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Plumbers in Scranton | Scranton Plumbers


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A brief overview of plumbing, plumbers and resources for Scranton residents.

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Plumbers in Scranton | Scranton Plumbers

  1. 1. Scranton Plumbers | Plumbers in Scranton Indoor plumbing is a relatively new innovation for the masses. Until the 19 th century, “indoor plumbing” was something only the rich could afford for themselves. Even the rich weren't immune to the effects of water-borne diseases that the lower classes spread through ignorance and lack of clean, potable water.
  2. 2. Scranton Plumbers | Plumbers in Scranton Ancient plumbing reached its heights with the Romans. Their aqueducts, baths and sewage systems were the zenith of plumbing accomplishments for nearly 2,000 years. During the Middle Ages, “plumbing” was not high on the list of things to know and do.
  3. 3. Scranton Plumbers | Plumbers in Scranton By the time of the Renaissance, awareness that public cleanliness helped prevent the spread of disease spurred the development of better waste removal. Building sewers and supplying potable water to drink were the main focus of public works in the largest cities. Sometimes, the two still mixed, with devastating results. Cholera and dysentery remained a scourge until the 19 th century.
  4. 4. Scranton Plumbers | Plumbers in Scranton Real progress in plumbing, public health and general cleanliness came with the discovery of bacteria, the germ theory of disease and the Industrial Revolution. Clean, safe water to drink and the isolation and effective removal of waste water were now priorities for public works and private homes.
  5. 5. Scranton Plumbers | Plumbers in Scranton The 20 th century saw the development and popularization of shower baths, flush toilets, sewage treatment, potable water delivered under pressure. A host of plumbing inventions and improvements accompanied this revolution. Nevertheless, the bathroom remains one of the most dangerous rooms in the home or office!
  6. 6. Scranton Plumbers | Plumbers in Scranton No discussion of modern plumbing would be complete without mentioning Thomas Crapper. No, he did not invent the flush toilet. His name, however, became popularized by American soldiers during World War I. They saw his name emblazoned on flush toilets and began using the name as slang for “toilet”.
  7. 7. Scranton Plumbers | Plumbers in Scranton <ul><li>Plumbing and plumbers have become specialized trades. While many plumbers offer more than just standard plumbing services (heating, fuel or natural gas piping, etc.), other specialists (like pipe fitters) handle specific services: </li></ul><ul><li>HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) </li></ul><ul><li>Fire suppression (sprinkler systems) </li></ul><ul><li>Industrial systems (crude oil pipelines, etc.) </li></ul>
  8. 8. Scranton Plumbers | Plumbers in Scranton When it comes to plumbing services like stopped drains, installing a new hot water heater or major plumbing projects, Scranton plumbing contractors are ready and able to handle your every need. Finding them is as easy as finding this slide show!