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How one man brought spread betting from the city trading rooms to the suburban living rooms

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Vince stanzione Independent-on-sunday-business-section

  1. 1. How one man brought spread betting from the city trading rooms to the suburban living rooms By Sally HamiltonWhen ex city dealer and enjoy the process you can during the night while your As spread bettingentrepreneur Vince trade and win against the fast asleep a major becomes more popular asStanzione decided to old established pin striped financial crisis starts in the does the competition. Thepublish his course on city dealers. far east and you have a bet most well known andfinancial spread betting Thanks to the internet and that the market was going longest established is IGaround three years ago, the availability of business up your bet would be Index which recentlymany city professionals television channels such closed out at the level you floated making its founderwere very negative about as CNBC and Bloomberg stated was your maximum Stuart Wheeler a multiwhat he had done. At that on Sky digital, anyone can loss. millionaire. Mr Wheelertime most of the spread have access to financial One of the biggest factors recently grabbed thebetting clientele were trading information turning that has seen a surge in headlines with his 5millionworking in the city or hada any living room into a city spread betting is the fact pounds donation to thecity background. The idea trading room. thatyour gains are taxfree, Conservative party.of teaching the “average Financial spread betting you pay no stamp duty Other financialman or woman” to trade allows you to back your whenbetting onshares and bookmakers include Cityusing spread bets, reading judgement whether a the ability to go short i.e Index, Financial Spreads,charts, and making money stockmarket index such as .bet that something will go Cantor Index whichfrom falling markets was the FTSE100, Dow Jones, down. This is notpermitted recently launched, backedoutrageous. Nasdaq is going to rise or with most private client by US futures house Three years on and Vince fall. You can also back stockbrokers. Cantor Fitzgerald andmakes no excuses for individual shares, Minimum bet sizes have SpreadEx.bringing the world of commodities and also been slashed over the Other companies hopingspread betting to the currencies to name a few. last fewmonths whichnow to share some of IG’spublics attention. It has A word of warning means you can start with success include Zettersbeen very satisfying to see however, unlike your £5 just a few hundredpounds. through their IFXthe success of mystudents eachwayonyourfavourite Financial bookmakers Financial group andmost of whom did not have horse, spread betting can Financial Spreads owned privately owned CMCa city background and in lead to large gains and bySporting Index, recently group.most cases had not even potentially large losses. launched a new internet As for Vince’s studentshetraded a share before they Vince agrees thatyoumust service which allows says that the majority arepurchased my course. I understand what you are customers to trade as little still male however he hashave now proved that it getting into before you as 1p per point. Vince says seen a growing number ofdoes not matter if you run place a bet . You must also that many of his clients women take an interest inan Indian restaurant, you only speculate with a have found this an spreadbetting.are a dentist, a street percentage of risk capital excellent place to start as thatyoucanaffordtolose. they can place real bets on One sure bet is that themarket trader, a florist, a publics appetite forhairdresser or a fish and Fortunately all of the shares and markets with small stakes and limit their financial spread betting ischip shop owner (to name a major bookmakers allow not going away any timefew of his students day clients to place guaranteed risks to say £20maximum, soon.time jobs) if you have stops. This means that if a year ago this wascommon sense, the your bet goes wrong you unheardof.willingness to learn and can limit you losses, so if