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My experience in my previous project


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This document provides the information about how I was able to lead the team and what we achieved as a one team. Apart of that I too played a major role to improve the automation, what I did to do so, and what is the result.

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My experience in my previous project

  1. 1. My experience in my previous project Vinay Kumar
  2. 2. As a team lead
  3. 3. About my team: We were 30 plus member of different level of testing and also domain skills. About the application under test: An application that is used in both branch and call centre. We need to support different business owners from private wealth to cards to daily deposits to online service. We usually get an around 25 projects duration of four months, it contains monthly release projects too. Method/Process/Techniques followed: I divided entire team into five sub teams such a way that every team contains senior resource as well as juniors, domain and testing skills are equally divided. Assigned projects to each team, and also provided all necessary details to start. Everyday, I used to discuss with sub team leaders about the progress. And also highlight the area that needs to be more focused. And also I discuss with every individual about the work allocation, and also any huddles that are facing. I worked very closely with the teams that needs extra support. I encouraged my team to take short planned leaves very regularly. Weekly once, entire team gather to share the status, appreciations, and also any process needs to be improved. What my team achieved: Defect ratio in UAT/CAT is less than 2 percentage. Less than 0.1% of production defects. All projects were completed on time. Automation percentage is around 60 percentage. Team is completely independent to continue without any lead.
  4. 4. As an automation anchor
  5. 5. I was an automation anchor for my portfolio, around 10 different applications, 100 plus size. I did my best on this role too. Method/Process/Techniques followed: Identified minimum one person who is more interested to expand their skills in automation and also can guide others. And formed a core automation team. Identified wide range of common issues i.e maintenance of object repository and test data input sheets, lack of knowledge on object identifications. Conducted group discussions around common issues and its solution with entire core automation team. And requested team members to discuss same with their team members. Core automation team built frameworks for new applications, and also existing application which had a poor automation percentage. Provided automation session to newly joined resource. Core team also conducted audits in random, and share the suggestion to improve the quality and also quantity of automation. Entire team gathers monthly to discuss about the huddles, last month progress, and areas needs to be improved. Action plan will be created. What team achieved: Automation percentage is increased from 20% to 55% of entire portfolio. Almost all applications having 100% automated smoke regression suite, and also around 60% automated regression suite. The gap between manual tester and automation tester is completely removed, everybody can do both. Newly joined resources are getting training from good automation testers, and they encouraged to perform best.
  6. 6. “I support technologies if it helps to protect environment, and peace.”