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Get Over Yourself


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Our job as designers is not to transmit our ideas, it’s to connect with others. Technical skills are great, but if you want a real multiplier of impact, improving your people skills could be the secret sauce. This talk will arm you with some practical advice for developing these skills.

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Get Over Yourself

  1. 1. Get over yourself @doublethought Vincent Feeney, Senior Product Designer @ MYOB
  2. 2. Our job as designers is not to transmit; it’s to connect. Melis Senova “
  3. 3. A reflection
  4. 4. Start Up 20 people in same room
  5. 5. Enterprise +1600 people, international
  6. 6. I now define success at work very differently.
  7. 7. It’s not all about the stuff you make.
  8. 8. 7 4 3 things that have helped me
  9. 9. Do more, say less. 1
  10. 10. Derek Sivers
  11. 11. I used to think I was the ideas guy.
  12. 12. Ideas x Execution = Result
  13. 13. Brilliant idea x OK executionOK idea x Brilliant Execution >
  14. 14. Brilliant idea x OK executionOK idea x Brilliant Execution > (The better one)
  15. 15. Embrace feedback loops. 2
  16. 16. Don’t take anything personally (that includes success). 3
  17. 17. We should always be asking ourselves: “Is this something that is, or is not, in my control?” Epictetus “
  18. 18. You control your own destiny - to a degree.
  19. 19. Architect Gardener (Nick Bligh)
  20. 20. Thanks! @doublethought