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Meteor js


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Key features in Meteor js framework

Published in: Education
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Meteor js

  1. 1. Meteor js Vinay Ramappa
  2. 2. What is Meteor js ? A open source platform built on top of Node.js that makes it dramatically faster to write rich real time web applications in pure JavaScript
  3. 3. Why Meteor ?  Full stack JavaScript Framework  Same API on the front end and back end  Reactive : most suited for building real-time application  Ship more with less code  Build apps for any device  Integrate technologies you already use
  4. 4. Key features: Database everywhere Live Page Updates Smart Packages Hot code push
  5. 5. Databases  Currently supports MongoDB  Database is accessible from everywhere  Mini-Mongo  Latency compensation
  6. 6. Live Page Updates  Liveui and spark  Automatically updates after changes made in the application  Through Distributed data protocol(DDP) No more refreshing!
  7. 7. Other key features: Smart Packages: - Saves developer time - Hot code push: - lets you update all of your connected clients, browsers and mobile apps when the server is updated, without going through any app reviews
  8. 8. Thank You