullness Introduced By Means Of Darts , Gores , Pleats , Or Panels . The Hemline Of Skirt Can Very From Micro To Floor Length And Can Very According . SCALE = ½ ‘’ SAREE BLOUSE A Blouse Is A Upper Garment , Loose – Fitted Garment For Women And Children , Covering The Body From The Neck Or Shoulder More Or Less To The Waistline , With Or Without A Collar , Button And Sleeves . SCALE = ½ ‘’
  42. 42. NIGHT SUIT Top – The Top Is Made Up Of Front Opening With A Comfort Fitting And Is Loosely Fitted Garment For Night Wear . Pajama – The Children ‘ S Bodice Block Is The Slopper For All The Garments For Children ‘ S . SCALE = 1/5 ‘’ CHOLI BLOUSE Choli Blouse Is Cut To Fit Tightly To The Body And Has Short Sleeves And A Low Neck . The Choli Usually Cropped , Allowing Exposure Of The Navel The Cropped Design Is Particular Well Suited For Wear In The Hot Summers . Choli Blouse Is Variations Of Plain Blouse placket SCALE = ½ ‘’
  43. 43. A kali or kalidar kurta is similar to a frock and has many panels . The kalidar kurta is made up several geometrical pieces . It has two rectangular central in the back and the front . The kali kurta is worn by men and women . KALIDAR KURTA SCALE = ½ ‘’ OWN CREATIONS PRINCES PANAL KURTA PATIYALA SLWAR CHOLI KURTA FRONT BACK
  44. 44. DRAPING METHOD Draping Methods – Draping Method Is The Oldest Pattern Making Method And Is Generally Regarded As A Creative Approach . In This Method A Piece Of Fabric Is Draped Directly On A Dummy / Dress From And Made To Fit To Achieve The Desired Look Or Shape . The Fabric May Be Arranged Artistically In Folds For A Specific Design . This Muslin Pattern Is Then Transferred On The Paper , And Corrections Are Made , If Any , And Then The Same Are Converted Into A Final Pattern .
  45. 45. After Doing A Study On How People Accepted Fashion In The Past And How Fashion Evolved I Studied About The Garment Technology Because For Creating Any Design Creation Just Ideas Will Not Be Sufficient . I Will Have To Pay Attention To The Various Other Points Like The Garment Costing , Pattern Cuttings Trimmings , Fusing , Pressing And Quality Check Of The Garments . In This Regard I Had A In- depth Study Of The Same In The Subject Garment Technology Before Developing A Collection . I Showcases Here In The Following Pages . GARMENT TECHNOLOGY
  47. 47. COLLECTION As A Student Of 2nd Year Fashion Design . I Am Supposed To Design A Collection For My Year End Portfolio Submission To The Industry . This Portfolio Showcased My Skill Sets Which I Am Presenting To The Fashion Design Industry . I Request The Industry Professionals To Make My Selection To The Industry Based On The Skills . I Showcases Here In The Following Pages . To Make My Portfolio The College Has Provided Is With A Case Study Which Is Under .
  48. 48. What is collection A Collection Is A Range Of Garments , Accessories Or Products That Are Designed And Produced For Sale To Retailers Or Direct To Customers . This Range Of Pieces May Be Inspired By A Trend , Theme Or Design Direction Reflecting Cultural And Social Influences , And It Is Usually Designed For A Season Or Particular Occasion . A Collection Is A Grouping Of Outfits Or Looks That Are Presented In A Variety Of Ways , From Catwalk Presentations To Online Web Pages. Collections Are Usually Constructed From A Combination Of Silhouette's , Colors And Fabrics With The Emphasis Varying Depending On The Designer’s Particular Aesthetic.
  49. 49. Collection and Their influence It is possible to group or identify common themes in fashion , those which influence the creative process in developing a collection , or how we choose to wear clothes . Recurring influence include traditional costume , active sports , work wear , the military , politics and futurism . Each new collection can explore a subtle redefinition of these recurring influences through the use of color , fabrics , proportion and juxtaposition . Many designers establish successful brands based on a visual identity that celebrates a particular theme.  CONCEPTUAL INFLUENCES  FORM AND FUNCTION  WORKWEAR  SPORTS WEAR  FUTURISTIC INFLUENCES  GLOBAL INFLUENCES  POLITICAL INFLUENCES  ARCHIVISM
  50. 50. Conceptual influences The origins of contemporary , conceptual fashion may well be credited to the Japanese designers rei kawakuboo, yohji yamamoto and issey miyake . For decades,these designers have been producing the most intriguing , provocative fashion by creating new ways of cutting and constructing . Conceptual collections are often beautiful , timeless agekess and dislocated from most visual narratives ; however , they can also be to challenging , abstract or unrelenting in identity , diminishing their influence on fashion trends. DESIGNERS • Rei kawkuboo • Yohji yamamoto • Issey miyake • Hussein chlayan • Helmut lang • Joil sander
  51. 51. FORM AND FUNCTION Functional garments , such as military wear expedition clothing , have long influenced fashion designers . Menswear in particular continues to reference iconic military garments , workwear and utility clothing , being updated in fabric , color and details. Military clothing has informed fashion partly due to the performance and ergonomic considerations of the wearer’s activities and environment , as its over look DESIGNERS ROBORT CARY – WILLIAMS CALVINN KLEIN
  52. 52. WORKWEAR The Origin for This Source And an Aesthetic Is Arguably Levi Struss, Who In The Late 1800s Created The First Work Overalls Using Twill Cotton From Nimes , In France . This Twill Cotton – Denim Has Since Been Popularized By Nearly Every Known Designer And An Infinite Number Of Manufacturers Across The World . In Music , A Film , Politics , Youth Culture And High – End Fashion , Denim Is Used As A Basis Upon Which Unlimited Fashion Stories Can Be Created . The Cloth ‘S Traditional Construction Details Can Be Reworked With Endless Possibilities : It Is Ageless , Global And Accessible To Every Social Group . When Asked If Their Was A Garment He Whished He Had Created , Yves Saint Laurent Answered ‘ The Blur Jean’. BRANDS • LEVI STRUSS • MONTRY CARLO • LEE COOPER
  53. 53. SPORTSWEAR In The Early 1980s American Designer Norma Kamali Launched A Fashion Business Celebrating The Use Of Tradition Sweat Shirting As A Fashion Fabric . This Proved Successful At A Time When Exercise And Healthier Lifestyles Were Beginning To Dictated A New Style Of Clothing . Companies Have Been Swift To Collaborate With A Number Of Fashion And Product Designers To Raise Consumer’s Awareness Of Sportswear As A Credible , Lifestyle Fashion Atatement . For Example, Sportswear Brand Puma Has Collaborated With Designers Such As Alexander Mcqueen .Fred Perry Has Worked With Comme Des Garcons In Refreshing The Iconic Sports Polo Shirt And Adidas Has Successfully Created Y3 With Yohji Yamaoto , To Include Full Catwalk Presentation Of This Sports Wear And Fashion Fusion. DESIGNERS • NORMA KAMALI • YOHJI YAMAMOTO • ALEXANDER MCQUCEEN
  54. 54. FUTURISTIC INFLUENCES The Us Designer Geoffrey Beene Is Regarded As A Futurist : In The Late 1990s He Decided To No Longer Use Historical Referances On The Basis That Too Many Designers Over-depend On Them, Restricting Their Development As Innovative Designers. He Was Responsible For Redefining Modern Womenswear As We Know It Today. In The 1950s And 1960s French Designer Pierre Cardin , Alomg With His Contemporaries Andre’ Courre’ges And Paco Rabanne , Designed Futuristic Space- Age Fashion , Which Referenced Science Fiction Rather Than Historical And Traditional Sources. DESIGNERS • GEOFFERY BEENE • PIERRE CARDIN • ANDRE’ COURRE’GES
  55. 55. HOW GLOBAL INFLUENCE Since 1960s International Travel Has Become Affordable And Accessible To The Majority Of The Developed World . This Has Greatly Influenced Our Knowledge; How We Can Furnish Our Homes; Choice In The Foods We Eat ; And How We Dress.Ever Since Yves Saint Laurent First Showedthe Moroccan Jellabah In The 1970s Designers And Fashion Consumers Have Understood The Value And Attraction Of Exotic, Unsual Garments, Fabrics And Accessories . DESIGNERS • YVES SAINT LAURENT
  56. 56. POLITICAL INFLUENCES Fashion Reflects Society And Designers Will Oftenreference Political Changes In Their Collections . Messages Through The Cloyhes That We Wear Can Be Subversive Or Can Be A Bold Statement To Creat A Reaction . Kathrine Hammett Famously Did This When She Invented The Slogan T-shirt In The 1980s. DESIGNERS • KATHARINE HAMETT • JEREMY SCOTT • ALEXENDER MCQUEEN • JEAN CHARLES
  57. 57. ARCHIVISM In A Fashion Context , Arcivism Refers To The Way In Which Designers Look Back To Previous Collections For Inspiration . In Particular , The Original Aesthetic Of A Well – Established Label May Be Revisited Decades Later , With Collections Refencing The Same Design Influences And Detailing. These Fashion Sources Fluctuate In Importance And Influence Due To Trend Directions And Fashion’s Ever – Changing Aesthetics. Many Designers Change Direction From Season To Season Or Combine Additional Source Materials And Influences To Refresh Their Signatures Or Styles. DESIGNERS • KARL LAGERFELD • EMILIO PUCCI
  59. 59. LOGO
  60. 60. WHAT IS STRING ART ? The inspiration for my collection is string art . String art or pin and thread art is characterized by an arrangement of colored thread string between points to form geometric pattern or representational design .
  61. 61. INSPIRATION STRING ART As I was so much fascinated with string art used by various artists, I have taken this art onto the dress . Before this I have learnt seen anyone taking this decorating art onto the surface of a dress . Their structure inspired me the most. I have taken this art relating the problems the we face in our lives for example: its structure which we can related with the life problems and its pattern too, shows that one can also be happy with so many problems in life we just have to deal with it. This art depicts the present life which has many problems but with patience we can solve them and can live a happy life .if we all fights with these problems , we all become more strong and successful in our life .
  62. 62. RESEARCH
  65. 65. MOOD BOARD
  67. 67. PROTOTYPE
  70. 70. FINAL DRESS Design - 1 In this design I have taken yellow color which express the life , giving sun activity and contrast motion.
  72. 72. SPESIFICATION SHEET Inspiration - String Art Concept - Conceptual INFULENCE Technique - Embroidery Material - Cotton Silk , Fusible (Buckram) Before Design I Pay Attention To Elements And Principle Of Design . I Play With Threads And Try To Create A Happiness With The Help Of The Art Of String Art.
  73. 73. Concept = String Art Color = Rainbow Technique= Embroidery Fabric = Cotton Lining = Bukram DESIGN-2 In this design I have used colorful threads that shows the different color of life.
  74. 74. PROJECT • Fashion show dress (doodling) • Identity exhibition (cut work dress)
  75. 75. Traditional Indian skirt THE KALEIDOSCOPE
  76. 76. PAPER DRESSIdentity exhibition Working pictures
  77. 77. CUT WORK DRESS Working pictures
  78. 78. INDUSTRIAL VISIT • Bagru • Khadi survey
  79. 79. VISIT Bagru
  81. 81. OTHER ACTIVITIES • Identity exhibition • Annual function • Cycling etc.
  83. 83. By Sangeeta Chouhan 2 Year Diploma In Fashion Design Confirming to NSQF Level 6 OF NSDC Dezyne E’cole College THANK YOU FOR WATCHING