Vinculum Coe Wirless 30 June


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Vinculum Center of Excellence offers services for Application development on Various Platforms.

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Vinculum Coe Wirless 30 June

  1. 1. Vinculum  Center of Excellence  Mobility Service
  2. 2. Our Service Offerings Consulting Implementation • Business Blueprinting • Vanilla Implementations • Business Process Re-Design • Configurations & • Due-Diligence & Customizations Assessment Study • Legacy Integration • Health Checks • Data Migration • Performance Audits Migration Professional Services • Version Upgrade • Product Engineering • Cross Platform Migration • IPs • Cross Product Migration • Enhancements • Data Assessment & • Automated Testing Migration Support & Maintenance Administration • Application Support & • Database Administration Maintenance • Application Administration • OS/ Server Administration
  3. 3. Vinculum’s Center of Excellence Mobility Services  Vinculum Specializes in Mobile Application Development and testing across various mobile platforms mainly  Google ‘s Android  Apple iPhone OS X 2.0 SDK  J2ME  RIM’s Blackberry  Symbian C++ SDK ( BREW)  Windows Mobile  Through Our Wireless Center of Excellence, we deliver  Direct 2 consumer applications  Consumer and enterprise mobility application to help mobile operator, ISV’s and Mobile Manufacturers, add offering and extend services to mobile phone
  4. 4. Mobile Platform Expertise  Application development using J2ME CLDC  UI design for different handsets using J2ME Midlets  Porting of application layer to different devices including touch screen devices  Framework based application development to improve performance in embedded environment.  Application development using all J2ME JSRs and third party SDKs  Application development using BREW  Applications based on Bluetooth, PIM, Messaging, Media etc.  Multilingual Support (Unicode Base 16/32)  Expertise in GIS Application on Mobile  Mobile Gaming
  5. 5. Mobile Platform Expertise  Webservices, SOAP,  Authentication using JAAS, LDAP and JNDI  SMS based server to client notification  Expertise on different web servers and application servers like – Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Sun Application server, WebSphere etc.  Widgets Development  Mashup Integration  Twitter/ Facebook integration
  6. 6. Tools Expertise  Eclipse  Netbeans  Wireless Tool Kit/Emulator  Nokia SDK ( BREW and J2ME)  Ethereal  Now SMS/MMS Gateway  J2MEUnit  Nokia DRM Content Manager  Anite GSM/GPRS Simulator  GEMPLUS SIM Tool Kit  GEMPLUS SIM Simulator
  7. 7. Vinculum’s Center of Excellence Mobility Services Mandate  Develop Differentiated mobility solutions and services  Build deeper capabilities on a continuous basis  Improve processes, methodologies and techniques  Promotes Technology innovations, including creating reusable components and solution accelerators  Create proof-of-concepts (POC) and rapid prototypes  Closely tracking technology and evaluating current and emerging technologies
  8. 8. Vinculum’s Center of “Excellence Mobility Services “ Service Offerings  Application Development  End 2 End mobile application development for B2E, B2C  Professional application development on Symbian/C++, S60 and UIQ platforms  Application development on , Embedded Linux , Microsoft Pocket PC /Windows and Mobile J2ME  Extensive experience in optimizing applications and thus effectively utilizing the resources on the mobile devices  Application Porting  Porting mobile client applications to Symbian C++ /J2ME/ Embedded Linux / Windows Mobile applications  Optimum utilization of the system resources on the mobile devices  Integration  Integration of mobile applications with backend systems  Integration with third-party software components  Consulting  End-to-end consulting services for the mobile solution deployments based on the requirements of enterprises  Recommendation of suitable architecture for the solution  Recommendation of suitable hardware and software
  9. 9. Java Technology Platform Expertise
  10. 10. Mobile Technology Expertise
  11. 11. Mobile J2ME competency Success Stories
  12. 12. Mobile Banking Application (1/3) Client is today’s pre-eminent financial services company, with around 200 million customer accounts in more than 100 countries. Challenge: Design an innovative and rugged application to address the banking needs of HNWI customers on the move. Framework based architecture with reusable components Thick client approach Code security, Data security on the device and over the air are taken care Effective utilization of the soft keys in Nokia communicator phones Performance improvement using UI framework Printing the account summary using Bluetooth Ability to use banking application even when no GPRS. Automatic synchronization of offline data with server when network is available
  13. 13. Mobile Banking Application (2/3)  Screenshots
  14. 14. Mobile Banking Application (3/3) Technical Details: CDC – Personal profile based J2ME application Designed to run on Nokia communicator series Bouncy Castle cryptography API for encryption/Decryption JNI to access Symbian API Bluetooth (JSR 82) for printer communication Apache web server with JSP pages XML for server and mobile client communication Components for Logging and Code protection Framework for UI development Tools – Nokia emulator, J2ME WTK, ant, Apache, NetBeans Vinculum Value Add for this Project:  UI design by HID team of Vinculum Requirements understanding from the existing Internet based application Interfaced with the other technical partner of the customer Technology comparison study done for the customer POC to exhibit the feasibility Interacted with Nokia technical team on behalf of the customer
  15. 15. Case Study – Mobio Networks Company Overview Vinculum Value Add Mobio Networks Inc. is a privately held company. Client Server Based Mobile Products Mobio’s mission is to enable the creation of an developed, ported& tested include: entirely new archetype of information-rich mobile  Restaurant Finder (Smart Phones as well as content. Mobio applications leverage web services on Java Enabled phones) and the most recent advances in service-oriented  Movie Finder (Successfully launched with Universal Studio) architecture to deliver just these “tasty bits” of the web. The company was founded in Menlo Park,  Flight Finder California in 2005 and to-date has raised $9M from  Open Table (Extension of Restaurant Finder) investors including InterWest Partners and Storm  Cricket Live Ventures.  Cricket Fantasy  Content Applications (Hot& Spicy, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Bollywood Buzz and Astrology) Project Objectives  Team Size : 9 (Throughout the various project • Build end to end Client Server Based Mobile phases) products for Mobio Networks. • Provide one stop solution to Mobio Networks for Technology Overview requirement elicitation, requirement Analysis, Windows Mobile 2003 SDK designing, development, porting and testing. J2ME with MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 JDK1.5.0 JBOSS 4.0.2 Solution BPEL1.x • Vinculum team skilled in scalable, high performance Apache 2.0 solutions using J2ME, Windows Mobile and mobio’s X-Forms propriety platforms (which is based on X-Forms).
  16. 16. Case Study – TCS Company Overview Vinculum Value Add TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (Nasdaq:  Product Development (for products such TSYS) is a leading provider of mission critical as StreetFinder, Traffic and Navigator) wireless data solutions to carriers, enterprise and across different mobile platforms government customers. TCS' wireless data offerings including Windows Mobile, RIM and include location-based Enhanced 9-1-1 services, BREW and messaging and location service infrastructure  Timely Delivery of Device Ports for for wireless operators, real-time market data and various products across different mobile alerts to financial institutions, mobile asset platforms including J2ME, Windows management, mobile Point Of Interest Applications, Mobile, RIM and BREW, WAP etc. Map based applications and mobile office solutions  Enhancements to the existing products for enterprises, and encrypted satellite  Team Size : 30 (Throughout the various communications to government customers. project phases across Noida and Project Objectives Nagpur) • To provide development/platform migration services for various Client Server based mobile applications Technology Overview including Street Finder, Traffic etc. in J2ME, BREW, J2ME RIM, WAP and Windows Mobile Java/J2EE • To support device ports for various carriers including Sprint, Verizon and Cingular BREW Solution WAP Vinculum team skilled in scalable, high performance Windows Mobile solutions using J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile, RIM RIM has successfully completed the development/porting and testing of various TCS products.
  17. 17. Case Study – dotPhoto (Kodak Application) Company Overview Vinculum Value Add dotPhoto has been at the forefront of the digital camera and cellular phone revolutions. Founded in  Timely Delivery of Device Ports 1999 as PhotosByNet, its first incarnation was a simple web site for securely storing and sharing  Enhancements to the existing products digital photos via the Internet. From their earliest by fixing inherent issues and adding days, the founders aim was nothing less than to new features like native contact list transform the way “personal memories” were cared access. for, shared and preserved.  Team Size : 4 Project Objective • Porting and testing of “Kodak” application (Client Server based photo sharing application) on various J2ME devices. • Heavily network based application having high Technology Overview performance requirement hence Intensive Memory optimization.  J2ME Solution Vinculum team skilled in scalable, high performance solutions using J2ME has successfully completed the porting and testing of this mobile application.
  18. 18. dotPhoto (Kodak Application)
  19. 19. Case Study – mPortal Company Overview Vinculum Value Add mPortal Inc, founded in 2000, enables mobile content and applications for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile  On time completion of the complete life Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Content Providers and cycle activities with topmost level of quality Enterprises. mPortal's products and services assist its of deliverables. customers to create, launch, manage, and monetize mobile  Successful and hasselfree integration with content and applications across multiple mobile devices and server applictaion networks. mPortal has offices in the US and India and serves a variety of global customers including Alltel, AOL, Disney  Team Size : 12 (Throughout the various project phases) Mobile, ESPN Mobile, Reliance Infocomm, TV Guide, Verizon Wireless, and Xerox. Project Objectives • Address Book Sync – Hawaiian Telcom wants to enable wireless subscribers to synchronize their handset address book with their CallWave address book. Technology Overview • Visual Voicemail – Hawaiian Telcom wants to enable  J2ME with MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 subscribers to access and maintain voice mail information on JDK1.5.0 Eclipse 3.0 their handsets without having to dial into the carrier’s voicemail UML Diagrammer system. Visio 2003 Solution JSR 118, 205, 120, 75, 135. Vinculum team skilled in scalable, high performance solutions using J2ME has successfully completed the end to end development, and testing of this mobile application.
  20. 20. Case Study – Cellfire Company Overview Vinculum Value Add Cellfire, Inc. offers coupons from popular retailers including Hollywood Video, Hardee's, Omaha Steaks,  In-time completion of Platform Port T.G.I. Friday's,, and more on of Cellfire Coupon redemption mobile devices. system in J2ME to BREW, Windows Mobile and RIM Platforms Project Objectives  Timely Delivery of various device • To build a Client Server based Coupon Redemption Ports across various mobile platforms including BREW, Windows product in BREW, Windows Mobile and RIM (from Mobile and RIM existing J2ME product) that will enable end user to avail amazing coupon based offers from food and  Team Size : 25 (Throughout the entertainment to retail shopping and more, through various project phases) cell phone • Once the product is built in BREW, RIM and Windows Mobile, port this product on various devices Technology Overview  BREW  Windows Mobile Solution  RIM Vinculum team skilled in scalable, high performance solutions using BREW, Windows Mobile and RIM has successfully completed the development, porting and testing of this mobile application.
  21. 21. Why Vinculum  Onsite-offshore model  Flexible pricing structure  Quality focused company  Deep domain expertise  Process Oriented organization
  22. 22. Vinculum Geo Presence
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