Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton


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An overview of dental services and resources in Scranton, PA

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Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton

  1. 1. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton Dentists in Scranton have a lively list of potential patients. That's because the local water supply doesn't deliver fluoride to those who drink it. For those of you that grew up in an area where fluoridation of tap water was the norm, moving here will show you the real value of that addition. Chances are, you'll get your first cavity (in what was a very long time) in a very short time!
  2. 2. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton Scrantonians fall prey to all the other oral ills that befall people, too. Eating and drinking habits, smoking and lack of regular brushing and flossing take their toll on the teeth and gums. Misaligned teeth due to growth, heredity and mishaps account for a sizable portion of the younger population.
  3. 3. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton Then, there's that dreaded gum disease, gingivitis. Teeth that would otherwise happily stay in place tend to become ex-teeth because of this manageable inflammation. Again, brushing, flossing and regular checkups can keep this menace under control.
  4. 4. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton For those who wish it, a whole new generation of treatments, additions and enhancements to the teeth are available from dentists who specialize in this area. Old-fashioned braces have been surpassed by new technology such as Invisalign™ teeth straightening. This system consists of a series of clear, nearly invisible aligners that can be easily removed for meals and regular dental care.
  5. 5. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton Teeth whitening and bleaching has come from the exclusive province of the well-to-do to the mainstream of consumer affordability. In-office treatments from a dental professional represent the high end of this service. Take-home treatment kits from dental offices are considered by many dentists to produce the best long-term results. The over-the-counter methods are the least costly, and the least powerful. Some of these inexpensive methods only take care of the front most teeth.
  6. 6. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton False teeth used to come in two types: partial and full dentures . Now, with dental implants , porcelain veneers and composite bonding, the consumer has choices as to how to replace lost teeth. Specialized products like Lumineers™ , a very thin type of porcelain veneer, can be applied without anesthetic in many cases.
  7. 7. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton A few specialized dental practices in Scranton can provide a whole range of aesthetic enhancements, beyond mere tooth whitening and replacement. Reshaping of the lips, gums and mouth can be part of a team effort to enhance your smile. This also represents the high end of this sort of cosmetic dentistry .
  8. 8. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton Even the lowly filling has come a long way since the days of simple amalgam fillings. The silvery metal that used to fill up the cavities your dentist drilled out can now be replaced with strong, composite material that can be matched to your tooth color. Most Scranton dentists can offer this alternative to patients who desire it.
  9. 9. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton More serious oral problems like correcting a 'bite' problem (temporomandibular joint syndrome or disorder) are the province of specialized dental professionals like Neuromuscular dentists . Maxillofacial surgeons deal with problems that encompass the mouth, neck and face. They usually begin as dentists and go on to specialized education and surgical practice .
  10. 10. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton In the old days, dental care was something a barber gave you with a pair of pliers. The 21 st century brings to the Scranton area dentists who can work near-miracles in restoring, enhancing and repairing teeth, gums and the mouth itself. Sedation and anesthetics mean that the fear and pain that dental treatments used to cause can now be reduced or eliminated.
  11. 11. Scranton Dentists | Dentists in Scranton Best of all, there's no shortage of dental care available in Scranton. The only problem is finding the right dentist for your needs. You can start with Scranton Dentists and go from there.