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Greener Thanksgiving


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Happy Thanksgiving from Bear Rock Electric! Looking to have a fantastic time with you family AND reduce your the amount of energy it will take to do so? Here are our tips for a Greener Thanksgiving!

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Greener Thanksgiving

  1. 1. Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving Besides an abundance of friends and family, Thanksgiving can also bring about a larger than usual mark on your energy usage. This year, follow these tips to help reduce the cost along the way to having a memorable holiday. Use glass cookware. This will allow you to turn off the oven earlier, as the heated glass will continue to cook. Match the size of the pan to the burner when using the cook top. A six-inch pan on an eight-inch burner will waste more than 40% of the energy. Use the oven light to check on the cooking progress. Each time the oven door is opened it can lose up to 20 percent of the heat which increases cooking time and wastes energy. Cook several items at once and make sure to leave at least two inches between pans so heat can circulate. When possible, use appliances besides the oven to prepare food: Cost Per Hour of Use (in cents) Don’t do all of the work alone: Will Your Guests Bring Something? 33 Yes 20% 24 11 13 15 No 15% Yes If Asked 65% Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at