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Incentive compensation in fusion CRM


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How Incentive compensation fits in fusion CRM

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Incentive compensation in fusion CRM

  1. 1. Vinay Kumar Sr Consultant
  2. 2.          Oracle Fusion Applications offer a complete suite spanning seven critical business areas consist of 100+ Oracle Fusion Applications .These are distributed across the following product families: 34 - Sales & Marketing; 21 Human Resources; 13 - Financials; 6 - Purchasing; 7 - Projects Portfolio Management; 10 - Supply Chain Management; and 10 - Governance, Risk and Compliance. Majors are: Financial management Supply chain management Procurement Human capital management Project portfolio management Sales Governance, risk, and compliance Enterprise performance management
  3. 3.       Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation comes in as a life-saver to the entire sales team. It addresses woes faced by Sales Management and executives alike. It is a robust, enterprise scalable compensation engine which applies commission and bonus rules to elicit the most optimal sales from the sales force. It boasts of various innovative features that quell multiple obstacles hitherto faced by sales groups. Rich, adaptable and intuitive plan design, so as to assist in incentivizing sales force with sophisticated compensation plans in line with the business strategy. Performance dashboards that provide direct line of sight into real-time sales performance reduce shadow accounting and increase sales productivity. Real time visibility for sales reps so that they can easily track ongoing performance and earnings via personalized dashboards, reinforcing desired sales behavior. Enables the business to handle sales globally, with cross-organization crediting & roll up capabilities aided by multi-currency goal definition and calculation. Accurate, on time payment with robust, scalable, high-performance processing engine with parallel processing and retro-active & incremental calculation addresses large volumes.
  4. 4.         Business-user-driven, Real-time reporting and analytics to aid in informed decision making. Self-service dispute management that gives Sales Reps ability to create, track and view resolution of compensation issues. Powerful user-defined expression builder and multi-dimensional rate tables. Sales credit allocation and hierarchical rollup rules. Integration web services, file-based import/export and ETL capabilities. Accelerate rollout and deployment of new plan initiatives and plan changes with guided, top-down plan creation. Regulatory and audit compliance by providing full trail from transactions to payment, as well as all relevant calculation details. Fusion Incentive Compensation integrates seamlessly with Territory and Quota Management, thus making the complete sales planning endeavor a piece of cake. In the process, it helps to focus the sales organization on desired behavior, also enabling to achieve financial control and compliance in parallel.
  5. 5.            Sales Performance Dashboards Business User Driven and real time driven Dispute Management Rich, adaptable plan design Sales credit allocation and hierarchical rollup rules Powerful expression builder and multidimensional rate tables Configurable payment approval, draw and recovery rules Cross-organization crediting and multicurrency calculation Integration web services, file-based import/export and ETL capabilities Scalable enterprise platform