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Door in the face


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Learn more about the door in the face technique, which is a great persuasion technique. Youcan learn more at

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Door in the face

  1. 1. Door in the face The bold way to gain compliance
  2. 2. • Here is a negotiation tactic that consists in presenting an unreasonable offer first, paving the way to a more reasonable offer. Door-in-the- face works a lot better when the two offers are linked so that the second offer is a diluted version of the first one.
  3. 3. • This technique enables the other person to reduce the guilt of refusal. Door in the face works best with acquaintances, as the guilt of refusal might be higher.
  4. 4. Examples: • Would you donate to our noble cause to save baby seals? No? Then would you sign our petition? • Could you get the assignment done by tomorrow, tuesday? No? What about Friday? • Are you interested in this state of the art plasma TV with 3D capability at $2399? How about this $500 HD TV which is a just tad smaller ?
  5. 5. • Can you find other clever ways to use that technique? • Visit for marketing and persuasion techniques with comics