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Granny's Courtyard (Residential Camp for 6 to 11yrs and 12 to 16yrs)
Granny's Courtyard is a unique theme based winter and summer camp which revolves around Granny - the quintessential Grandmother of old. Granny's Courtyard is a step towards making the younger generation understands the value of the elderly parents in their life. It provides a rustic atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This camp provides children with a home away from home where they can make new friends and uncover hidden potential. The activities include exposure to a variety of art forms including folk art, planting their very own vegetable garden, workshops in Theatre, Music, and Dance etc, Trekking and Hiking tips and amazing games. Children are encouraged to think on their own, make friends and apply their creativity to their individual projects. An evening bonfire and story time helps them bond with other participants and most importantly their grandparents. Participants spend a day long with their grandparents and explore the Activities in a relaxed and fun filled way.

Date: May 31st to June 5th, 2010
Venue: Gurgaon & Delhi, UAS Centers for Registration
Camp Venue: Global Art Village, Ghittorni, Gurgaon Meharulli Road.
Rs. 5000 for a week module (Non- residential Camp)
Rs. 8000 for a month module (Residential Camp)

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Grannys Courtyard Uas 2010

  1. 1. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp It was a time when the fairytales came alive, the gardens were brimming with activity, the grass yonder looking around with a green dew lens, and to add to it all, a flower that is hardly a day old trying to look at its creators playing and learning under the shade and care of the mighty tree umbrellas. Little shades of innocence could be found everywhere, in the tip-tap thumping of the ground during the dance sessions, a solitary thatch roof that was framed up right where it could meet the visitor’s eye, pots of varied shapes, sizes and colors adorning the sidewalk, hand-crafted masks which try to hide and display a plethora of emotions at the same time. To say that all of this did happen would let anyone surmise that it must be a story from wonderland, but for the children, if truth be told, it was just a day in the Granny’s Courtyard.
  2. 2. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp <ul><li>Silent Inspiration for Camp Theme: </li></ul><ul><li>Unique theme based Art Camp: Holistic and Fun Filled experiential learning </li></ul><ul><li>Build understanding and respect amongst younger lot for older generation (their grandparents) </li></ul><ul><li>Learning with live projects in folk and natural Setup </li></ul><ul><li>Design a camp on Indian Context and Culture </li></ul><ul><li>Creative development of the participants in their own innovative ways </li></ul><ul><li>Ingrain the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie in young minds </li></ul><ul><li>Get back the smiles , screams , laughs and giggles of fun for participants </li></ul>
  3. 3. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp A Complete Camp Experience
  4. 4. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp Our day starts with a glass of milk, That everybody hates to drink I bathe, I comb, I dress, I eat, Then I run towards the street I play cricket, I hide, I seek, I catch a butterfly I sleep on sand, I lie on grass, I watch a train go by . I squeeze a leaf, I grind a flower, I break open a fruit The colours that I use to paint Are from the nature's root Half the colour makes my art, The other half is on my shirt Granny cleans up all the mess Yet she praises my effort I play in mud, I climb a tree, I learn to catch a fish As long as I am safe and snug, I can do all I wish My life here is full of fun Colours so rich and bright After the tiring, fun-filled day There are stories at the night. Stories of animals and birds, And those of queens and kings Stories of the stars above She tells us everything She makes me laugh, she laughs with me And she plays with us all She wipes our tears when we cry , And lifts us when we fall Grandma is the greatest, Her courtyard is the best Granny is like my mama, I'm the birdie in her nest Fun Theatre Health & Granny Story Telling Clay & Pottery Dance and Music Fungama Scarecrow, Puppet, Masks Farming & tips Bonfire & Drum Circle Fun & Food
  5. 5. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp Day Plan 6:00 am- wake-up and freshen up time. 7:00 am- Rejuvenate/ nature walk/ health and granny 8:00 am- Breakfast time 9:00 am- physical outdoor activities 12:00 pm- lunch served 1:00 pm- Free time (ice Breakers) 2:00 pm- Theatre Sessions and performing arts 3:30 pm- Fine arts 5:30 pm- Snack Time 6:00pm- Bon fire activities 8:00 pm- Dinner/ Story Telling 8:30 pm- letter writing 9:00pm- sleep time/ movie time 6 Days Residential Camp Age: Group A: 6 to 10yrs Group B: 11yrs to 16yrs
  6. 6. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp How can I communicate with my kid? Parents can send email, faxes, and letters to their children. Part of the camping program requires children to write letters to their parents everyday, which will be delivered to you. Phone calls are discouraged. However, if a parent calls we can arrange for them to speak to their child. Parents may visit at any time. There is no designated visiting day. The whole idea of GC is to give campers a little time away from city life, with no disturbance from computers, Phone calls, TV, and video games
  7. 7. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp What's the food like? Delicious meals, served buffet style, Courtyard picnic tables, Varied options, hygienic, healthy, fruits all time severed, salad. expect parents to provide us with the dietary details, Our own dietician. Where will my child be sleeping? Beds are indoor comfortable AC & Non AC) arrangements, 24hr electricity, and mosquito screens, larger cabins have 1 counsellors and 5 -10 campers. toilets, and individual shower stalls. Boys and girls have separate cabins and bathrooms, but all activities are co-ed. How is Granny's courtyard different from other summer Camps? Our staff understands that a child first needs to feel secure before they will explore and try new things. Granny's Courtyard's non-regimented sessions foster independence and give campers the responsibility of choosing all their own activities. Through daily interaction with fellow campers and staff, children learn to problem solve and help others. Camp gives them a true sense of who they are and how they can contribute to the community around them. Tell us about your counsellors? All our counsellors have previous experience working with children. They range in ages from 18 to 35 and the average age is 25. The camp director personally interviews each staff member. We also check references by phone and perform a criminal background check and they have sound skill and knowledge in the various activities
  8. 8. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp Who Are We ?
  9. 9. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp
  10. 10. The Granny’s Courtyard: A Theme Based Camp Call: 09650201114 Mail: [email_address] Website: CONTRIBUTION per Participant: Residential (6days) Rs 8000 Only Inclusive of AC lodging, meals, workshop charges and materials & Merchandise for camp Non- Residential ( 6 days) Rs 5000/- Inclusive of meals, workshop charges and materials & Merchandise for camp ( You can also choose to attend just one day or two days Rs. 1500/- per day. ) TENTATIVE DATES: 31 st to 5 th June, 2010 VENUE: Global Arts Village (Zorba, the Buddha) Tropical drive, Ghittorni Mehrauli Gurgaon rd New Delhi 110030