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If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, check out this Harrisonburg-based Web Design firm: Vision Studios. Call 540-746-7009, and tell ‘em Vince Runza sent you!

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  1. 1. Mike Vanderpool of Vision Studios (540.746.7009), a Harrisonburg, VA web design firm,does more than just make pretty websites. As a LinkedIn member, I’ve had the chance toexchange ideas with him and learn about his commitment to excellence.Naturally, a web design firm better make pretty websites! However, the key to a successfulbusiness website is how workable and usable the site is for customers, prospects and web-surfers. Along with a good user experience, the website client needs a responsive websitecreator and maintainer who understands business and marketing. Vision Studios Web Design Harrisonburg, VAAs media consultants, Vision Studios can create and deliver “brands, websites, mobileapplications, and videos”. This means benefits for clients that go far beyond a cool Web pagewith spiffy graphics.If you’re looking for a one-stop marketing resource, these guys can deliver. They also do printmedia, graphic & identity design, consulting and social media work. Oh, yes, they also offerSEO services, for those that hate doing it themselves.When I asked him what his Mission Statement is, he replied, “Ours is simply, “Service iseverything!”" Since I feel excellence belongs in every Mission Statement, he opined that heprefers to hear EXCELLENCE from his clients. Nice!Those of you that know me know that I do not suffer fools gladly, nor brook any nonsensewhen it comes to Internet Marketing. Mike Vanderpool is no fool, nor does he indulge innonsensical thinking.When I prodded him about the appearance of his website (dark, with light type), he made atelling point: “consumer buys are heavily based on your appearance”. If you don’t look likeyou can do cool graphics and present a stunning appearance, you won’t get past the first fiveseconds a new prospect for your design services will invest in your Web page.If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, check out this Harrisonburg-based Web Design firm:Vision Studios. Call 540-746-7009, and tell ‘em Vince Runza sent you!P.S. I don’t make a dime off of referrals and wasn’t paid to write this, either.