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How to get more facebook likes


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A presentation on
1.How to get real likes
2.How to get fake likes
"The websites providing fake likes are mentioned"

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How to get more facebook likes

  1. 1. How to increase
  2. 2. Created By: Vinit Shahdeo
  3. 3. ©vinitshahdeo
  4. 4. Everyone wants more & more on their fb profile pic… 1000 likes on your pic will make you feel awesome ©vinitshahdeo
  5. 5. It feels amazing to be liked ©vinitshahdeo
  6. 6. There are many people those are looking for getting Likes and comments for their Status, Profile picture, images, Pages etc. I know some people personally those are begging to like their status and pics through personal chat. So, I am sharing some tips & tricks to get good amount of Likes for your Facebook Pages, Profile Pictures, Status etc. ©vinitshahdeo
  7. 7. You can either get REAL Likes or FAKE Likes ©vinitshahdeo
  8. 8. REAL FAKE ©vinitshahdeo
  9. 9. Real ©vinitshahdeo
  10. 10. Tagging and Re-Tagging Method Tagging is an awesome way for receiving natural likes. Tagging is possible if you upload a picture or when you change your profile picture. Currently Facebook allows Maximum 50 tags which is quite easy to make like floods. You may loose like of your best friend because if he fail to discover when you add a new pic. This can be solved by tagging him in your picture. While tagging, your pic will be on the timeline of victim and visible in his notifications. Even if others comment or like that pic, he will be notified easily and continuously. Finally he surely like that pic. When uploading a new image tag upto 50 and after one or two days remove tagging and tag another 50. Continue this process until you finish tagging your complete friends. If you have 1000 Friends, you will definitely get more than 500 Likes. ©vinitshahdeo
  11. 11. What if I don’t like tagging? If you don’t like tagging all your friends on a single image, there is an alternative method. Recalling the status. It means, in Facebook, if you like or comment anything, it will show as a notification for your friends. That means, while you upload a photo or change your profile picture, it will be notified to your friends. Similarly if you make a comment, it will be also visible. After changing status, pictures, never forget your change. Reply to those had made a comment. Also at end of day unlike you status/pics and re-like yourself. Your every action will notified to your friends and they will like it. ©vinitshahdeo
  12. 12. FAKE ©vinitshahdeo
  13. 13. Now lets talk about some brutal ways for getting Forced Likes from others all over the world. I am going to talk about some websites that full fill your needs. Likes from addmefast Likes from Auto likers Like Exchanging websites Like selling websites ©vinitshahdeo
  14. 14. addmefast In this site, you have to create an account and you to gain points. These points will be converted into Facebook likes to the picture, which link you have posted there for increase a good amount of like. You can gain points either by liking other's posts or paying some amount using your credit card. It has features like buying likes. ©vinitshahdeo
  15. 15. You can get instant 250+ likes per submit by using your access token. Just go to the - login and follow the steps. Paste the link to your post their to access token. Before this you have to change your privacy settings to public. ©vinitshahdeo
  16. 16. This site is also similar to the site mentioned above. You may use this to increase likes to your posts. Like4like you can use this site also for getting fake likes on your statuses, profile pictures ,photos, pages etc. ©vinitshahdeo
  17. 17. WARNING:- Don't use Autolikers with your real fb account. just create a fake account and use autolikers to like your real pages status, profile pictures etc. It is because sharing access tokens of Facebook is like sharing your password. So be Careful!!!
  18. 18. For more, Visit my blog: © Vinit Shahdeo
  19. 19. Vinit Shahdeo Visit my Facebook Profile:©vinitshahdeo
  20. 20. Vinit©vinitshahdeo
  21. 21. Thank You ©vinitshahdeo