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Vincent PRETET
Bordeaux, France
Continued by 500 tech startups
founded over the last 15...
180 VC-backed StartUps
Operating five different models…
…massively funded… …with major players
33entrepreneurs is a fintech startup: a data driven company
focusing on innovation and startups’ sourcing, globally.
We ha...
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FoodTech: Food Delivery StartUps


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In 2016Q3, 33entrepreneurs' analysts have mapped moe than 500 startups active in the Food Delivery space, globally, in more than 180 cities. Out of them, 180 are Vc-backed, and pretend to disrupt the global Food markets.

Those insights have been first shared during #PlateTalks, a series of invite-only roundtables organized by METRO Cash&Carry, and 33entrepreneurs.

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FoodTech: Food Delivery StartUps

  1. 1. Vincent PRETET Nikita NOISILLIER Sandini VADEVALOO 33entrepreneurs Bordeaux, France Contact 0101111110010110001010001101110111100101100010101101011000001111001011000101000110111001101011111100101100010 0111111001011001111001011000101010100011000101111001011010010101000001111001011000101000110111001101011111100 100101100111100101100010101010001100010111100101101001010100000111100101100010100011011100110101111110010110 100110101100001011110010110100101111001011000101100010111100110101101111001011001110101011010011010110000101111 011010110000101111001011010010100010111100110111100101100010110110111100101100111010101101001101011000010111100 10101111110111100101100010101011000101000110111001101011000001111001011000101000110111001101011111100101100010 01011111100101101111001011000101001010001101110011010110000011110010110001010001101110011010111111001011000101 01011111100101100010100011000101111001111100101100010101101001010100000111100101100010100011011100110101111110 0111111001011000101000110001011110010110100101111001011000101101000001111001011000101000110111001101011111100 00101100010101111001011000101001100010111100101101001010100000111100101100010100011011100110101111110010110 10011010110000101111001011010010100010111100111100101100010111010110111100101100111010101101001101011000010111 10101100001011110010110100101000101111001101111001011000101101101111001011001110101011010011010110000101111001 001101011000010111100101101001010001011110011111100101100010101011011110010110011101010110100110101100001011110 Food Delivery Startups Global insights ©33entrepreneurs 2016 A report by 33entrepreneurs in 2016Q3 500 StartUps reviewed 180 in-depth analysis A report undertaken with the support of METRO Cash & Carry
  2. 2. FoodDeliveryStartups-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-2016Q3 Continued by 500 tech startups founded over the last 15 years AWARDS The Dabawallas’ delivery system has been awarded and celebrated by FedEx, Forbes, McKinsey and many Business Schools, including Harvard. Food Delivery A legacy rooted in Mumbai, India DABAWALLA - Mumbai, India The daily challenge of collecting and delivering home made food in lunchboxes, in Mumbai, India. 1890 Lunchbox delivery system established 13M Mumbai inhabitants 350k Daily orders 5,000 Dabbawallas - deliverers The power of simplicity • Low technology • Run by illiterates employees • Cheap delivery price: $0.5 per order • 6 sigma certified: less than 1 error out of 6M orders Nb of startups founded by city Atlanta Chennai Munich Seattle Palo Alto Washington, DC Madrid Boston Istanbul Gurgaon Mumbai New Delhi Austin Chicago Los Angeles Berlin Paris San Francisco London New York City 0 10 20 30 40 50 in more than 180 cities across the world Alive and funded Alive not funded Dead 2000 2001 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016-Q3 Nb of startups by foundation year 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Based on 33entrepreneurs’ perCeval data base, aggregating more than 200 data sources, in 26 countries.
  3. 3. 180 VC-backed StartUps Operating five different models… FoodDeliveryStartups-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-2016Q3 Urban LogiStics Raw Food Processed Food Cooked Food To eat To oven To cook At home At restaurant Desintermediation ring Ordering Inspiration/choice Analytics ©33entrepreneurs full stack 17% marketplace 28% delivery 15% meal kit 12%Owndelivery grocery 28% ©33entrepreneurs
  4. 4. FoodDeliveryStartups-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-2016Q3 …massively funded… …with major players Bankruptcies $236m funded Bequeek PepperTap Take Eat Easy Line0 KitchenSurfing Kitchit SpoonRocket Successful exits $485m funded - $2,608m exited Relay Foods Greenling Just-Eat Yemeksepti Takeaway Quandoo GrubHub La Fourchette Alloresto OrderUp Eat24 Caviar 2016-Q3 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2003 2000 3,500 3,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0 invested by year 54% $8.7b Market Place Meal Kit Urban Logistics Delivery Services Grocery Full Stack 6% 1% 17% 18% 4% Foodpanda $318m Deliveroo $475m Postmates $238m Daojia Swiggy DoorDash $187m Munchery $120m Gousto Plated Revolution foods Hello Fresh $276m FreshDirect $280m RedMart $159m Good Eggs Beequick Womai $330m Delivery Hero $1,376m $2,335m Zomato $224m Just-Eat $130m Take away .com $118m Instacart $275m EzCater Freshly Stuart Sprig
  5. 5. 33entrepreneurs is a fintech startup: a data driven company focusing on innovation and startups’ sourcing, globally. We have a unique way to capture startups’ innovation globally: more than 200 data sources, of 9 different types, covering more than 26 countries and 20 languages. We have developed an unparalleled track record in Food, Beverages and Hospitality, that we are to expand to other industries. Our screening and rating capabilities facilitate deal flow management. We work with global industry leaders and VCs, to help them facing the pace of startups’ innovation. We help you reach the 1% selection ratio. Based in Bordeaux, France, 33entrepreneurs operates globally. detectinG STARTUPS Detecting the most promising teams and tech is extremely challenging. At 33entrepreneurs, we combine data capabilities and unique skills to discover the best teams worldwide crunching more than 200 data sources, and to rate startups by meeting with them. FoodDeliveryStartups-GlobalinsightsAreportby33entrepreneurs-2016Q3 UNIQUE SOURCING CHANNELS at 33entrepreneurs Web Platforms Applications from AngelList, F6S Quantitative VC Automated Search from the Web Investment Analysts Qualitative Search on specific targets StartUp Contests Face-to-face meetings in real life Mentors’ Connections Qualified targets Communication Sponsors, press & social media University Labs IHEIE & partners Mines, Berkeley… New trends Pure player in urban delivery Food Truck Autonomous vehicles - drone - droids Organic - short circuit Facing Big Players Competing on 3 hot spots Predictive analytics at all stage, leveraging mobile and Apps, UBER might shift the market, enhancing customization towards eaters and restaurateurs. Eaters’ insights Delivery Food Supply With massive scale and scope effects, AMAZON might change competition dynamics, namely in urban logistics. With Google Express, GOOGLE bets on its user friendly minimalistic UX to capture web traffic and directs it to a large network of shops.