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Start the f **k up


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Have you been thinking of kick starting your own business/ start up for quite some time. Here are some ideas to convert your thought process into an action plan. So would you stop thinking and start the f**k up

Start the f **k up

  1. Start the f**k up
  2. Its been long since you first thought you will kick start your business one day
  3. But you haven’t made much progress yet. Have you?
  4. Lets think about it. What stands between you and that idea you have always wanted to own and execute?
  5. Honestly it has to be this silly little thing called ...
  6. Uncertainty
  7. Uncertainty Fear Insecurity Inaction Leads to Leads to Leads to
  8. Can I do something to combat this?
  9. Off course you can dumbass!
  10. How do you counter uncertainty? With ..
  11. Clarity
  12. Clarity Plan Confidence Action! Leads to Leads to Leads to
  13. Awesome! So where do I start?
  14. Start by putting it down on a paper! (or OneNote or Evernote or whatever)
  15. Just let out a big raw heap of your thought process, concerns, USP, direct/indirect competitors, product design, sales process, blah blah blah on a blank sheet
  16. Search the internet, read reports, browse competitor’s website, if possible try out their service and keep writing things down for 1 week
  17. Once you have connected a bunch of ideas and value propositions, its time to carve out three essential building blocks of your plan from this thought graph.
  18. ● A pitch deck explaining your idea ● Basic financial plan for your business ● Basic financial plan for yourself
  19. The pitch deck
  20. But wait, shouldn’t I just jump in to code or build a prototype and launch the damn thing!
  21. Sure, you could. If : a. It only takes a few hours to build out the product b. You just want to put it out there, spread the word within your friends and active communities and hope to get lucky
  22. But if you want to methodically build a business, then your top priorities right now might be as follows
  23. ● Refine the pitch and idea ● Find a co-founder or hire the first employee ● Excite and convince your friends to join you ● Figure out what the MVP would look like ● Raise funds, if required (I am a fan of bootstrapping)
  24. So shortlist a bunch of your smart friends and colleagues and prepare a hiring pitch which includes
  25. ● Problem you are trying to solve ● How much impact (or money) could it potentially make ● What skill sets do you need on your team to move full throttle ● What do your team members stand to gain
  26. Practice to tell your story with a lot of conviction. Why do you feel motivated to solve this problem? Why have you chosen this fellow in particular to join you? Make it personal.
  27. Word of warning: You are probably going to sound stupid the first few times you articulate your idea (atleast I do), so chose your audience carefully
  28. Financial plan for Business
  29. Hey, I am still digesting the ideas from previous slides!
  30. Alright then! I will cover the rest in a follow up presentation. You can follow me on Slideshare to get the update
  31. Or get in touch via Twitter (@vineet_markan) / LinkedIn (/in/vineetmarkan)
  32. Go ahead do something amazing! And dont forget to hit the Like button