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The Basic Anatomy of any Corporate Mentorship Program


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Learn the 4 basic elements of all types of mentorship programs. Then take a quiz that helps you build the perfect corporate mentorship program for your organization.

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The Basic Anatomy of any Corporate Mentorship Program

  1. 1. At a basic level, four components combine to define any mentorship program. It’s important to build a program that fits your organization. BUILD THE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU
  2. 2. Participants are either mentors or mentees. Roles may static or shifting. Executives, supervisors, peers, employees and interns are all examples of potential participants. PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS
  3. 3. Programs can be informal and unstructured where participants define the the scope of the relationship. Program can also be formal where relationships, context, content, time frame and goals are defined by program facilitators. STYLE
  4. 4. Deep relationships between participants Great when mentees outweigh mentors Expose participants to a variety of views 1-to-1 FORMAT 1-to-MANY MANY-to-MANY Your program format should take into consideration the number of potential mentors, mentees and program goals.
  5. 5. PURPOSE
  6. 6. PURPOSE
  7. 7. Discover the perfect mentorship program for your organization CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW