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Scranton targeted local traffic


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A powerful resource for businesses and professionals in the Scranton, PA area that want laser-targeted search engine traffic.

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Scranton targeted local traffic

  1. 1. The Scranton Front Door Pages A Resource for Businesses, Professionals and Targeted Local Traffic
  2. 2. The Scranton Front Door Pages Total Search Engine Dominance Imagine your own Yellow Pages book, made just for your business or professional practice. In it, all of your advertising is full page display ads. Your competition is pushed back to the White Pages – all your competition.
  3. 3. Ever dream of having your own “Yellow Pages” Book? That dream can become a reality. The Scranton Front Door Pages are a revolution in online advertising. In addition to a laser-targeted focus on the most profitable parts of your business or professional practice, these pages are supported by a massive network of quality 'backlinks'. The Scranton Front Door Pages
  4. 4. “ What's a backlink?” “ ...any link from another web page to your own (aka Incoming link)” * . But with The Scranton Front Door Pages, you don't get just any old backlinks. You get powerful backlinks from authority pages. Each one gives your Front Door Page another “Entrance” -- another way for online traffic to end up at your Front Door. * Google Web Definitions The Scranton Front Door Pages
  5. 5. “ What else do backlinks do?” Each backlink takes up space in the search engine results pages (SERP's). These laser-targeted backlinks that support your Front Door Page push all your competition below you! It's like having a bunch of full-page display ads on top of all your competition – who have to settle for measly classified 'text' listings. The Scranton Front Door Pages
  6. 6. “ Wait a minute! I'm confused!” No problem. Just pop open a new browser window or tab and go to Google. Try to find the best Brazilian restaurant in Scranton. You'll see that one of my favorite advertisers has that “niche” locked up! This Brazilian restaurant was in Google's “Witness Protection Program” before they got a Front Door Page. Not anymore! The Scranton Front Door Pages
  7. 7. “ Okay, this looks good. What do I do next?” Go to The Scranton Front Door Pages . Discover the exclusive, premium service available to the best businesses and professionals who want targeted, local search engine traffic that all flows to their Web presence.