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Neha Assudani B.Sc.Interior Design ( Building Construction Assignment)


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This is the Work Compiled by the Student of B.Sc.-Interior Design of Dezyne E'cole College.
Neha Assudani
B.Sc. Interior Design

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Neha Assudani B.Sc.Interior Design ( Building Construction Assignment)

  1. 1. INTERIOR DESIGN Building Construction Submitted to Submitted By Dezyne E’cole College,Ajmer Neha Assudani B.Sc-Interior Design II sem
  2. 2. NTERIORI Building Construction Ground Floor Topic:- Components Of a BuildingRoof Wall Railing Terrace Stairs Plinth Foundation Door WindowFloor Building Finishes Building Services Ceiling PillarsFirst Floor
  3. 3. NTERIORI Building Construction Topic:- Components of Building8 3 2 1 6 6 5 910 4 Definitions:- 1.Foundation:- Foundation is the lowest part of a structure below the ground level which is in direct contact with the ground and transmits all the dead, live and other loads to the soil on which the structure rests. 2.Plinth:- The portion of the building between the ground surrounding the building and the top of the floor immediately above the ground is known as plinth. 3.Walls:- Walls are provided to enclose or divide the floor space in desired pattern. Walls provide privacy, security and give protection against sun, rain, cold and other adverse effects of weather. 4.Column:- It may be defined as an isolated vertical load bearing member the width of which is neither less than its thickness nor more than four times its thickness. 5. Floor:- floors are flat supporting elements of a building. They divide a building into deferent levels thereby creating more accommodation on a given plot of land. 6.Doors, Windows & Ventilators:- doors and windows are the openings left in the wall. Doors are given for the means of access to a building, room or passage and windows are given for the purpose of receiving daylight, ventilation and view. 7.Stair:- Stair is a structure comprising of a number of steps connecting one floor to another. 8.Roof:- It is the uppermost component of a building and its main function is to cover the space below and protect it from rain, snow, sun, wind. 9.Building Finishes:- A building is considered incomplete till such time the surface of its component is given appropriate treatment. Building finishes include plastering, pointing, white/color washing, painting, varnishing, distempering. The building finishes not only protect the surface from adverse effect of weather but also provide decorative effect. 10.Building Services:- Building services include services like water supply, drainage, sanitation, lighting, electricity, acoustics, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire detection and fire control. 7